Friday, 28 January 2011

do you have a moment to cry?

To cry happy tears.

I know this has been making its way around the interwebs but just in case you are yet to see it, just take a few moments and enjoy.

Such beautiful words.


Whilst the idea of a video scares me (indeed I am yet to look at the raw footage family made - oh the fear) how sweet and wonderful. A perfect 4 minutes and 25 seconds? Yes, please (well, it's not completely perfect but you know what I mean!)


  1. This actually made me sob. (Caveat: I may be more emotional than usual today). Such a beautiful film AND song - I just edited our video and I SO wish I'd thought of using this song. Le sigh.

  2. This is beautiful! I love the words from the mother of the groom, gorgeous!

  3. How wonderfully adorably cute. Love the slightly raw feeling it has.

  4. oh god now i'm crying and the boyfriend is about it be in from work any second lol

    how beautiful I hadn't seen it, I really needed to see this simple wedding with so much love!


  5. Ooooh lovely - especially the speeded up bit with the polaroid - brilliant! I just have the right amount of tear in my eye - you know where it's welling up but not overflowing but you can feel it sitting on your lower lid..aaaahh x

  6. I LOVE this video!!!! I'm getting married in July and my bridesmaids are walking down the aisle to the first part of this song :) Then it will cut to SOUL SISTER which is a song my fiance used in our proposal :)

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful video!!! It just made me smile and tear up and get EVEN MORE excited for my big day :)

  7. I hadn't seen this before - how lovely! Thanks for sharing this xx

  8. Just darling! I hadn't seen it either...the mother of the groom's speech was so touching x

  9. Amazing video, thank you for sharing. Love that song.


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