Tuesday, 27 July 2010

glove me tender

One of the benefits of marrying in the almost winter time* is the fabulous accessory excitement.  Do not fret I am not going to cover myself in bling (not my style!). I know I want to wear a necklace or two although maybe not around neck (may be as a bracelet) and as I will probably wear my hair up I feel some serious danglies are important.

However, I am not one to restrict myself to one style but I find that most things I love to wear do work together rather well. Even if I do say so myself (get me all confident and such.)  Also I fear you may have heard about my slight love of accessories in the past! (But do check the links to see more.)

I cannot wait to rock certain items of my wardrobe (you shall have to wait and see some of these I'm afraid) but I have been thinking about trying to recreate these Miu Miu gloves for the wedding. I already own a beautiful pair of vintage gloves but I am on the search for a fabulous ring. An uber fabulous cocktail ring at that. There are a few contenders but well, that would be telling.

What do you think? Well actually I sort of don't care (but in the nice way as in it is okay that we disagree and I yearn for more controversy) because I adore this idea despite not being entirely sure how I will rock it on the day. Maybe gloves for life after the wedding as I merrily skip through London town with all my worries gone.

*A post to come about why oh why a November wedding.


  1. I really wanted to get married in winter just to wear a Margo Tennenbaum-style faux fur coat when leaving.

  2. Wheeeeee!

    a) Nice blog title pun.

    b) Yay for writing something about a Winter-ish wedding :) If you're crazy to get married in November, then what am I for getting married in January?!

    I'm thinking I will rock a cape on the day.

  3. oh, anna... those are fecking gorgeous!

  4. What about using a fantastic vintage brooch instead of a cocktail ring? Just an idea!

  5. Gloves leather or fabric? Those look like leather, so they might be a little harder to fit a ring over.

    I love a gloved bride. I couldn't pull it off myself, but I think if done right it's rad. Will you wear them during the ceremony or just before and after?

  6. Love me some gloves. Feels uber fancy wearing them.

  7. They are leather. Although the brooch idea is genius!

    Another thing to be on the lookout for!

  8. Yep, I'll be November too so looking forward to that next post. At least we won't be crushed with disappointment if we get bad weather - we'll be expecting it!

  9. Gloves are one of my favourite things about winter. In fact, you've given me something to look forward to now! No more mourning summer's end!

  10. I LOVE the gloves. So romantic!

  11. Yea for another November wedding, I think the gloves look fab.

  12. I love the gloves; I think they would look fantastic at a winter wedding; altho I guess you would have to take them off for the marriage and they would hide your fabulous engagement ring!

    (cant believe im so so behind on reading all your posts, trying to get there slowly!)


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