Thursday, 23 September 2010


Here is one of reasons I have not been sobbing into my cereal and turning into a crazy bridezilla.

Seriously I think cats should be prescribed on the NHS.

Unfortunately our baby foster cat may be going to her "forever" home, but "we'll always have London.*"

Yes our little baby plays fetch with her favourite piece of string, Peter (as in Mr P Stringfellow). 

Forgive the voice. I don't usually infantilise the kitten.

*Although Paris would have been just as nice, I'm sure.


  1. Love it! Our cat used to play fetch all the time but seems she'll only do it in our old apartment. I can't for the life of me get her to do it since we moved over 2yrs ago.

    Also - I make that same clicking noise toward the cat and I now think she believes it to be her name. Hah!

  2. my cat does this, although he's not to bothered now he's a bit older (the ripe old age of 3).
    I was told once that cats who act more like dogs are likely to have a bit of the oriental in them as they like to do this, and your toots certainly has the shape for it!

  3. I'm certain there are studies demonstrating the efficacy of pets in reducing stress, they're awesome!

  4. I could listen to you talk all day — I'm such a sucker for your accent. Please more posts with your voice!

  5. Awww so cute! Glad you have enjoyed having your foster baby!

  6. Adorable! and what a cute little cat!

  7. That is super cute! My parents' cat acts like a dog in a lot of other ways, but we could never get her to fetch. Although the dogs won't fetch, either.

  8. her name! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. much appreciated :)

  9. so adorable! my parent's cats are so apathetic and fiercely independent. they would never bring the string back.

    And this might sound weird but your voice is so lovely! And it makes me miss my summer at cambridge, I wish I could listen to british accents every day!

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  11. Must be so hard to say goodbye - I'd be a terrible pet foster parent - I'd want to keep them all! What a cutie

  12. aw! i love this! my cats would NEVER play fetch with me. they would give me looks like 'hey why do you want my toy back!'

    will you get a new cat?

  13. So cute!! My cat just lies around the house lol!

  14. i second ms. bunny and jessie.mae! i know it sounds so creepy and american of me, but more video with your beautiful accent please!

    and i'm sad the kitty has to go, but she will go to another lovely home.

  15. anna, that video is so f-ing adorable! :) i cannot get my cat to fetch like that unless he's really, really in the mood.

  16. haha, crazy cat! but very cute crazy cat.
    pets are so much fun to have around.

  17. Oh my god, this was the cutest thing ever!! I had to watch it twice. What a sweetie!!


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