Friday, 11 June 2010

fabulous blogger football bonanza...which team are you supporting?

So lovely ladies. May I introduce you to the 2010 World Cup sweepstake!

A delicious 19 of you responded (20 including me!) so I removed the long shots and we are left with the big hitters.  Thank you Mr William Hill for your odds.  I picked the teams in the order you replied and left myself to last assuming I would secure the booby prize!

Obviously for this auspicious occasion I felt I should use one of my favourite things.  My vintage (darling!) bingo cage.  Gosh, I felt like Gary Lineker.  

Furthermore I felt that in order to avoid ball tampering I should enlist the services of a certain Bean.  I can promise he was present for the entire process and ensured there was no cheating.

So without further ado, let's run VT.  (Don't fret it's not as long as you think it may be!)

And here we have it.  Let the games begin!

Spare Thoughts             Ivory Coast
Becca                           Ghana
Laura                            Serbia
Marie                            Uruguay
CakeforBreakfast           France
Always Andri                 Cameroon
Peacock Feathers         Nigeria
SavoirWeddings             Italy
Lou @WWW                 England
Bels                              Germany
Rebecca                       Netherlands
Suzewearshoes             Portugal
Emma @Electric W       Chile
a girl                             Paraguay
Gaynor                        South Africa
GlasgowBride               USA
CakesandBunting          Mexico
KTea                           Argentina
Convopieces                 Brazil
Anna                            Spain

Now I'm a little embarrassed that I managed to luck out with Spain. I promise! At the end I was either going to get Brazil or Spain. Seriously what are the odds (well I'm sure I could work them out but it is late!) I hope Bean will verify that fact.

Anyhoo, good luck ladies! Let's turn this into a thrilling few weeks! ¡Viva EspaƱa!

P.S. I am in a bit of rush going to a wedding this morning but I will add links to all of your names on Sunday!


  1. sweet, thanks missus, have a lovely time at the wedding, you really have hit wedding season havn't you!

  2. Ahhhhhh! Too incredibly cute!! Love it!

    I don't know the first thing about Paraguy, but this was hilarious. Here's hoping I at least stay in the running beyond the first round!

  3. Oooh I got Brazil! They're good at football right??

    (I know less than most gals as I'm blessed to have an OH that doesn't really care about footie!!)

  4. Oooh we got Chile! So does that mean we're hot?! (ha ha see what I did there?) Am off to check Chile fixtures! Loving this...

  5. I remember someone saying they didn't want Ghana, but I'm remaining hopeful - my Dad lived there as a teenager so cool link!

    Thanks for doing this.

  6. @conversationpieces Me too! I'll have to suffer the "proper World Cup" next year though...

  7. ooh Portugal! I always have to pronounce that 'Poor'-'too'-'gaal' in my head. Are they good at football? Ah, my excellent stalking skills tell me that they are red and green - at least I will know who they are on the pitch!

  8. Anna and Bean you are fabulous!

  9. I've only just got round to watching the video and literally nearly wet myself laughing. If medicine doesn't work out for you guys then I'll definitely commission a comedy show from Anna and the Bean!

    P.S. Am watching France play right now. Whilst pleased not to have been shafted with New Zealand again, I can't really fathom any enthusiasm for them. la revolution?!

  10. Really, it wasn't a fix. I promise. I know, I was there.

    Also, that isn't my real voice. I assure you, in real life it doesn't sound quite as annoying. Or at least I hope so.

  11. Germany! Really??!
    Nooo - it has to be a fix! Did I really get drawn with my own motherland who (even with my rather shaky footie knowledge) looked damn hot on the pitch last night?
    I don't believe it – you guys did it on purpose, you must have.
    Even if you didn't - love you and the Bean for doing this. THANK YOU!
    (and if Germany don’t win I’ll have to find something suitably Teutonic to send the winners!)

  12. Yay!

    I got the hosts which are as good a team as any to follow I think!

    Thanks for doing this A & B!

  13. Yay i got England :) hehe although maybe thats a bad sign for England lmao xx

  14. oh my goodness! i have been totally out of the loop since my wedding and can't believe i missed your original post on this! what a fabulous idea! alas, i'll just have to sit this one out, but this is great!

  15. Oh I missed out by being a slack blogger. Sad face. I got Japan in Mr B's office sweep.

    Good luck everyone!

  16. So, who is still left in? My team came bottom of the table.


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