Sunday, 11 July 2010

¡Viva España!

Gosh, so, well, umm. I sort of won the sweepstake.

Now this is rather embarrassing.  If someone else had won I would have insisted we all send our little prizes to the winner. However, seeing as it was me (and I had the fortune to be left Spain) I couldn't possibly ask for you all to send me your wondrous gifts to me.  That would be seriously poor form.

So instead I propose we forget the world cup ever happened.  Although it has made me realise how much I do enjoy the man sports when there is an element of gambling.  So what shall we bet upon next? Ooo the possibilities.

Thank you all for joining in, the twitter banter has been wonderful! Next time maybe I shan't take part!?


  1. Well I think it's rather wonderful that you won darling, congratulations I say!

  2. can you tell me the numbers for the lotto too?

  3. Well done Anna! So funny your team won!

  4. Well done for winning! And it was good fun to participate :) so thank-you for organising.

  5. Congrats! The guy that ran the sweep at Mr B's work won too.


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