Friday, 12 November 2010

have i used up all my luck?

Totes want to win these delicious Kate Spade bad boys on one of my favourite blogs HipHipGinGin

Stupid tiny picture but you get the idea!

I stupidly forgot to pop to the London pop-up shop! The perfect wedding present? I do love a good nipple!

Stupid anna x


  1. There was a Kate Spade pop up shop in london? Dammit. I missed it.

    And you do love a good nipple, huh? Good girl. ;)

  2. You like a good nipple?! WHAT?! I must be missing something here.

  3. Sorry, I forget people don't live in my brain.

    Not technically a nipple but the shape of a champagne coupe is supposedly based upon Marie Antoinette's or some other famous lady's breast and nipple! Not true but a lovely story.

  4. just came by your blog & love it. will be returning :)

    stop by sometime<3

  5. Gah! Couldn't agree more...saw that giveaway and might've screamed out loud just a little!! Sigh

    So lucky to live in London, but sucks you missed the shop! bah!



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