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we should all be blushless

In a new trend here on anna and the ring I want to interview the people who want to be part of your wedding.  I want you to feel that these are the good guys in what can be a rather uninspiring minefield.  In the first of these interviews I want to talk about Liv from the wonderful Blushless.

I have spoken in the past how much I adore Liv and her work. Meeting with her is like meeting a firecracker with ideas coming at you from all directions.  She is the epitome of the talented artist.  You just want to spend time with her with the hope some of her creativity will rub off on you.  For me that is the type of woman you want to have designing your wedding dress.  If I had known she was taking commissions just a week before she would be the lady making my dress. What else can I say. I love her!  So over to Liv, I hope you enjoy.

First of all, Blushless is a fabulous brand name what do you regard as your "look"?
Blushless is about personality, edge, and being wild.

What is your inspiration?
Real strong women, life and real love stories. Old things, broken things and big Cities, everything that has a story to tell.  Movies inspire me a lot especially the weird characters in David Lynch films.

How does inspiration come to you?
Its a gradual realisation. I start to collect things and images that seem inspiring at first without judging them.
Then usually this puzzle becomes a strong idea and shows the concept that is really reflecting what I am into at that time and then: Bang! It becomes very clear all of a sudden.

Who is your perfect muse?
Oh it changes a lot actually, because I am interested in personality so the muses could look very different as long as they seem like interesting cool woman that live an inspiring life.  A lot of great women in my life as my best friends are muses as well. (anna - how empowering to know that real woman inspire design)

How does your custom process evolve?
Since I moved to London, Blushless now also works closer with Brides to be and does custom designs. It is a great experience to create a dress for a real person and matching it to her personal style. (anna - I think that is so important to feel like you on your wedding day and not just another girl in a white dress),

It takes a lot of extra time but its worth it for the bride in the end.  They will always be Blushless style though, I would never do a dress that I don't like.  And most brides that like Blushless will find a matching style in the collection. All U.K. Brides should feel free to get in touch with me!

What is your favourite part of the design process? 
My favorite part is seeing the dresses "in action" for the first time, shortly after I finished them in the photoshoots or in a show. It's the moment where I feel rewarded for all the sleepless nights and getting this confident feeling of having something created.

How would describe your personal style?
I am a glamorous rock chick and have been since I was four years old. It's the only look I can really pull off.
I sometimes really try hard to wear something casual on a sunday for the park, but its just not me. I will always be a rock chick!   I grew up in a punk rock night club own by my father and had to go to rock festivals as a little girl. Also my hair only works if its messy so I don't really have a choice.

What does fashion mean to you and how does that translate into your business?
I am not a person that is crazy about shopping or reading fashion magazines, for me fashion is more
about creation.  It's a way to communicate my ideas, I can't sing or paint so fashion is my way to express my ideas and visions.

It translates into my business as I work really conceptional and there will always be a strong vision behind every single Blushless dress.  That is also the difference about a designer piece that really has a story to it or a high street rip off that most of time doesn't really reflect the idea or the soul of the style.

Why did you decide to design wedding dresses?
I love designing wedding dresses, because I know they will be worn with pride and consciousness on a very special day. It feels like it's worth it to put all the effort in a single piece and it also gives me more freedom as a designer than I would have in creating daywear. I drape my dresses and work them as sculptures and I love this process of creating extraordinary shapes.

I also strongly believe in marriage even or maybe because its such a crazy thing to do. If you take this commitment seriously its for sure the wildest craziest idea ever. Its a choice for life. Its brave, and its a beautiful idea. I love weddings of cool couples and this whole idea is the engine that really keeps me doing my business.

Here featured in Elle.

Do you feel you follow trends or make trends?
Oh I really hope I am not following trends, because then I would be wrong in my job.

What do you think will be new in 2011?
Oh since everything became new for me 2010 I hope there won't be too many new things in 2011 ; )

I see a lot of transformation, flexibility and the new idea of science fiction. Colours will be more matte than shiny and the mixing and matching different epochs and styles will become even more relevant.

Finally, what is new for Liv? Will there be a new collection soon?
Everything is new for me:
New City, new love, new people, new inspirations. I am so happy about the decision to come to London.  Since I have been here things keep falling in place and this is an amazing place to be.

New collection: There will be!
Due to the relocation of my business and the big move I worked more with individual brides and took a step back from the fashion industry and the strict calendar for this season.  It has been a great experience and gave more flexibility which was needed to settle in London.

Currently I am working on new collection that includes a lot of transformable styles. All the input and fantastic inspiration I got from the move and my new London life will translate in it.

It will probably need another season to be back to fashion week schedule but a small collection of stunning brand new styles should launch soon.

Liv x

All photography is courtesy of Blushless.

Gosh, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my hopefully slightly thought provoking questions.  I think it really makes all the difference when choosing who you want to work with.  How about you?  Do you think a closer relationship with your vendor helps or hinders?

If you do want to contact Liv her contact details can be found on her website


  1. lovely interview! excited to see TRANSFORMABLE styles. go liv!<3

  2. Two of my favorite creatives here, great interview!

  3. Beautiful. Wish I'd known about this before I got married!

  4. she sounds lovely!

    and i hope she's right about matte in 2011!!!

  5. HAH! great minds think alike my dear! i'm totally launching a post about liv on friday! :) i'll link to yours so they can get more info...cause of course mine covers the music she loves :)

    yay liv!

  6. wonderful wonderful interview :-) such a joy to have insight into the mind of someone so creative...

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  7. How did I miss this interview? Liv is just plain cool and wish I was in London at the same time as her!


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