Sunday, 25 July 2010

why are online shops so alluring?

I really need help.  Whilst I am meant to be working my arse off I can't help myself.  I just cannot help myself.

Oh looking at prettiness makes everything good!

I really need someone to wear this dress.  It is hot.  Let me tell you, if I had the legs!


  1. If I tell you I'm wearing that dress right now, will you put the interwebs down and go back to work?

  2. it's so unfair! aqua's gorgeous designs have been tempting me for, oh, about half a year now. but because of the fit, i never want to risk the online buying! they are so sexy. *lusts*

  3. No, Anna, no! She's wearing a big gold tin foil heatig pad! Great legs yes! Great dress no! :)


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