Sunday, 10 October 2010

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Bean and anna, Dec 2000*

This time 10 years ago one young Bean and one young anna met in their halls at University. They really "met" over a game of spin the bottle. Their little kiss was meant to last but a couple of seconds yet it has lasted for 10 years.

I love you Bean. I love you so very much. I cannot wait to be your wife. I adore you and your kisses.

What does 10.10.10 mean to you?

* Apologies for the tiny photograph I stole it from facebook.


  1. oh so lovely congrats on your 10 years!!!
    may the kisses last forever

  2. ahh congrats on the 10 year mark!
    What a cute story!
    And a lovely little photo!

  3. Happy anniversary! You guys are too cute.

  4. Congrats on your day lovely you :) I've looked in on you but sadly I've been so occupied with my own wedding that I've neglected the comments. But I'm on the other side of it all and now I want to see you lovebirds go through with it yourselves :)

  5. Did you guys meet 10 years ago on the 10 of october??? That is sooo cool!!! Congratulations!!!

  6. Indeed we may have been kissing at 10pm on the 10/10/00 and on the 10/10/10.

  7. Fab date for your 10 year anniversary! Hope you had a lovely day!

  8. Happy anniversary, mighty sweet way to meet!


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