Monday, 27 September 2010

a moment for a mouse

I have the please of guest posting over at the wonderful Souris Mariage whilst she is away, hopefully in a world of bliss and happiness from her recent nuptials.

She has asked many far more wonderful ladies for their views, ideas and thoughts on marriage. Seriously there have been some great posts already.

So...what do I think is the secret for a happy marriage? Do let me know what you think too. Just click here my lovelies!

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  1. Well I'd love to give you my feelings regarding a happy marriage but I tend to concern myself in general with a happy wedding. The rest is up to my clients. Ha. If I were to wax lyrical on this subject I would say the keys are: compromise, laughing together and always remembering to shave your legs.


So, I really love all the sweet and/or informative comments that you lovelies leave. Yet if you feel the need to be unnecessarily rude or offensive I will delete your comment and not feel bad about it. So just be constructive alright! Hugs to all you wondrous others.


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