Wednesday, 30 June 2010

suits you sir

Previously I may have intimated that my boy has dandy tendencies.

I mean just check out the boy in his fake wayfarers (free from McDonalds 18 years previously)

Okay, so back in the day with limited means he was dressed by his mother but now he certainly has some sartorial style.  Indeed he has been a wandering throughout London and beyond to find his wedding attire.

Obviously I want him to look uber hot.  I mean I know he will look hot but I cannot wait to see him put that little bit more effort in.  He does look good in a sharp suit.  The boy knows how to accessorise. However do I just leave him to his own devices?

I shan't be showing him my dress not out of some archaic thought that the devil will get me but well, actually I am not sure apart from the fact I think it will be a (hopefully) nice shock for him to see me in all my splendour without a sneak preview?  So why should he be any different?

He has shown me multiple fabric swatches of POW checks and tweeds and I may have vetoed a couple but none that he would not have vetoed himself.  He knows I want him to have a suit he loves and will wear again and again.  Furthermore, he knows what type of suit suits him and which colours are "good."

So perhaps I am crazy or perhaps I just don't want the extra hassle of worrying about his suit styling.  I am going to let Bean keep his outfit a secret.  I want to be astonished by his fabulousness on the day.*  Are you ladies involved with your man's attire or are you letting run free with his desires?    

Fear not, I am still nagging him about nailing down the specifics and actually getting it made.  Luckily (or maybe not) he works rather close to Saville Row where some not so expensive tailors occasionally frequent.  In fact I am thinking this would be a good section for the Bean to comment upon or even about which to write.  So are there any sartorially challenged grooms out there wanting any advice from my rather dapper boy?

*Although there is a certain caveat my dear. You may only turn up in a sensible outfit.  I am not going to list the options which are not acceptable because I know you will use this as a loophole.  Be sure that there will be no happy bride or wedding if you try to be "funny."


  1. I begged and begged and prodded Josh to wear a bow tie and a vest. He was firm and said no. So I kept begging and prodding and he ASPLODED!

    kidding. He didn't. But we had a very serious talk about our expectations of our wedding and how we were planning it.

    Josh picked out his own outfit, but I was allowed to give input. Eventually we both fell hard for the same suit. Proud to say he looks pretty dapper :)

    And I'm jealous of those wayfarers!! Vintage!! Haha!

  2. New home! Love it, very etherial. Richard was dressed collaboratively but he mostly choose. Left completely to his own devices he would have suited up as Boromir from Lord of the Rings....

  3. Mr. Beagle is wearing a suit he already has. We've talked about it a lot. He wants to wear a skinny tie and get a new dress shirt that has french cuffs (he has a pair of brushed metal cuff links he bought for himself ages ago). So mostly, Mr. Beagle is putting together is attire himself with my input because he trusts my judgement.

  4. we used asos, topshop, zara and tie rack. easy peasy. ok not really easy. he got his entire outfit like a week before the wedding. stressful times!

  5. How much do I love that warning at the end?! I think you should get Bean in for a guest post on this...

  6. I love your warning too!

    G was easy; he wanted a kilt and just had to go choose his tartan & accessories! The other boys were easy too; G wanted them in kilts too but never matching so we just told them to choose {I did however stress that they shouldnt choose anything with purple as that would look like they were trying to match the bridesmaids!}

  7. There are indeed movements afoot. Tailors have been contacted and fabrics sampled.

    I wear a suit to work every day, so I feel like going for something a bit more "interesting" than usual. Might raise a few eyebrows but I think I'll cope.

    Of course as I'm meant to be keeping the outfit a secret from Anna, you're probably not going to get much more specific until after the day itself.

  8. its all up to him. he was going to wear a kilt but now hes changed his mind. its one less thing for me to think about. ill just be happy if he shows up in something other than flip flops

  9. KILT!!!!

    With your penchant for shopping Anna I can't believe you are passing up this opportunity.

  10. I love that you're not seeing his attire until the wedding day.

    My fiance picked out his suit on Haute Look after I saw a noticed a suit sale and begged him to choose something, *anything*. He selected a very dapper black pinstripe suit. He'll wear a black skinny tie with it.

    We watched "I Love You, Man" the other night. Paul Rudd's character's suit is SHARP. It's blue, while his groomsmen all wear black tuxes, so he stands out very nicely. I like the idea of the groom standing out as much as possible. Good luck to Bean!

  11. OMG!! I had those free shades too!! I thought they were so awesome :D

    On boy's outfits... I hadn't thought of his outfit being a surprise too. Interesting! Not sure the OH would be as happy with that!

  12. It's up to tony to dress himself. I'm happy to come with him, but I honestly think he would be happier picking it out himself without my input. I tend to be a bit of a bossy boots when given the opportunity, and I do like to play dress up dollies, which annoys him no end. You should see the looks he gives me if I try to pick out a tie for him.

    Mystery it is.

  13. I've chosen the dudes' attire for the Aussie wedding- light grey waistcoat and pants, white shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbow (he would have done this anyway, I was just giving permission), and a tie. He is really unsure of how a wedding runs outside of a church, so he would've been nervous choosing something himself.

    When it comes to the Irish wedding, he can do what he likes :)

  14. We went shopping together for his suit. We had one day in Singapore and knew we wanted to get it there because it was during the Great Singapore Sale. It was relatively quick and easy. He knew what he wanted and I gave my okay and that was it.

    Lolz... love the warning!!

  15. I had those glasses too! Very retro cool.


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