Sunday, 13 June 2010

a wedding of wonderfulness

I have been rather lucky of late to attend some lover-ly weddings.  This weekend was particularly wonderful.

I shan't give away too many details for rather cryptic reasons which one may decipher from a certain photograph below.

May I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  You are simply wonderful and thank you so for letting us be part of your day.  

May I offer a few pearls of the day?
More delicious food that I have ever had the pleasure of being offered at a wedding.  
Anti pasti as a starter is a genius idea. 
Beautiful wild flowers.  
A stunning bride (and I mean stunning) and her bashful groom.  

Whilst this was not the quintessential English wedding it was freakin' awesome.

Indeed there were rather pretty cows albeit somewhat bashful.

A handsome Bean in the sun playing with bubbles

A rather merry anna and her Bean

The introduction of much sugar, oh yes I fear there will be popping candy and sherbet dips at our wedding now, led to some rather more sexy photographs

Sugar + anna = fun times and the first real anna photograph on the blog.  Dang I am hot!

(I think, I hope, I am pretty unrecognisable from this photograph.) 

Bean and I arrived home full of belly, snuggling with love and smiling like children.

Perfection, for me?  Absolutely.

How was your weekend?


  1. Um....sherbert dips? At a wedding? What an utterly fab idea. Wish we had done that, though I would've spent all evening with a lolly in my mouth and sherbet down my dress - but who cares about being classy, right?
    And I love that final photo of you - that's the general expression I pull when I'm trying to be amusing. When my parents decided to put together a slideshow of photos for us for the wedding it was full of photos of me looking like my mouth stretched across the entire width of my face. Hurrah.
    In other news - nice to put some kind of faces to the names!

  2. yaaay we loved you guys being there. my mom totally wants your headpiece. she thought it was the coolest thing. glad you guys had a good time. wish we could have spent more time with you but we did get a dance in!xx

  3. Oh yay! It looks looooovely :)

    And you look so fun. Let's go out!

  4. looks like a delightful weekend :) yay weddings!

  5. Jealous. I love a good wedding!

  6. Heh, I was wondering if all your friends called bean, Bean in real life, and then I realised from the comments whose wedding it was! Isn't it funny when worlds collide like that, or were you friends already? I shan't pry though!
    And if we ever meet up, we must eat tangfastics and pull funny faces :)

  7. hooray! I love that scary cow picture! I also adore that picture of you too with just you glasses and I of course love sugared up Anna :)

  8. It's not a real party without a massive sugar high. I once attended a party with zero alcohol and much Mountain Dew and more riotous fun was had than would have been possible with drink. Fo' Sho.

    Looks like you had a great time :) Hope you got to keep the cow!

  9. Brilliant!
    Yay photos of Anna and Bean. I'm loving this wedding want to see it all, ALL NOW!

  10. Hehe, brilliant!

    That cow looks more demonic than bashful though :D

  11. sugar sugar, ah honey honey ;) sounds like such a perfect day for the couple and for their guests. don't like that cow though.

  12. Great pictures, looks lovely!

    D E G A I N E

  13. Man that photo cracks me up! Cute glasses!

  14. Ooooh I LOVE the pictures sweetie! They're amazing! :)

  15. Sounds like a fun weekend! And love the last picture...:) Goofiness is ALWAYS good!


  16. Sounds like sooo much fun! I so want to see a pic of you in wedding dress eating a sherbet dip ;) Yeah, me plus sugar equals major hyper too! Your pics made me smile so!

  17. Fab pics; you are so lucky to meet other bloggers!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!


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