Thursday, 14 October 2010

hello i am a genius...#1

...or perhaps more accurately "learn from my mistakes."

I most likely fell off this tree stump as soon as this photograph was taken.

This may turn into a daily occurrence for I am not always the cleverest bunny (much to Bean and my family's amusement).

"Ha ha," I thought I as I bought the prettiest of pretty earrings for the wedding. "Ha ha, I am so organised, ha ha, these babies are beautiful but also chic and a little cool."

Ha ha how wrong was I? Now many of you may now think I am uber stupid for this not crossing my mind but anyhoo.

Silly anna* forgot she rarely wears statement earrings (insert your new purchase here) and her ears were not ready for such monsters. Oh the pain, the pain. Thank very goodness I wanted to dance around the flat wearing my new babies otherwise probably would not have bothered until the day. 

So ladies, when you buy your magnificent jewels please remember to wear them to get a feel for them. Your ears, hair, wrists or fingers will offer you praise for your forward thinking

No need to thank me. It's all part of the anna and the ring service.

Would love for you to email me your moments of clarity (whether they be related to weddings or not) to annaandtheringlondon{at}

*Must stop referring to myself in the third person.


  1. Well done! Genius moment winging its way as we speak. xx

  2. i made the same mistake with purchasing a statement necklace for our wedding. it was bigger than my gut :)

  3. Ooops! But the other question is are you going to wear them or not?

  4. You're not the only one, I never wear earrings so I wouldn't have thought to make sure they don't hurt first!

  5. boo, i hate when that happens. but, at least you got a dance party out of it!

  6. Are these a pair of the JCrew baubles? I still haven't seen pictures of you in any of them.

  7. SO TRUE! Also road test everything else. Including undies. I nearly had a wedding-long wedgie situation, but headed it off at the pass!

  8. no! third person is awesome.

    angie like.

  9. I like it when you refer to yourself in the third person.

  10. ouch! heavy earrings are the worst! I actually bought some heavy ones to wear out tonight, I should check them out now!

  11. he he... not sure I have any moments of clarity... I have 'I am an idiot' moments of hindsight... do those count??

  12. Oh no! Heavy earrings swinging from my ears are my absolute nightmare, I hate that feeling so much (and am more than a bit concerned that they will split my earlobe in half, *shudder*)!
    I have done such things more than once though, but in my case it is usually a case of the four inch stiletto that I never try on until the event and then want to cry by the end of the evening.


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