Friday, 1 October 2010

oh to married

It's my wedding next month!!! Booyah!

I know it's a cliché, but how can it be October already?

Totally time to get my craftiness on, much like my 2 year old self!

Also maybe sort out my hair, it is desperate need of a cut although probably not as I did in the days before this photograph was taken. I believe I sat on the potty with a pair a scissors and went oh so asymmetrical. 

Mother was not happy.

(So want to know about my diy projects?)


  1. I gave myself the exact same hair cut a few days before I started kindergarten!

  2. OOOOohhh! Can't believe it's that's soon. Yes to diy project!

  3. omg so soon!

    Also, share your DIY goodness, do :D

  4. Yay you're getting married soon! how exciting! I agree, I CANNOT believe it's already October. Insanity. Do tell about your DIY projects miss anna!

  5. Tell me everything! Next month eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. So excited for you.

  6. One month? And you're blogging? I give you so much credit! I barely had time to function, let alone blog! Yes, please to the DIY projects!

  7. these pictures of you as a child totally make rainy mondays better. holy cuteness.


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