Wednesday, 23 June 2010

learn by Roat

Whilst my mother may not be thrilled about the prospect of a November wedding*, she is thrilled about the shopping.  This actually came as a huge surprise to me as she is usually content with Marks & Sparks and now I am fielding umpteen emails a day asking whether this dress from net-a-porter or the outnet is the one (of many as I think I have awoken a sartorial beast!).  I happen to think she would look fabulous in the corseted Vivienne Westwood number I showed you yesterday but she is not yet convinced. 

However she is also very excited about her head wear.  She is mother of the bride (dun dun durrrr) and thus I am fully aware she is the most important lady of the day.  So I am constantly searching for pretty darn fabulous hats. Imagine my glee when I happened upon Olivia Roat.

She trained under the creative eyes of the Philip Treacy and you can just see her influences and talents lie in the fabulous sculptural nature of her work.  They are the epitome of elegance but with a modern twist. Perfect for a mother or guest. (Just in case a guest is reading you are obliged to wear something delicious, you know how I adore my headwear!)  Brides do not despair if there is nothing quite bridal enough for there is already a bridal range albeit unphotographed currently.  Please contact Olivia for for details!

So here is just a selection of my favourite pieces. I do hope you love them as much as me!

Stunningly chic

Delicate but delicious

Oh me oh my.  Just so chic.  

I love how the sequins sparkle.

I really would like one of these now!

The perfect masquerade mask?  Just heavenly.

I think I may start a regular crowning glory feature.  I just cannot get over the talent of some milliners.  I also know how people think they couldn't possibly wear such extravagant headpieces.  Trust me when I say you are wrong.  When you find the right style they will make you look and feel fabulous.  I am convinced they give me cheekbones!  I would wear a piece everyday if I could!

What do you think? Have you found the one? Who are your millinery maestros?

*Why, oh why, November? Oh so many reasons.  I shall explain more in the very near future.


  1. Oh Anna, I love your style.

    Nothing wrong with November, try January! :)

    I feel like I'm getting spoiled with so many blogs from you lately!

  2. Oh wow, those are really stunning! I really love the second one.

  3. Oh I love the white one and the third one with the around the eye feature. How are you my dear? I feel like it's been ages!

  4. Love that you guys wear hats to weddings. Wish they did it here - I love wearing hats!

  5. Beauty! I wish the states were as cool. I personally want to try and reinstate pretty headwear to all occasions.

    p.s. i miss marks and spencer so much! I knew the one in cambridge like the back of my hand.

  6. I love the sequins one!!!

  7. My word, those are amazing! I really need to wear more hats.

  8. Oh I hope you do show a picture of what your mom ends up wearing to the wedding, because I am convinced it will out-chic any mom I know of. I love these hats. Keep em coming!

  9. I am so desperate to attend an English wedding. We were only invited to night part of one this August, so we decided to skip it in favor of a Christmas visit.

    However, my new BIL is engaged and I've been looking for hats for their undetermined wedding date. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Miss Anna! I am delighted by your impeccable taste. So fresh and oh, so classy.

    I love swooning at the pretties, but hate hunting for them. If you ever stumble across some shoes under $100 US, please send them my way ;)

  11. these are fabulous! I die for fabulous headwear, and given the right setting I will totally rock one.
    I have a favorite I stumbled upon in Berlin a few year back : she is darling and makes the most amazing hats. I am always on the look out for new milliners so do share!

  12. I love Emily London's hats as well as Cozmo's Jenks.

  13. OMG I love the last one. I need a mask for a hen night and that would be perfect, just a little pricey!

    My mum HAD to wear a hat too and she got a massive one; so much so that my baby nephew kept peering under it to see who it was and if it was really granny! Hers was a Condici design to match her outfit.

  14. Good for you for having a November wedding! Husband and I wanted to be married in November, it holds special meaning for us, but with us living in Boston and having an out of town wedding the likelihood of being snowed in and missing our own party was pretty high. So I am eternally jealous of all fall and winter brides out there.

  15. Forgot to mention, I so wish people in the US wore more hats! Or any hats for that matter that are not of the cowboy or baseball variety. Fabulous headwear is a completely lost art over here, much to my disappointment.


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