Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Dashing and daring, courageous and caring

Some of you may be wondering, "what will Bean be wearing to this wedding?", well while this continues to be shrouded in mystery, I shall shed a little light on this for you.

Last week at had the immense pleasure of meeting Guy Hills, half of the team behind behind
Dashing Tweeds at their London headquarters. I first came across Dashing Tweeds a few years ago, I think in some sort of Sunday paper magazine and, being a country boy with slight dandyish tendencies I was immediately taken with it. So when it came to deciding on an outfit for the wedding, after looking at a couple of other possibilities I thought "why the hell not? When else am I going to have the excuse to wear something like this?". Apart from, of course, all the times when I'll just make something up.

As well as designing tweeds, Guy is a a photographer and has traded his services for a number of suits from some of the top tailors on Savile Row which he was kind enough to let me try on, even if they were just a little bit snug. He had already sent me a load of samples and I had pretty much decided on the fabric that I wanted, but it was good to see it actually made up as a suit and an enormous pleasure to see really top level workmanship up close.

Though it is something to aspire to, I fear the days when I'll be able to afford Savile Row tailoring are a long way off. To slightly lessen this blow, Guy has recommended me a tailor that was rather more within my means, so I've given them a call and I'm going to get measured up next Friday.

If you are interested in Dashing Tweeds, as well as supplying tailors they have a small, but expanding range of ready to wear items for both men and women. For more details, just email

Finally, following a complaint from Hunter after my last post, here is a robot.



  1. Ooooh custom made suit for Bean! How delightful.

    Savile Row is definitely a dream. I'd love to get one for Mr. Beagle someday. — I did my study abroad independent research on Savile Row when I was in London. It was amazing to get access to the shops to see and learn their history and how the suits are made.

  2. Sounds exciting getting a custom made suit done.


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