Thursday, 22 July 2010

ring a ding, ding!

Thank you so much for all your help on Friday I really appreciate that you took the time to offer me your pearls of wisdom.  I really found it useful.  I hadn't even thought about buying an antique wedding ring. I assumed it would be far more difficult as they would be mostly melted down

I am not sure I believe in fate but sometimes life does hand you the lemonade rather than lemons.  The parents were over because we wanted to try some wine. Sometimes my parents are fabulous, they picked us up, came to the wine merchant, bought the wine, drank a little and left us the rest.  Heaven! (We are now having a week of wine tasting but are yet to find the ones!)  

Anyhoo, I recalled my mother mentioned something about my Mamgu's (Welsh grandmamma) wedding ring and asked her to bring it with her.  She also brought her wedding ring as she cannot wear it currently (another story for another day).  Her ring is teeny tiny (but rather thick) and I do rather hope she will get to wear it again.  However, my Mamgu's ring is a delicious platinum ring about 2mm in width but worn down from almost 50 years of wear.  (She wore it between her engagement ring and her mother's engagement ring.) It has some sort of floral design engraved into it but it's quite abstract and hard to see.  Most excitingly it has that beautiful old glow. 

Now my mother asked my brother if he fancied it for future use and apparently he shrugged with a "meh." Yay for boys not thinking about the future for it now is sitting on my little finger, whilst typing this, waiting to be my wedding ring.  I could not be happier. Yay for fate, fabulous relatives (although I do wish she could be there to see me wed, well actually I would just like her to know how much I've achieved and her to be proud of me) and general wonderfulness.  I love it when a plan comes together!  

As an aside Platinumsmiths of Great Britain, is it possible to resize a platinum ring? It is a little small, oh why did I inherit my father's man hands, so it may or may not require resizing.


  1. the ring sounds perfect - it was meant to be.

  2. Waa! Perfect! So pleased for you, it's lovely to have that sentimental connection. I'm over the moon such a fabulous lady has gone for the antique option :) Any competent local jeweller will be able to resize your band; if it just needs a little stretching it'll be an inexpensive and quick job.

  3. Oh how wonderful Anna!

    I love items with a history, especially something so romantic as a wedding ring. Your marriage will be added to that history now - how perfect.

    Pics soon???

  4. that is so great! i have my grandmothers engagement ring and it really means a lot to be able to wear it everyday. i'm sure this ring will be the same for you. yay!

  5. Sounds wonderful; so glad you have a perfect ring.

    Any jeweller should be able to resize it; I had mine made smaller when I lost weight and they could have also done it the other way.

    Sorry she isnt going to be there on your day; I wore my granny's gold sapphire ring as my something old on wedding day since she couldnt be there.

  6. sounds like your ring had the most wonderful little journey to find itself on your little finger.

    beautiful story! truly meant to be!

  7. hooray! how nice when things just work out :)

  8. so sweet and sooo exciting. Doesn't it make you feel a bit trembley thinking you will be wearing it forever and forever?

  9. Fate indeed. That ring sounds wonderful. Platinum can indeed be resized. Can't wait to see a picture of it...

  10. Ahh yes a picture. Hmm, if I can take something good it will be on the blog soonish!


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