Monday, 28 June 2010

the weekend that was...


I took this photograph at about noon.  The sun was high in the sky as we walked the five minute stroll to my favourite beach.  Yet as we neared the water the sun disappeared embraced by a gentle, somewhat ethereal,  rolling mist.  Perfect for photography however all was hidden.

The beach and water where I spent hours and hours as a child.  It smells like home. However I did brave the chilly waters with my toes and I can prove it.



Check out the fabulous seaweed!  I love seaweed.

So what did I spend my time doing?  Well as a rather wonderful granddaughter I went through boxes and boxes of photographs and scanned approximately a thousand for her to identify.  Obviously there were a few choice pictures of yours truly!

I miss cute anna.


  1. I'm pretty sure cute Anna is alive and well. Oh look, there you are!

    Sounds like an awesome weekend :)

  2. Aww, Miss C! And I agree cute Anna is still alive and well! (But now she's sassy and popular to boot!)

    Your photographs are lovely. And so is the black polish. Rawr!

  3. Vote that three for cute Anna!

    You are such a nice granddaughter to scan all those photos. I love looking through old photos.

  4. Popsicle can I haz?

    I love wading my feet in chilly water and dashing out.

  5. I agree with the above posters! You are cute Anna! I adore your blog. keep it up (I love your photos too!)

  6. The beach is amazing :) and yes you were really cute when you were young, but I guess cute Anna had grown to a beautiful lady now :)

  7. Aw grandma time! Lots of scanning must mean lots more cute Anna to come. Or maybe we could have more gorgeous grown up Anna?

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend; cute pic!

  9. your weekend looks like it was fabulous. that beach! also, you were sooo cute! i just want to eat you up in that pic!

  10. Hello. You are cute Anna. But little girl Anna looks like she was pretty awesome, too.

  11. Oh my gosh look at your adorable self with that ice cream!!! So cute, and totally takes me back to my own childhood, all summer spent on the beach with various flavors of ice cream dripping down my front =) Those were the days.

  12. Your weekend sounds fabulous. You're making me miss my grandma!! :) Love the cute pic of you and I can't believe you went into the water. It would have been soooo cold!!! Brrrr...


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