Friday, 16 July 2010

ring of fire?

There will be opinions in this post!

Bean and I ventured out into the world together a few of days ago in search of wedding rings. A rather exciting prospect I think you would agree.

We skipped along to Hatton Garden, there was probably some actual skipping despite the heat.  One does tend to get rather giddy when super excited about certain wedding/marriage prospects! 

So we may have visited the wonderful RUST and met with the even more wonderful Artemis to look at the prettiness in her showroom. However her fabulous designs are too intricate for what I need. Grrrr.  Maybe one day, hintery hints bean!

Not that they were on offer from the wonderful RUST but I really cannot stand cut out wedding rings.  For me, the wedding ring is the only ring a lady needs* to wear.  The rest is superfluous.  Delicious but superfluous.  However, I think I am set upon what I want. Maybe.

Just in case you are yet to twig, this is my fantabulous engagement ring. I guess I don't really need an excuse to post this picture seeing as she is my muse, as much as a ring can be!  So yes, a cut out ring may work in theory but it just does not look right.  It fact despite my dislike of all things symmetrical I think that may be the problem with the cut out.  It looks incomplete, almost as if your marriage is yet to be made legal? Yes, a little harsh but I really do not like them. I am I not sorry. 

We tried on many different styles and I think I am set on platinum. Although I have fallen in love with gold over the past year, I wash my hands (a lot!) and I am quite clumsy when wearing rings and tend to ram my fingers into nooks and crannies without thinking so I think I need a stronger metal than gold. I love the court style. Yes there are more fashionable cuts but it feels deliciously comfortable and most importantly feels that it won't get caught every time I put gloves on. I think I will go with a natural finish which will hopefully dull to a pretty glow with time. The final consideration was width. I always assumed I would want a thick ring but since wearing a rather thin banded engagement ring I have fallen in love with pretty little bands and I think anything thicker than 2mm looks rather strange (and like my mother's wedding ring!) and cumbersome on me.

So a platinum 2mm plain court ring is my want. (Bean thinks he will go for a palladium 5 or 6mm court too.  He has spider fingers so very thick rings look weird on him too!)  Thus ladies and hopefully a few gentlemen, where should I go to buy such a classic beauty? I need your hints and tips for fabulously helpful and talented (and not too expensive) platinum smiths, whether they be in London or further afield.  We want to do something exciting with the engraving so imaginative designers are most welcome to contact me!  I await your cleverness!

*If she/he needs to wear one at all.  I want to wear one, not because it shows I am "taken" (bleurgh!) but because it is a constant. A constant which can remind me of the day I made my vows. Like c, it changes under certain conditions but will always be constant in our little bubble/vacuum.  Gosh who knew I could intertwine a little physics into your day! 


  1. I think you just described my opinion on rings perfectly. I don't like the cut out rings either. I want a plain, 2mm ring that can stand on its own and take the wear-and-tear of life (we call your "court style" "comfort fit" and it's what I'm looking at too.) Your engagement ring is very similar to mine, which I love for its beauty, but even more for its reminder to me of what I have with my partner.

    So, in conclusion, I love all your reasoning. Even if it weren't MY reasoning too, it sounds perfectly right for you. (Though I can't help with local platinum jewelers. Sorry.)

  2. I think you should discuss your metal choice with your smith or jeweller; I choose an antique (1856!) 22ct very slim gold band, court profile. It's actually very solid and easy to wear, I am extraorinarily clumsy but have no fear of bending it. It was polished before I got it but will scratch over time; that soft glow you speak of is appealing though. Old metal is more eco-friendly and so on, and it's got a more soft, warm colour than modern golds seem to. Anyway that was my reasoning! I love it :D.

    I'm sure your ring will be gorgeous whatever you go for, sorry I'm no help with a maker's recommendation.

  3. Try Harriet Kelsall Jewellery. Thats who I've gone with and they are fantastic.

  4. Have just sent you an email of suggestions. I'd also recommend Harriet Kelsall.

  5. The disclaimer at the top of this entry cracked me up! I can see why it is tricky to find a band to go with that fantastic engagement ring. Sounds like you're going to come up with a great combination, though.

    Also, does it make me irredeemably lame that I enjoy having the ring as a signal that I'm off the market? If nothing else, it lets me pretend I'm not getting hit on for ring reasons instead of not being attractive to people reasons. Ugh, I am a bad feminist.

  6. For the 'further afield' category, try the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. There's a raft of individual craftsmen who can make anything you can think of, and it's actually quite inexpensive round here too!

  7. not that I'm a bona fida ring hunter of any sorts but other than Hatton Garden, The Lanes in Brighton have lots of lovely jewellers and many specialise in vintage {but me thinks you don't want that, though I love the sound of Catherine's ring above}

  8. We used Alan Vallis for engagment and wedding bands. He has the added bonus of being in the Oxo Tower so you can mooch in all the shops (and it being all things wedding Candy Anthony's shop) and then pop up for cocktails. Even if he's not right for now might be for hintery hint time!

  9. I cant really help with jewellers but agree about the cut out; im not a fan either!

    We got ours from Macintyres, a wholesale jewellers in Edinburgh. G went for a 5mm palladium band and mine is a 3mm platinum one which I had made with assymetric square diamonds in it; just because!

  10. Also in agreement about a cut out - I tried some on because I thought they would be the best choice with my ring but they just looked odd, and I also wanted to option of being able to wear just the wedding ring, which makes it even more odd. In the end I went for a very thin gold band, which I really love - there's a bit of a gap between my engagement ring and wedding ring because of the positioning of the central stone, but I quite like it like that.

    We got our rings (and my engagement ring) from Courlander in Richmond upon Thames - would really recommend them. It's a gorgeous, old little place that feels rather old fashioned (but in the nicest way) and we found their prices very reasonable and the service fantastic. They stock some really unique pieces (I've never seen another one of my engagement ring in there), including some antique and second-hand jewellery, so it makes for interesting browsing!

  11. I love the look of the simple comfort fit (which is what I think you're calling the court ring). That's what Tony picked in a 5 mm, and I can't wait to see it on him all the time!

    I ended up picking a cut out ring that we had modified to fit snugly around my unusual engagement ring. I want to wear the two rings together, and don't intend to ever take off my engagement ring, so I wanted the two rings to fit together like one ring. That way, my finger fat won't get pinched when I lift things and the two rings squeeze together.

  12. Can't comment on wedding rings, since the Boy made ours, but my engagement ring is platinum and was bespoke by Jacob's of Reading. Their service was brilliant (even when I went back a 2nd time for a replica after losing the original ring). They have my highest recommendations.

    And the band of my engagement ring just like you're describing. Well comfy.

  13. I like the girls from ORIA , they are based in london and do ethical jewelry at a very good price.
    and offer bespoke designs as well.

    since i am wearing loads of golden rings all the time i will have a hard choice one day to find somehting matching or also just go for a really simple thin band.

    ohhhhh i expect this ring hunt a lot of fun.

  14. if all else fails...hairbo rings are so in right now. xx

  15. Oh gosh thank you ladies.

    So helpful for me and others. You are fantabulous! I knew I could count on you!

  16. cut outs - I just don't get it.
    Like you I have a cluster e-ring and my 1.5mm band (yup - very ikkle) looks good beside it and great on it's own, despite several snooty jewellers telling me this was a no-no. Idiots.
    Good luck with the hunt. I'm sure you'll find a beaut - will you show us?

    ps – don’t mean all jewellers are idiots – far from it. Just the snooty tell-you-what’s-what ones.

  17. there's a great place on camden passage, in islington, where we had a look for rings on the weekend. really classic, but individual - maybe a little pricey though? can't remember the name sorry!

    i am liking the one ring idea more and more actually... don't get me wrong - i love my engagement ring (which was my grandmother's - so it's really special) but i like the classic look of a thin gold band. however i'm not sure i like the gap on my fingers - so i might get a small cut out and just twist it around when i wear the wedding ring on it's own. best of both worlds!

  18. I love a simple band. Mind is a 3mm platinum court which I adore wearing with or without my engagement ring. I also love to wear my rings to show I'm married, I delight in having that with me all the time, to rub or play with when I'm thinking of J and to remind me of our marriage and all we share. Good luck with your hunt and hope you can find somewhere to get your ring from!

  19. I think it's good that you have such a clear idea of what you like and what you don't like... it'll certainly make your hunt easier!

    (On the engraving thing, I saw an episode of Don't Tell the Bride where they had 'property of xxx' engraved inside the rings... you should have seen the look the woman in the ring shop gave the guy when he said that's what he wanted!)

  20. The rings in Rust looks lovely. I had no idea what court ring means but I do now. :) I agree with what you said about having a ring that you can wear on its own too. I got my ring for the same reason... it's probably not what you're looking for, but we got ours from Tiffany's if you'd like to check out what they have too. :)

  21. it looked so nice!


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