Tuesday, 22 June 2010

a moment for mamma

Now I have been all a twitter talking about my mother's wedding wardrobe.

She may have finally decided upon a dress for the ceremony.  Maybe.

However she has looked to me for a little guidance.  I cannot emphasise how much I enjoy shopping for other people.*  Although I will let you know now I am very good at getting people to part with their pennies.**

So I offer these dresses as beautiful yet chic dresses for fabulous mothers everywhere.

What do you think, my pretties?  Would your mother wear something so "fashionable"?
Also what do you think of this Versace monster?  It was £12k but now is a steal at £6k!

I am in love with the Vivienne Westwood dress (just to the right of the main dress).

I also think the long sleeved dark blue navy is divine.  Indeed my mother's fabulous legs would be in heaven.

*(Seriously, if you want me to look for prettiness for you just let me know and I would be more than happy to play!)

**Although I am very honest and only if you look fabulous will I make you part with chickens.  


  1. Beautiful choices!

    My lovely mummy is usually head-to-toe All Saints, but will be glamming it up in a lace Paddy Campbell shift dress on the big day. I was actually surprised at how demure her dress is! Am I allowed to say that about my mum?

    My fave of the lot - for a summer wedding, anyway - is the burnt orange dress. Now that the warmer weather is setting in, I keep seeing full-length and thinking "far too warm!" Wishful thinking, I'm sure, when I ought to be buying brollies just in case.

    Also - although I may be the only person who still likes this rule, I'm a stickler for there only being one person in white/ivory!

  2. I am in love with Vivienne's dresses in general. Would be great for Mother of Bride, bridesmaid, guest, hen night - just about anything....

  3. That is one stylish mamma you have!

  4. Arg, polyvore's not working. When I try to click on a dress, it doesn't go to the polyvore site so I can see what it is. It's just a jpg of all the dresses.

    I really want to know what some of these dresses are!!!

    They are all so chic as usual.

  5. My favorites are the westwood one and the blue longsleeved as you said as well!

  6. Oh Anna. These are all such lovely dresses it makes me quite sad. I think your Mama will rock any of these beauties ('specially that long-sleeved fabulous navy number), but as for MY matriarch... well she's a bit of an old hippy and lacks any sense of what one might call 'style'. She wears double denim, but in the 80's country singer way rather than the ironic postmodern way. She thinks it's good.

    As such, she's got a somewhat psychedlic maxidress for our wedding. Now, it is from Coast and it is lovely and is way better than what I feared she might choose. But it certainly ain't a conventional mother of the bride outfit and I kinda rue that fact.

    And she's convinced she's going to wear her pixie boots underneath ("because no one will see them and they're comfy") and a straw cowboy hat if it's sunny ("because those fascinator thingymajiggys are stupid").

    *Sigh* I long for the day when she would even entertain the notion of Westwood or Versace. Or even, at this stage, Phase Eight...

  7. @ Ms Bunny http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=949489 Does that work for you?

    @Emma Ahh the texas tuxedo. Send her my way and I will explain things!

  8. My very stylish Mum would wear any of this gorgeous dresses and rock them, she will be 60 next year but only looks 50. she is wearing a very stylish bodycon dress by Julien Macdonald.

    For my sisters evening party wedding I was witrh her when she got it and she looked amazing!

    What a great post to see something my mum might actually wear for a chane thanks Anna


  9. Gorgeous dresses!

    My mum went with a traditional mother of the bride number but she looked fabulous! Pics to come in future recaps.


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