Tuesday, 29 June 2010

fabulous blogger football bonanza...update!

Anna and Sport

Ok so things have been rather exciting* in the world that is cup over the past couple of weeks. I am afraid that a few of you have lost out.  Please don't be too disheartened.  There is still fun to be had.  Just think of the wonderfulness you can provide the worthy winner!

Here are the latest standings.

Spare Thoughts             Ivory Coast
Becca                      Ghana
Laura                      Serbia
Marie                      Uruguay
CakeforBreakfast           France
Always Andri               Cameroon
Peacock Feathers           Nigeria
SavoirWeddings             Italy
Lou @WWW                   England
Bels                       Germany
Rebecca                    Netherlands
Suzewearshoes              Portugal
Emma @Electric W           Chile
a girl                     Paraguay
Gaynor                     South Africa
GlasgowBride               USA
CakesandBunting            Mexico
KTea                       Argentina
Convopieces                Brazil
Anna                       Spain

I am yet to come up with a passable solution for distribution of the winnings.  If anyone has a genius idea do let me know!

*As exciting as football can be?


  1. Damn you Portugal. I had such high hopes for you and I.

  2. At first Nick and I were hopeful because we had twice as many teams to cheer for. Now we're twice as sad. le sigh.

  3. yes!!! thanks for including me ax.

    hmm depends on what the winnings are. could send it from a site, post it, meet up or an e-hi5. :P

  4. You HAD to bring it up didn't you? You completely shafted me with France, who basically had a massive temper tantrum and refused to play anymore. Yeah. Well. Thanks for that.

    *Flounces back to office sweepstakes in which all hope is pinned on Ghana*

  5. pink jellies???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    c'mon! you've always bee sassy cool! Seriously!

    [i had them in black. i lost them in a river. tears!]

  6. The hosts didn't do so well; oh well, I'm back to cheering Andy in the tennis!

  7. Loving the photos of mini you - and I had jelly sandals too - they were the best!

  8. Go Paraguy! You can do it! (Said in complete ignorance as I haven't watched a single match. Beginner's luck!)

    And this photo is awesome.


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