Friday, 11 June 2010

parcels for papas

I may have intimated in the past that my father is a little "grumpy," well this personality quirk come delightfully into focus around birthdays, weddings and obviously father's day.

Let it be known, I love him.  

However how do you buy a present for someone who doesn't want a present.  He has no hobbies (save alcohol and smoking, hobbies which I do not really want to subsidise.*) Although maybe some nice cigars (he could save one or two for the wedding) but mother may kill me (he is not meant to smoke) and 

Bean's family are not really into the whole present giving. Although the siblings do tend to club together to buy presents.  Last year it was a 4x4 day (which he is yet to take advantage) which is a great idea but at the same I don't think he really wants a present either.

He is a man who spends his time acquiring music and radio plays from the internet which he transfers onto his tiny mp3 player. (He does not want a new mp3 player).  He then spends hours immersed in his little world, working in the garden or house, and away from my mother's calls.

So in the past we have bought him in no particular order balls and associated paraphernalia (when he used to play golf many moons ago)
...rather nice headphones (mainly so we didn't have to listen to his music - he likes to play it loud!)
...some foam lining for his old speakers (which I am pretty sure he has not taken advantage of)
...a decent modem (which he wanted)
...cheese (he likes his seriously smelly cheese but we buy him cheese everytime) wine (although there is no point in buying "nice" wine because after £20 he thinks it's a waste of money)

Pickles (my brother) has suggested we recharge one of his special drill batteries.  (Although I think he is too lazy to sort it out and we may have left it a little late.)  Heartfelt no, but at least something practical. 

So I ask, apart from offering time to see said father when I shall be cooking (hopefully BBQ!), what on earth can I buy him?  After 20 odd years of gift buying I am stumped!

Oh dirty bearded daddy and a pretty blonde anna.  I imagine my mother would be horrified by the photograph!

*As an aside, I may have said before it is your own choice to smoke or drink.  I happen to think that if you are younger than me (less than say 30) and you have grown up with all the negative publicity campaigns then you are a little silly to smoke or drink heavily.  Yet I have no real idea of how people older than me have been exposed to the negative press and thus I would never force anyone to give up (unless they wanted me to).  Although at the same time I am fully aware that booze and smoking taxation pays my wages. Swings and roundabouts.


  1. You were so cute!!!

    I'm no help on the present unfortunately. Tickets to a concert?

  2. such a cute picture! is he sentimental? you could make some kind of memory jar or something. if he likes to garden, maybe buy him a neat plant

  3. Oh my gosh tiny Anna is so cute!! See - you've always been cute!

    Sounds like buying gifts for my Dad. TOO HARD. Does he like to read? A book perhaps? Or what about an experience gift? Like - riding a lap in a hot car, or maybe you guys taking him out somewhere for the day?

  4. In Waterstones they have audiobooks and plays galore - buy him
    a multiple-part classic to listen to when in the garden. Something from years gone by that he may know or a novel or some
    comedy perhaps. Sounds like that might suit him!

  5. In his old age, and with our crazy family history of vascular disease, my dad has taken up smoking a pipe. Dear lord why.

    I mainly resort to books, nowadays. Mt excuse i sthat they are easiest to post, but the real reason is that, like you, I frequently have no bloody idea what to get!

  6. Eek - 310 days smoke-free and I'm embarrassed to say that I still got a surge of "sod you!" at your post-script! ;) Still working out the smoker angst...

    I fully empathise - my Dad's impossible to buy for, but he considers me to be the same.

  7. Hmmm, what about cool corkscrew to go with his red wine habit. Or a wine tasting trip to open up to his world of better wines.
    Or a leatherman tool? O LOVES his leatherman!
    I like the audio book idea or a tv boxset of dvds?
    Good luck.

  8. I love all ST's suggestions!

    My pops used to be a nightmare to buy for, then he started his amazon wishlist. Sorted!

    My dad sounds a lot like yours (in that he's a grumpy smoker). A nicely bound book (Folio do good ones) always goes down well, as does a whisky (Laphroig) or, very occasionally, some cigars. Failing that some classical music, a spot of dad rock, or a navy silk tie. Fathers day soon I must get organised!

  9. Eek for grumpy dads who are impossible to buy for. I have trouble enough thinking of things for mine (usually books that he ends up going "oh, fantastic" over and then you never see him pick them up again...) and haven't yet figured out the answer yet either so have no help to offer you, sorry! But like Spare Thoughts' ideas - worth a try?

  10. This is my dilemma! my father loves tools and flashlights so perhaps I'll get one of those. Or maybe I'll play it the other way and get him a fancy polo shirt!

  11. I think you lovely ladies underestimate how grumpy my father is!!

    Tried tickets -why would I want to go and see some old farts play guitars.
    Music - he appropriates gigabytes of music/plays every week.
    Experience - he would hate it!
    Tools - oh he is tooled up!

    I give up! I am recharging his power drill battery!


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