Thursday, 11 November 2010

we will remember them.

I may find it difficult to wear a red poppy* but that will never stop me supporting and being immensely proud of future and fallen heroes. 

Just like my great Grandmamma, who was sewing for the troops somewhere in this photograph in 1915.

My soon to be older brother was recently out in Afghanistan (and whilst I know with what he does he is technically not in danger, he's not exactly flying to Ibiza). 

Help for Heroes. Wear your poppy with pride. The British Legion

*I have the utmost respect for those who put their lives at risk for my continued freedom. I just find it hard to comprehend war.


  1. lovely post and wonderful photo of grandma!

  2. Such a beautiful post, sweetie. It's time to stop and honor them all today.

    Hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo

  3. agreed. cannot comprehend war, but still have an immense amount of respect for those who have served.

    great job grandma.

  4. you can get white poppies (they say peace in the middle if I remember correctly) from the Quakers. They stand for memory & peace. Google white poppy & I think they come up, you can buy them online.


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