Thursday, 1 July 2010

only 8601 pieces to go...

What is your favourite piece written by Shakespeare?

Hamlet may not be my favourite Shakespeare epic (after seeing Captain Picard as Macbeth I fear I have been spoilt) but I do love the fact that Andre Tchaikovsky bequeathed his skull for use. What am I talking about you may ask?

Do you recall when the somewhat wondrous Damien Hirst revealed his masterpiece of a bejewelled skull worth upwards of £50 million.  There is some intensely enthralling about this work.  Although the use of a unknown skull upsets me slightly (surely someone close to death would have been happy to offer their own?)  I have to hope my job allows me to be a little interested in anatomy.  Indeed Bean and I often talk about him letting me have his skeleton if he dies before me.  But that's another story!

So in a fit of wanton DIY zeal I bookmarked a certain page.  A DIY crystal skull.  8601 pieces with tweezers included for only £49.99!  I am rather intrigued as to whether anyone has ever attempted this rather thrilling jigsaw?  I surely do not have the patience but maybe that is the point and this would teach me patience.  A fabulous wedding present? What do you think?  I am in love.


  1. GASP! I love this.

    Oooh... skull sharing. You are a rock star.

  2. Good lord you are weird. I like you even more now!!!

    And I DARE YOU to buy something for here and wear it to work:

  3. I'm not that weird and no I am not pretending I am death at work!

    Maybe a few skulls at the wedding? Is that ok?

  4. Ooh funky and blingy (haha and yes I could totally see you loving this!)

  5. Favourite. Post. EVER.

    FYI - Midsummer Night's Dream is my favourite overall Shakespeare. Now THAT'S what you call a romantic comedy.

  6. mmm would take sooooo long!

    you should totally put it on your wedding list!

  7. neat! hirst is crazy. I went to an exhibit of his and it smelled so nuts becuase he had a piece with tons of dead flies and the formaldehyde from one his animal pieces.


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