Wednesday, 13 October 2010

oh no, i think i found my wedding dress

With less than 2 months* to go before our wedding I guess it is not the time to think about dresses other than my own. 

However if I had a spare £9000 to drop on a dress (oh how my eyes are far too big for my purse)....

...the little cap sleeves
...the colour
...the intricately detailed sexy back
...the movement created by the printed fabric
...the unusual square neckline
...the little puddle train (well maybe a little longer on me)

How I love thee.

What do you think? Do you have an uber dream dress other than your own?

*Bean and I did get a little freaked out last night thinking about it.


  1. That dress is so glamorous! It would totally work for a wedding dress, and I can see myself wearing it for like all the fancy parties I'll ever go to. Which are not that many, but still... Oh, are you sure you don't have the £9000 laying around somewhere? ;)

    And to answer your question - I fretted a lot over if my extremely simple dress really would work or if I shouldn't march off to a bridal shop any way, but when the day came I felt more like a bride than I ever thought possible. You will be fine!

  2. You have exquisite taste.

    Woohoo almost there!

  3. Oh. My. God.
    That dress is absolutely sensational!!

    I fell in love with a couple of other wedding dresses before my wedding.. I think it's a common phenomenon!

    Is Liv making your dress?
    I have a feeling once you are wearing it all other frocks will slip from your mind....

  4. @DD Unfortunately not. Although if I am lucky she may be adding some flair! (Cryptic anna strikes again!)

  5. Oh that dress is absolutely beautiful... And you could so wear it again after the wedding!

    and less than two months!!! So exciting :)

  6. perfection~ loving that dress, not the price tag.

  7. Anna, you have such high style and glamorous taste. I love it!

  8. I must remember that I cannot afford any fashion items you post because you have the most ridiculously refined taste.

  9. yay to less than 2 months!!!

    lovely dress but eeek at the price!

  10. less than 2 months? WOWZERZ! where did the time go?

    that dress is fabulous. you have the most regal style ever.

  11. woah! that is a crazy gorgeous dress!

  12. Wow, that is A Dress!

    A very popular dress it seems, for it is sold out (WHO BUYS A £9000 DRESS ONLINE? WHO??)

  13. Beautiful dress - but does it come with a car or something to justify that price?

    2 months eeeeeeeeek

  14. Viva the dress.. hock your car.. get this dress.



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