Thursday, 24 June 2010

secrets, secrets everywhere....

...and not a drop to drink?

I have mentioned this before but the reason I started my blog was to have one place for my thoughts (and dreams - bleurgh!) and a way to avoid boring my friends to death.*

So one would expect talk about the protagonist's** wedding on said wedding blog.  Yet I have revealed so little.  I have said before I am a little paranoid about revealing too much for fear of slightly unhinged people taking a dislike to me online and using said information to search and destroy.

Also I sort of want to keep certain aspects of the wedding secret until after the day (and maybe forever). Well, actually I don't want to over analyse every single detail because then the day may hold no mystery.  

A day without mystery is like a day without air.

Why is there such need to talk about everything? I do recognise that some view their wedding day as the day of all days. Is each detail of equal importance? I hope not. Do all the tiny insignificant details upon which we spend so much time as important as the real humdingers.  Although which is is which? To me I care not one iota about napkins but I am struggling with how to imbue our ceremony with a little pomp.***

So whilst I may talk incessantly about pretty dresses, perfect readings and other fantabulous ideas I will probably reveal very little until after things go down.  Is that ok? 

Do not fret I shall continue to reveal bloody hideous albeit hilarious photographs.

*Although I did not include you in this equation, so sorry!

**Hmm, I think protagonist is rather apt and I may be using this rather more often.  Check me out being all confident and bold!  Things are a changing for me and I am happy.

***I am going to need to talk about this soon! I should write a proper list.  I think it's time I repurposed my filofax!


  1. Every blogger has to decide for themselves how much info to share. And you are right to be concerned with crazies out there. The interwebs can be a scary place.

    So do what feels comfortable. Luckily most of your readers are loving women who just want to support you and tell you how awesome you are!

  2. No, it's bloody not ok! How dare you want to write things your own way on your own blog?! You are selfish and manipulative for leading us all a merry dance in the hopes of getting some wedding porn out of you and what do you give us?

    Is that the kind of crazy stalkerish thing you were worried about happening? I shouldn't worry too much my love, I got your back. Your wedding is YOURS to reveal as much or as a little as you want. You are under no obligations to anyone to say anything specific.

    But please show us photos of the event afterwards?!

  3. I much prefer photos of you wearing safety vests on Segways to wedding porn, anyway. At least this way, I won't have to add more pretty pictures to the list of things that we can't afford to do.

  4. As long are there are pictures like this, I am happy.

    Oh, and I love the new blog look - SO pretty!


  5. It's good to hear you so happy and confident :) Sounds like things are on the up! I had 1 or 2 posts on my blog about frustrations and needing to vent about family members and then realized that even though I kept my blog anonymous from family and friends for that very reason, I was still found out! Somehow through various links and what not, an Aunt on my hubby's side that lived out of state that I had never even met until the wedding found my blog before our wedding! UGH, it was scary and I quickly removed those 2 posts just for safety's sake. But I learned my need to be careful what you put out there...though it is also very possible to be totally anonymous as well. I just didn't do a very good job at it.

    Like you, I wanted things to be a surprise for our guests so I tried to keep a lot quiet, but I am too much of a talker to do so and I gave away most things before the big at least one person!

  6. A valid concern that we all share. Yea, sorry. Forgot I'm not the bloggy spokesgal. It's a concern that I (bold, italic, underline, font size = 48) share. I've said some things that did not sit well with others- Josh, bloggy buds, and even myself. There can be some hating or some stalking, but like Ms. Bunny said you have a great community here and I doubt any of us would disrespek you.

    I worry a lot about how I sound- a pompous fool, a whiny brat, a know it all? But even if I sound like all of those things, I'm just trying to sound like me. So whinypompousknowitall, it is! jk But really, I write to vent, to think, and to work through things. Sometimes I do it ass backwards and worry about how it sounds AFTER I hit submit. But I own up to it. That makes me feel better. I recognize I'm human and I try not to fault myself or anyone for their decisions (as long as they're not hurting themselves or someone else). I'm willing to forgive and my hope is that folks on the Internet feel the same. (duh, I know they don't... but the community I choose to surround myself with does.)

    Share and withhold what you feel is appropriate. We'll keep coming back for the goods and like Emma said, the wedding photos! A girl's gotta feed her addiction, yaknow?

  7. I think anyone can only do or say what they are comfortable with.

    I have tried to be as honest as I can while trying not to offend anyone who may come across the blog.

    And we all love your blog. Yes, I'm speaking for everyone!

  8. I used to like being anonymous. But I really wanted to share my wedding photos. So it's a bit late now. Still try and be a little careful about what I write. But I'm a bit too tell it like it is.

    Love your blog. Happy to read whatever you decide to share. x

    P.s. Love the new blog look!

    P.p.s. Still love that photo too!

  9. Dear Anna,

    I will not be sad if I do not get to know all the details of your day. I simply enjoy to hear about your journey to wedded-to-Bean-bliss.

    Anyway, I can use my imagination to fill in the blanks (you ARE getting married in a castle in Switzerland and arriving on a white unicorn, right?)


  10. Perfectly ok by me :) Actually so ok that I hadn't actually clocked that you don't really blog about your own wedding! That's a mark of how good your posts are in that they can be about anything :)

  11. You should just share or not whatever you want; its your blog and we love it as it is!

    Of course I would be more than happy to hear stuff about the wedding too!


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