Thursday, 26 August 2010

awkward question of the day..

The question pertains to this little lady..... Grandmamma as a teeny tiny baby.

I am rather glad that I have to ask people really very intimate questions everyday as it has somewhat prepared me for this next question.

"Grandmamma, you know you and Darcy* (her toyboy) are now a proper couple. Obviously we want both of you to be there and obviously we want to have you stay with us. So would you like a bedroom with a double bed or one with twin beds?" Cringe. 

Luckily my Grandmamma is a little minx and was quite happy to request a double room.

Cringe averted. Go Grandmamma!

*Yet another cunning pseudonym!


  1. Oh dear, I think I would have had to leave that question to someone else....

  2. This is definitely a cringe inducing question.

  3. Hehehehehe!

    My Nan and Pop had separate beds for as long as I can remember...

  4. how cool is your Grandmama lol Good on her

  5. ahh! minxy lady. what a great photo!

  6. Your Grandma sounds like a lot of fun! :-)


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