Tuesday, 27 July 2010

a beautiful mind?

So hello I am stressed.  I should have seen it coming but I was optimistic.  Ha! What I fool am I?

I am hoping that downloading my to do list from my brain will make me feel a little better.

Now for me this is a lot.  I understand many of you are far busier but this is busy enough for me!

1. Maintain a lovely blog
2. Write new article for another blog
3. Finish questions with full explanations for web editor
4. Finish/Start editing book for another editor
5. Write 6 chapters for another book
6. Start new job and do a (little light) background reading
7. Foster a cat (!!!)
8. Wedding invitations
9. Other general wedding stuff
10. Devise way of making general wedding stuff
11. Actually confirm suppliers
12. Sort through all possessions at parent's house and decide what should go into storage should they sell their house
13. Be a good person
14. Kiss Bean
15. Worry Bean is not sorting his man things out
16. Get mice out of flat, this may have something to do with 7

Wow, that actually does feel a little better. And breathe.

Right, here I come day.  I am coming to get you.

Anna out.


  1. Start with the mice! It's the kind of problem which can grow exponentially ;-)

  2. You are busy lady! You'll always be 13 and have time for 14 - def work on the mice!

  3. One thing at a time. But yes, please move that mice thing higher. Mices are not good.

  4. Would you like to hear a story about mice? Here's mine:

    We had a mice infestation in our neighborhood this winter. My lovely little Bean has a pretty dollhouse and lots of little dollies and accessories to go with it. The accessories started to disappear. Then one morning, as I was digging in the drawer under the stove for the broiler pan, I heard a scritch-scratch-scritch-scratch and a few tiny mews. I, of course, dropped the pan on my foot and screamed my head off.

    We (and by that I mean my soft-hearted T who was all lock-jawed and teary when he came back into the house) took care of the baby mice, but the mama had gotten away. Later in the day, I wrapped up the kitchen garbage and started to carry it out to the trash when I heard a squeak, squeak and the bag started moving. I dropped the bag and must have stunned the mama because it went silent. The bag went into the garbage can and we used our furniture clamps to lock the lid in place until garbage day.

    Back underneath the stove, we discovered all of the missing dolly clothes and accessories. We had eradicated Stuart Little.

    When my little Bean misplaced a dolly later that week, she got very worried. She was concerned that the mice had kidnapped her dolly to get even for the missing mice babies. Luckily, Chloe reappeared in the bin where Thomas the Tank Engine lives and all was right again.

  5. Eeeek! My office (yes, that's right, my workplace!) had mice and they brought in two cats. No more mice. :)

  6. First of all that picture is adorable. It feels good to get the list down on "paper" though doesn't it??

  7. I think you need to drink more cosmos and sing to Beyonce (I think you know what I'm referring too here)!

    Seriously though, hit me up as they say, if you want a hand with something specific...

  8. Let me know if you need a hand with 'owt. I don't have much on right now.


  9. Ok seriously, you have a lot on your plate! wowee. I wish I was as ambitious! My advice - deep breaths and ice cream. :)

  10. I am all for #7!!!! That kitty better Pied Piper their little micie asses.

    p.s. No idea the Pied Piper was so gruesome.
    p.p.s. Love Mouse. Not field mice.

  11. We have 2 cats... they might be more trouble than the mice ;) Good luck with the list - know what it's like when there's too much to do and your head is spinny!! x

  12. whoa, that list is pretty amazing. i know you can do it! and yes, #7 should take care of #14, especially if you get a badass cat like my monster.

  13. I feel you, gal!! We'll get through it... Yuck, I don't like mice... especially those that wrecks havoc at home. The cat is a mighty good idea!!!


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