Monday, 26 July 2010

say hello to agony auntie na!

So gosh I've sort of talked myself into a new gig.

This gig is being a sort of agony aunt for the readers of Rock n Roll Bride!  Would love to hear what you think of my first post!  (Feel free to tell Kat I am a genius etc!).  Alternatively let me know if you have a question. 

In other news posting may be a little thin on the ground this week and next. Scary deadlines and I am starting a new job next week (whoop).

However I am trying to tempt Bean into writing a few words.  Although words such as blood and stone do immediately spring to mind.

So as a treat, here comes another anna photograph!

Oh to be 11 again!
T'was from an eye opening visit to the south of Poland with my grandparents.  
I knew I had cheekbones!


  1. Welcome Aunt Anna! i LOVE purple - great first post!

  2. Yay job! Well done on your new feature, you star you! :D

  3. The new gig is fab! Loved the first post; best colour!

  4. Congrats on your new gig. Great first post.

    And good luck on the new job!

  5. hooray for anna! congrats on the new gig girlie! I will be sure to check it out!!

  6. beautiful cheekbone at that!

    and i love your new gig :)


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