Friday, 3 December 2010

what does a wedding mean to you?

I write this post as an unmarried woman.*

I want to write this without the clouding of the issue with "my day." I do hope to reassess my views after the wedding to see if things change.

I write this as determined anna, the anna you see below.

So, at last it is almost my turn to become a wife. I can't yet say whether it has been an easy or difficult ride. 

So what does a wedding mean to me?

I think I understand what marriage means. Well I think I know what it will mean for Bean and me. However that is for another day.

Time has marched on with me trying to get to grips with the whole concept of a wedding.

I have had issues with the idea of the hoopla. The overindulgence, the selfishness and the general point of a wedding (apart from the getting married part)?

Is it for the Bean and me, is it for our parents, is it for generations to come? I just don't know. I know right now that I am not really looking forward to my wedding. Body issues, self confidence issue and money issues do somewhat put a a dampener on festivities.

The wedding is happening. Maybe I shall never know what a wedding means. Maybe I shall learn over the next few days.  Wish me luck.

I am lucky enough to have had the support of so many of you over the past eighteen months and even luckier that some of your will be offering their thoughts of the next few days about, "What a wedding means."

So enjoy yourself this weekend. Think of me at 2pm GMT getting ready to say "i do" to the only man I want to ever love. Don your gladrags and raise a glass of tea or champers to me and my Bean.

(Yes I am very nervous!)

*I wish I could have posted this as an unmarried woman. Stupid lack of internet, laptop and general uber chaos!


  1. There was a miniflurry of #annasgettingmarried -maybe right now! - excitement on twitter at about that time on your day as it happens.

    I am looking forward to hearing how it went x

  2. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to the part of what it meant.

  3. Lovely post, and congratulations on making it to married!

  4. I am looking forward to hearing what the wedding meant to you! We are so happy for you!

    Bean sends you hugs and kisses and wanted to know, "If we lived in England, would we have gone to Anna's wedding?" I showed her pictures of the great hats women wear to English weddings. :D

  5. congratulations...i know you didn't get to post this before the wedding...but it's almost sweeter that way...can't wait for the next set: what it meant.

  6. I think this is my favorite of the little Anna photos posted thus far. I hope your wedding day was lovely. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations married lady. Can't wait to hear all about the wedding and what their weddings meant to lots of others.

  8. I do so truly hope you discovered what your wedding meant for you. I have a sneaking suspicion you did but can't wait to hear...!

  9. ANNA'S MARRIED YAY! ANNA'S MARRIED YAY! HURRAH HURRAH! sorry for caps lock, just v. excited!

  10. Congratulations!!!!!!! Can't wait for the recaps!

  11. what a lovely post! I realize I am a bit late in commenting but so glad to hear you made it the other side :)

  12. Congrats again, lady! I'm linking this (and one of your sneak peeks) to my blog. I told you you were next after Kiara! : O )


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