Friday, 12 November 2010

have i used up all my luck?

Totes want to win these delicious Kate Spade bad boys on one of my favourite blogs HipHipGinGin

Stupid tiny picture but you get the idea!

I stupidly forgot to pop to the London pop-up shop! The perfect wedding present? I do love a good nipple!

Stupid anna x

would you like to know a secret?

So you may have gathered I am getting married soon. I think I've mentioned it once or twice?!

Thing have gone wrong but anna is positive now. Well positive she will get married very soon!

I hope you are all crying, "When, when, when?!" I know I always want to know more details about you lovelies.

Well, I think it's time you knew! November is really not just specific enough. The day is approaching and my, oh, my I am nervous.  I have been worried that revealing our date would invite mischief and perhaps malice however things have hardly run smoothly thus far so I am embracing the chaos.

So here it is, I will becoming Mrs annaandthering Bean on the 27th November. 10 years to the day we officially started dating. Admittedly we became "acquainted" slightly earlier than that.

Oh me, oh my, that's but 15 days away. I shall be around for a little longer but you may be lucky enough to see some lovely thoughtful guest posts in the very near future.

I only hope I have a wonderful day like my Great Auntie. (I am love with the new photographs my mother recently found for me.)

My radiant great Auntie Valerie* on her wedding day. How I miss her giggles, her amazing chips and sneaky KitKats with coffee.** (I sadly never got to meet my great Uncle.)

*Oh the very clever pseudonym, for she had a very rare name.
**She lived next door to my Mamgu (my Welsh Grandmamma) in the Middle Lands so when staying over holidays I would always sneak across to her.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

we will remember them.

I may find it difficult to wear a red poppy* but that will never stop me supporting and being immensely proud of future and fallen heroes. 

Just like my great Grandmamma, who was sewing for the troops somewhere in this photograph in 1915.

My soon to be older brother was recently out in Afghanistan (and whilst I know with what he does he is technically not in danger, he's not exactly flying to Ibiza). 

Help for Heroes. Wear your poppy with pride. The British Legion

*I have the utmost respect for those who put their lives at risk for my continued freedom. I just find it hard to comprehend war.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

papa will preach...

So thanks to the ever so wise other Bean* I spoke to my grumpy but lovable Father over the weekend whilst the London Bean was away with his man fairies (or on his Stag as it is more commonly known - I love his boys!).

Anyhoo, Father and I spent a couple of days together and avoided talking about anything vaguely wedding related. Finally whilst the Mother was dreaming of drilling** on the sofa I asked my father the fateful question. Here follows the abridged version.

"So, would you like to walk me down the aisle?" I asked cautiously.
"If you want me to I will," he answered in his usual flippant manner"
"Hmm, that's not really what I asked is it?" as I try, but fail, to sound nonchalant.
"Well, I am your father and I guess I should carry out fatherly duties?" exasperated.
"Yes but would you like to do this, would be proud to have me on your arm?" I exasperatedly reply.
"Oh I see, well I guess I would so of course I would be proud, happy and whatever you want me to say."
"Yeah, that's still not the greatest answer but I guess what else can I ask?"

By now the mother's ears had pricked up and felt she should also be part of this duologue.
"You know what she means, she does not want to be embarrassed by you," my mother interjected with her usual interrogatory and inflammatory manner.

"Well I guess I see," Father admits. (One can always rely upon Mother!)
"I just want you to want to do it." I explain.
"Of course I do, you are my only daughter." He cries.
"So how about, maybe, a speech?" I tentatively ask.
"Well I'm on page 65 of my notes so far so I think we're on for 3 hours," he continues characteristically.
"Ha, bloody, ha, please be nice?"
"I will, I promise."

Hugs in my mind all around. Not actual hugs of course. We are still the Uptight Family.

So well, he is hopefully escorting down our "aisle" and there appears to be a speech.

Can I let you know if it goes to plan? I shan't be crossing any fingers. 

Also as I promised, the only picture of my Grandmamma and Grandpa's wedding.

I love that my Grandpa looks like a gangster!
I love that my Grandmamma looks just as sweet!

This is the reason we have photographs taken. Not for our own eyes but for generations to come. Not that I am saying people will care about my wedding (but if we do happen to have grandchildren I hope they will be as excited as I am to see such beautiful and touching moments.)

Ooo, I may also have some other lovely photos to show you over the next few weeks! Eeek!

*Darling London Bean - I do not mean you are not wise but in this case I think we were both too close to the whole Daddy situation.
**Our family euphemism for snoring.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

remember remember it's november, november

I am literally getting married this month.

Huzzah! Crikey! Whoop! Yay!

My heart is beating a little faster. I may have my wedding ring.

So sorry if I talk nothing but weddings for a while (both on here and on twitter)

I promise not to bore you but I am sorry if I talk nothing but weddings for a while (both on here and on twitter)

In return would you be interested in the only photograph of my grandmother and grandfather's wedding?


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