Wednesday, 9 June 2010

the most british of weddings

Well after a rather thrilling evening watching the tennis at Queen's* I thought I should write about something quintessentially British.  Oh my beautiful friend Woody** married her seriously adventurous boy (just back from a rather scary failed ascent of Everest where he was helivaced off the mountain rather ill) last weekend and it was rather lovely.

Our journey started early with the sat-nav primed and ready to route.  It took us on a rather scenic route along beautiful twisty turny roads, through places called Star.  How much would I love to be a Starite!  I am sort of in love with the pink cottages, obviously.  Finally after some rather hair raising near misses with the locals (them racing down the tiny roads and us poutling along trying to not die) we arrived at the rather fabulous Newport.  Woody's maternal spiritual home. Pembrokeshire is rather pretty (although my mother would say it wasn't Wales proper for her family hail for the slightly more northern Cardiganshire!)  

As a rampant lover of all things sign I was amazed to find the main antique/junk shop selling such pretty and unusually cheap underground signs (alas whilst there was Knightsbridge and Cockfosters there was nothing quite close enough to home!).  Luckily?, I did manage to purchase a few wedding related items but it may be a while before I can show you the excitement!.

Anyhoo enough of my chitter chatter and onto the fabulousness of the wedding.  Bean and I trudged up the hill under the blazing sun with three school friends (one of them being my Mouse) to be greeted by the rather dapper looking father of bride.  (Mr Woody is rather lovely.)

Could the church be any more "churchy"?  Complete with a Bean and his aviators.  Apparently I spent far too much time taking photographs of the church and the amazingly weathered churchyard.  Bean got rather grumpy and thought I should be socialising.  (Does he not understand I am a blogger?!)

Whilst the ceremony was rather swift we did get to belt out a couple of my favourite hymns. (Dear Lord and Father of Mankind and To be a Pilgrim!)  This is without a doubt my favourite picture of the day.  Just perfection (well save the creepy photobomb dude).

So what else is needed for the most British of weddings?

Oh the pretty english rose, of course.  Woody is beautiful whether dressed to the nines or after mucking out her horse with a hangover.  She was luminous, she smiled all day and danced all night.

Next a beautiful heirloom.  A pretty emerald necklace from granny.  Of course a pretty little flower girl with a penchant for dancing in the road.

What I wish I could show you all a picture of a rather bossy (read hideous) hen organiser with her lobster dress.  Now affectionately and obviously rather rudely referred to as Thermidor.

Finally, happy guests who will eat yummy food (and I must say the food was amazing!), drink your wine and dance until the early hours despite the band being rather interesting!

A curly smiley anna and drunken serious Bean.

Thank you Woody and Everest.  I love you xxx

*Gosh Mr Nadal is rather spectacular when he gets going.
**Another cunning pseudonym, of course


  1. Ohhhh looks like such fun! And that church is beautiful. And loving your smiling eyes :)

  2. That sounds like a lovely wedding. Love your pictures and breakdown of what it takes to make a "British Wedding."

  3. How lovely! We went to a Monmouthshire wedding on Friday and I know what you mean about the fantastic Britishness - Calon Lan and Jerusalem were sung!

    The flower girl dress is so gorgeous - and what a beautiful heirloom!

  4. curses - you've just reminded me that I am, for the 1st year ever, missing the whole of Wimbledon. I'm now feeling all grumpy and saying things like "I never wanted a stupid wedding in stupid Italy anyway". And Nadal is back! Do you think I can convince new hubby that our honeymoon location is actually SW19 London?

    Lovely wedding pics by the way.

  5. Ooh, I've never been down Pembrokeshire way, but now that I know there is somewhere called Star I think I simply must go! It looked like a fabulous day, can't wait to see what exciting bits you bought! :)

  6. Aawww, I love the photo of you 2! Your comment is quite hilarious. Come on, Bean should know bloggers are photograph moment stalkers!

  7. Looks idyllic! And loving the snapshot of you pair, you sly old devil. You don't look like Shrek after all, hot stuff...!

  8. Haha! you two are too cute!

  9. Love that shot of your eyes!

  10. Sounds like a fab wedding; love her shrug too!

    and I want to see a pic of thermidor!


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