Monday, 11 October 2010

au revoir toots et pierre

This weekend was a hard weekend.

It was the weekend we had to say goodbye to our little foster kitten.

I knew it was inevitable she would leave our home but that made it no easier.

For those who had not met her before, here she is again, my first baby.

I know it is ridiculous to call her my baby but in many ways she was. She was the first pet I have looked after as if I were a parent. 

In these short weeks I have learnt so very much.

1. I love cats more than words can say. (Luckily I got to look after my parent's cats this weekend.)
2. Whilst I do like a British Short Hair my heart will always belong to my huge fluffy monsters. (Mongrel Maine Coons rescue cats for the win!)
3. I love being called Mummy.
4. I love calling Bean, Daddy.
5. Calling each other Mummy and Daddy is going to be hard habit to break.
6. I will be the one who gets up at 4am if we do have a baby, Bean says, "that's why you get maternity leave." Oh the joys of him being the most consummate sleeper and bloody rude.
7. After months of wondering I am coming round to the idea of motherhood.

It is crazy what one little kitten can do. Thank you, Toots, we shall miss you so.


  1. aw, bye bye moggy! Hope all's well for you and you enjoy some scratch free weeks before the wedding :)

  2. Aw, the kitties are so lovely. My little (eum, she's kinda fat actually) Pixie is my baby in every way and I would go through fire for her.

    Did you now that cats who lives indoor from the start actually stays in their kitten-state all their life, and they kinda think their owner is their mommy. That is so cute and I really get that feeling with our moody little cat even though she is almost 7 years now.

    I know you'll miss her, but I think it's great you got to know some new stuff about yourself :)

  3. you will make such a lovely mummy. have babies have babies!

  4. Very tempted to foster another kitten, unfortunately Bean has put his foot down and said not until after the wedding. He makes sense but I don't have to like it!

  5. aw hope you are not too sad and glad its made you come round to maybe being a mummy sooner!


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