Wednesday, 29 September 2010

marquee de Sade?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

More explanation I think. If you need to catch up, click here.

1. We have decided to stay at the same venue. 

There are many reasons for this choice

a) We want to get married in Northumberland. Tis beautiful and close for much of Bean's family.
b) We can't afford to get married in London (unless anyone wants to offer a great blogger and amazing London deal!?)
c) We have paid for our venue and sorted so many things for that venue. Indeed our caterers only cater for that venue and their food is beyond delicious.
d) Lovely people have already paid for flights, accommodation and other things.
e) I really don't need the hassle of changing venue. I love what it has to offer. A weekend of everyone together. It's just something quite hard to find (for the right price). Yes I am fussy.
f) Although I have moaned in the past, it really is an great place to get married.

2. So what to do?

There are 3 choices

a) Have dinner at dancing at the other venue they own - it is nice but the whole point of having a wedding and reception on one site was to have a wedding and reception on one site. So that option is out.

b) Have everything happen in one room - yes I know many weddings are self contained in this way but I am the bride* and I want to do something different and it was the plan all along. The room in which everything happens is lovely. Indeed I would not have agreed to marry there otherwise. This I think will be a last resort if c) does not materialise.

c) A marquee. Now I have dealt with my marquee demons previously. I guess I just find a white box overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. The venue have offered to pay for a marquee. We are currently in the process of trying to find out what this actually means. 

So for the next few days we are thinking marquee (mainly with this in mind - thank you Cat and Catherine). It is a marquee with angles, baby! However, things do not run so smooth in the world of Bean and anna. I like to think I lucked out when we met each other and I have no luck left!

So I am trying to be optimistic. A new and challenging time for me! So pray tell me wise ones. Where does a girl start when she needs to make a blank canvas that little bit better? (I knew I should have bought fairy lights in the sales in January!)

And because I do not want to leave you without a picture here is my foster baby.  She is a naughty little affectionate thing but I do think I love her. Such a beauty, always so poised until she starts to play.

Anyone in the West London area interested? Let me know. She needs access to the outside world!

*I am really trying not to become evil demanding bride - although I fear changes are afoot already. It will be "Magical, I tell you" - Thank you Hannah, and everyone your thoughts are so helpful - as always.


  1. crossing my fingers the marquee option would work great for you~

  2. do you get a choice in what marquee they hire? if so then definately go with the angles!!
    I know the tent is not what you envisaged, I too would be bridezillaesque this close to our weddings, but at least the venue is offering to pay for it...?
    if it is one that needs decorating i'm perfectly willing to offer opinions on that too. hope it sorts for you chicken. x

  3. From a photography point of view, marquees have lovely light... Just a thought!

  4. I love the tents - they're super, super fun!

  5. I was too having the same problem (we have now ended up going for a barn) but found these amazing companies - maybe a little pricey but good for inspiration.........Good luck!!!

  6. good luck! i think everything will work out and be wondeful!

  7. Aw thanks for the link gorgeous!

    As you're doing I think you need to nail the venue down on what they mean exactly when they say "we'll pay for a marquee". Good marquee companies will at least offer lining so I'd say that's a minimum, and then you'll want good lighting, then some sort of extra eye candy I guess.

    Ah, look, these guys hire props and accessories: I actually really like the oasis ones generally. Ah how awesome would the saffron lining look with this table dressing?

    Anway, aesthetically just type "fall wedding" into 100 layer cake and/or once wed and there's enough inspiration in there to make your mouth water, then your head spin. But I'm sure you already have some gorgeous table centrepieces sorted :D

    Hmm. If it was me with a lot of cash to spend I'd probably go for the above options, with a bit less hire fairy lights or side lights and have pretty but cheap flowers and a bagillion candles (oh, you know where might be good? Ikea.) Or just candles and dimmed light.

    So much stress! I bet you're looking forward to the honeymoon.

  8. Those are some awesome marquees. I've never seen anything like that!

  9. i think it'll be fabulous either way! i'm still rooting for the marquee idea. on a side note, can't you keep the foster kitty?? she's soo cute.

  10. I have some fairy lights I can send your way.

  11. aaah, great - be you are glad to have a decision. hope it all works out brilliantly - i am sure it will! x

  12. Have you seen Wellies and Vogue? that girl knows how to decorate a marquee!


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