Wednesday, 30 June 2010

suits you sir

Previously I may have intimated that my boy has dandy tendencies.

I mean just check out the boy in his fake wayfarers (free from McDonalds 18 years previously)

Okay, so back in the day with limited means he was dressed by his mother but now he certainly has some sartorial style.  Indeed he has been a wandering throughout London and beyond to find his wedding attire.

Obviously I want him to look uber hot.  I mean I know he will look hot but I cannot wait to see him put that little bit more effort in.  He does look good in a sharp suit.  The boy knows how to accessorise. However do I just leave him to his own devices?

I shan't be showing him my dress not out of some archaic thought that the devil will get me but well, actually I am not sure apart from the fact I think it will be a (hopefully) nice shock for him to see me in all my splendour without a sneak preview?  So why should he be any different?

He has shown me multiple fabric swatches of POW checks and tweeds and I may have vetoed a couple but none that he would not have vetoed himself.  He knows I want him to have a suit he loves and will wear again and again.  Furthermore, he knows what type of suit suits him and which colours are "good."

So perhaps I am crazy or perhaps I just don't want the extra hassle of worrying about his suit styling.  I am going to let Bean keep his outfit a secret.  I want to be astonished by his fabulousness on the day.*  Are you ladies involved with your man's attire or are you letting run free with his desires?    

Fear not, I am still nagging him about nailing down the specifics and actually getting it made.  Luckily (or maybe not) he works rather close to Saville Row where some not so expensive tailors occasionally frequent.  In fact I am thinking this would be a good section for the Bean to comment upon or even about which to write.  So are there any sartorially challenged grooms out there wanting any advice from my rather dapper boy?

*Although there is a certain caveat my dear. You may only turn up in a sensible outfit.  I am not going to list the options which are not acceptable because I know you will use this as a loophole.  Be sure that there will be no happy bride or wedding if you try to be "funny."

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

fabulous blogger football bonanza...update!

Anna and Sport

Ok so things have been rather exciting* in the world that is cup over the past couple of weeks. I am afraid that a few of you have lost out.  Please don't be too disheartened.  There is still fun to be had.  Just think of the wonderfulness you can provide the worthy winner!

Here are the latest standings.

Spare Thoughts             Ivory Coast
Becca                      Ghana
Laura                      Serbia
Marie                      Uruguay
CakeforBreakfast           France
Always Andri               Cameroon
Peacock Feathers           Nigeria
SavoirWeddings             Italy
Lou @WWW                   England
Bels                       Germany
Rebecca                    Netherlands
Suzewearshoes              Portugal
Emma @Electric W           Chile
a girl                     Paraguay
Gaynor                     South Africa
GlasgowBride               USA
CakesandBunting            Mexico
KTea                       Argentina
Convopieces                Brazil
Anna                       Spain

I am yet to come up with a passable solution for distribution of the winnings.  If anyone has a genius idea do let me know!

*As exciting as football can be?

Monday, 28 June 2010

the weekend that was...


I took this photograph at about noon.  The sun was high in the sky as we walked the five minute stroll to my favourite beach.  Yet as we neared the water the sun disappeared embraced by a gentle, somewhat ethereal,  rolling mist.  Perfect for photography however all was hidden.

The beach and water where I spent hours and hours as a child.  It smells like home. However I did brave the chilly waters with my toes and I can prove it.



Check out the fabulous seaweed!  I love seaweed.

So what did I spend my time doing?  Well as a rather wonderful granddaughter I went through boxes and boxes of photographs and scanned approximately a thousand for her to identify.  Obviously there were a few choice pictures of yours truly!

I miss cute anna.

Friday, 25 June 2010

i am one lucky lady...

I am off to see my Grandmamma this weekend down on the Dorset coast. It is her birthday today! Whoop, whoop for this wonderful lady.

And whilst I may not make it to the sandy beach, I will be going to the rock pools to check out the sea urchins and crabs.  

Suck it boring sand in my eyes and hello cool rockpooling!  

Thursday, 24 June 2010

secrets, secrets everywhere....

...and not a drop to drink?

I have mentioned this before but the reason I started my blog was to have one place for my thoughts (and dreams - bleurgh!) and a way to avoid boring my friends to death.*

So one would expect talk about the protagonist's** wedding on said wedding blog.  Yet I have revealed so little.  I have said before I am a little paranoid about revealing too much for fear of slightly unhinged people taking a dislike to me online and using said information to search and destroy.

Also I sort of want to keep certain aspects of the wedding secret until after the day (and maybe forever). Well, actually I don't want to over analyse every single detail because then the day may hold no mystery.  

A day without mystery is like a day without air.

Why is there such need to talk about everything? I do recognise that some view their wedding day as the day of all days. Is each detail of equal importance? I hope not. Do all the tiny insignificant details upon which we spend so much time as important as the real humdingers.  Although which is is which? To me I care not one iota about napkins but I am struggling with how to imbue our ceremony with a little pomp.***

So whilst I may talk incessantly about pretty dresses, perfect readings and other fantabulous ideas I will probably reveal very little until after things go down.  Is that ok? 

Do not fret I shall continue to reveal bloody hideous albeit hilarious photographs.

*Although I did not include you in this equation, so sorry!

**Hmm, I think protagonist is rather apt and I may be using this rather more often.  Check me out being all confident and bold!  Things are a changing for me and I am happy.

***I am going to need to talk about this soon! I should write a proper list.  I think it's time I repurposed my filofax!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


It has turned into something of a fashion week here.  I do rather like whiling away the hours looking for fabulous frivolities for you (and me).

Indeed today I just happened upon perhaps the most entirely fabulous wedding shoes.  I do love the "trend"* for coloured wedding shoes.  I think I was always destined to wear coloured shoes on my wedding day.  I think I have about 2 pair of black shoes in my wardrobe. (Trust me when I say that is a rather small percentage!)

However in recent months I have been lured back into the world of white shoes.  Albeit pretty darn fabulous white shoes.  The pick of the bunch for me must be these beauties.  I would want to wear these again and again.  What do you think? Effing perfection, no? (Well apart from the price!)

*Hate that word!

I do promise a slightly meatier topic tomorrow yet sometimes it is nice to swoon!  I'm a swooner.

learn by Roat

Whilst my mother may not be thrilled about the prospect of a November wedding*, she is thrilled about the shopping.  This actually came as a huge surprise to me as she is usually content with Marks & Sparks and now I am fielding umpteen emails a day asking whether this dress from net-a-porter or the outnet is the one (of many as I think I have awoken a sartorial beast!).  I happen to think she would look fabulous in the corseted Vivienne Westwood number I showed you yesterday but she is not yet convinced. 

However she is also very excited about her head wear.  She is mother of the bride (dun dun durrrr) and thus I am fully aware she is the most important lady of the day.  So I am constantly searching for pretty darn fabulous hats. Imagine my glee when I happened upon Olivia Roat.

She trained under the creative eyes of the Philip Treacy and you can just see her influences and talents lie in the fabulous sculptural nature of her work.  They are the epitome of elegance but with a modern twist. Perfect for a mother or guest. (Just in case a guest is reading you are obliged to wear something delicious, you know how I adore my headwear!)  Brides do not despair if there is nothing quite bridal enough for there is already a bridal range albeit unphotographed currently.  Please contact Olivia for for details!

So here is just a selection of my favourite pieces. I do hope you love them as much as me!

Stunningly chic

Delicate but delicious

Oh me oh my.  Just so chic.  

I love how the sequins sparkle.

I really would like one of these now!

The perfect masquerade mask?  Just heavenly.

I think I may start a regular crowning glory feature.  I just cannot get over the talent of some milliners.  I also know how people think they couldn't possibly wear such extravagant headpieces.  Trust me when I say you are wrong.  When you find the right style they will make you look and feel fabulous.  I am convinced they give me cheekbones!  I would wear a piece everyday if I could!

What do you think? Have you found the one? Who are your millinery maestros?

*Why, oh why, November? Oh so many reasons.  I shall explain more in the very near future.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

a moment for mamma

Now I have been all a twitter talking about my mother's wedding wardrobe.

She may have finally decided upon a dress for the ceremony.  Maybe.

However she has looked to me for a little guidance.  I cannot emphasise how much I enjoy shopping for other people.*  Although I will let you know now I am very good at getting people to part with their pennies.**

So I offer these dresses as beautiful yet chic dresses for fabulous mothers everywhere.

What do you think, my pretties?  Would your mother wear something so "fashionable"?
Also what do you think of this Versace monster?  It was £12k but now is a steal at £6k!

I am in love with the Vivienne Westwood dress (just to the right of the main dress).

I also think the long sleeved dark blue navy is divine.  Indeed my mother's fabulous legs would be in heaven.

*(Seriously, if you want me to look for prettiness for you just let me know and I would be more than happy to play!)

**Although I am very honest and only if you look fabulous will I make you part with chickens.  

Monday, 21 June 2010

dresses for display

I may have been awandering through the net-a-porter site today and was astonished by the prettiness in the sale.  Admittedly some of these bad boys are still rather on the expensive side but a girl can dream!

I do rather like my trips on the interweb to find you such beauties.  Whilst I may not be a style maven I certainly am rather great at knowing what looks good! 

What do you think?

dresses, for a wedding

I am rather in love with the caped number!  Obviously one is meant to feel like a superhero on said wedding day but this would seriously confirm it!!

And what about the pretty wrap dress (Chloe) for a perennially chic city moment?

My favourite would have the be Roland Mouret dress (top left).  Just look at the lines.  It would drape so fabulously and is just so a la mode.

What has caught your eye lately?

Sunday, 20 June 2010

it is a wise father that knows his own child

Perhaps a wiser child who knows her own father?*

Happy Father's Day

Both Pickles and I love you very much.

Even if you are a grump.

*so yes we are going with a battery for a present! Although we shall hopefully cook up a storm too!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

just a proposal?

I have been thinking about this post for a while. Please do not think me a grump.

Why the drama?

(My pretty engagement flowers and my first attempt of blog prettiness!)

I spoke about the proposal I so thrilling received some time ago.  

I shan't dwell upon it here but it was intimate and heartfelt albeit something of a formality.

So I guess my first problem is why it is necessary at all? I would say I am a feminist.  I want to believe we are equal to men (although I do realise this has not come quite yet.)  Therefore is a proposal required?  I knew I wanted to marry Bean and I was pretty much certain that Bean wanted to marry me.  However, for me, there was always the tiny niggling doubt that maybe it was all an elaborately hideous long game for some other purpose.  Not entirely sure what I thought.  Although I shall admit I/we may have been one of those super secret pre-engagement couples who may or may not have investigated the concept of "wedding" at different times during our relationship so why was having a ring any different?

"Society" views the ring as the promise of life together, yet I do not believe I am swayed by societal beliefs.  Why do I need a ring?  Simple answer is I don't, but is it a public symbol of a private passion. Does it matter what the ring is worth?*  Absolutely not.  The value is bestowed by the relationship and what the gift represents.  To me (and I hope to you) it represents, forever.  Yet why a ring and not some other piece of prettiness?  I guess it is a step up from being kidnapped as in days of yore? The ring and thus the ring finger is traditionally chosen as there was classically thought to be a vein reaching the heart straight from this finger.   I guess whilst the traditional roles within society still exist I would fear that I would slightly emasculate my poor little Bean if I were to do the asking. (Also monetary constraints ease the burden of me providing him with a ring?) Although, why is there such drama in a girl needing a boy to give her a ring?

Admittedly I am a consummate introvert and so the idea of a public proposal does send chills down my spine.     I dabbled with the thought that it would be fabulous to be proposed to within the confines of one of my favourite museums, by the poorly stuffed walrus. However, one, I would have no control for the fear of emasculation and two, it is not all about me and so why should I get to choose a location anyway?  Bean was right to make it a very intimate moment as it highlighted such an important change in our relationship which no-one else needed to know about.

However, in recent times there has been an obvious shift (well in the blog world - is that real life?) of proposals moving away from intimate secluded moments to big choreographed numbers.  Why is there such a need for theatrics? The wedding is the opportunity to make a public declaration.  Indeed in the UK I believe they must be public services (in a church anyway).  So surely this is the opportunity for intimacy?

A private moment. A moment which leads to a public declaration which should last a lifetime.  Why is there any need to document or involve others in such a moment?  Videographers and photographers are for  the public moments.  Personally the idea of someone stalking me to catch that moment screams paparazzo.  Although is that the point?  Do we all feel we deserve our fifteen minutes of fame? Yet is this all about the recipient of the ring or is the profferer the one who wants the attention or thinks their intended wants the limelight?

If I am honest I do have one regret from our/my proposal.  I wish we had kept it secret for longer than one day.  I wish I could have skipped down the King's Road knowing there was just one other person who understood the reason for my smile.  So if you are just about to propose or have just been proposed to, please keep it secret for at least 24 hours.  It is worth it.

I shall not finish with doom and gloom.  Whilst I love the idea of spontaneous proposal there is something so sweet about these next ideas.

This could be a rather sweet an intimate proposal?  
Imagine walking into a darkened room, with your love (man or woman**) there with their heart open in front of you and asking to marry you.  (Goosebumps for me!)

How cute would this be as a proposal with a super secret message?
Just like the classical cartoon idea.  Ting the light bulb moment.

Were you proposed to? Was it a spur of the moment thing?  

Did you propose? Or was it more of a romantic agreement?

What is your take on the whole shebang that is a proposal?

*One of my favourite ramblings through "this" process
**I hope you get by now I love love from wherever it comes.  Gay, Straight or whatever.  

Sunday, 13 June 2010

a wedding of wonderfulness

I have been rather lucky of late to attend some lover-ly weddings.  This weekend was particularly wonderful.

I shan't give away too many details for rather cryptic reasons which one may decipher from a certain photograph below.

May I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  You are simply wonderful and thank you so for letting us be part of your day.  

May I offer a few pearls of the day?
More delicious food that I have ever had the pleasure of being offered at a wedding.  
Anti pasti as a starter is a genius idea. 
Beautiful wild flowers.  
A stunning bride (and I mean stunning) and her bashful groom.  

Whilst this was not the quintessential English wedding it was freakin' awesome.

Indeed there were rather pretty cows albeit somewhat bashful.

A handsome Bean in the sun playing with bubbles

A rather merry anna and her Bean

The introduction of much sugar, oh yes I fear there will be popping candy and sherbet dips at our wedding now, led to some rather more sexy photographs

Sugar + anna = fun times and the first real anna photograph on the blog.  Dang I am hot!

(I think, I hope, I am pretty unrecognisable from this photograph.) 

Bean and I arrived home full of belly, snuggling with love and smiling like children.

Perfection, for me?  Absolutely.

How was your weekend?

Friday, 11 June 2010

fabulous blogger football bonanza...which team are you supporting?

So lovely ladies. May I introduce you to the 2010 World Cup sweepstake!

A delicious 19 of you responded (20 including me!) so I removed the long shots and we are left with the big hitters.  Thank you Mr William Hill for your odds.  I picked the teams in the order you replied and left myself to last assuming I would secure the booby prize!

Obviously for this auspicious occasion I felt I should use one of my favourite things.  My vintage (darling!) bingo cage.  Gosh, I felt like Gary Lineker.  

Furthermore I felt that in order to avoid ball tampering I should enlist the services of a certain Bean.  I can promise he was present for the entire process and ensured there was no cheating.

So without further ado, let's run VT.  (Don't fret it's not as long as you think it may be!)

And here we have it.  Let the games begin!

Spare Thoughts             Ivory Coast
Becca                           Ghana
Laura                            Serbia
Marie                            Uruguay
CakeforBreakfast           France
Always Andri                 Cameroon
Peacock Feathers         Nigeria
SavoirWeddings             Italy
Lou @WWW                 England
Bels                              Germany
Rebecca                       Netherlands
Suzewearshoes             Portugal
Emma @Electric W       Chile
a girl                             Paraguay
Gaynor                        South Africa
GlasgowBride               USA
CakesandBunting          Mexico
KTea                           Argentina
Convopieces                 Brazil
Anna                            Spain

Now I'm a little embarrassed that I managed to luck out with Spain. I promise! At the end I was either going to get Brazil or Spain. Seriously what are the odds (well I'm sure I could work them out but it is late!) I hope Bean will verify that fact.

Anyhoo, good luck ladies! Let's turn this into a thrilling few weeks! ¡Viva EspaƱa!

P.S. I am in a bit of rush going to a wedding this morning but I will add links to all of your names on Sunday!

parcels for papas

I may have intimated in the past that my father is a little "grumpy," well this personality quirk come delightfully into focus around birthdays, weddings and obviously father's day.

Let it be known, I love him.  

However how do you buy a present for someone who doesn't want a present.  He has no hobbies (save alcohol and smoking, hobbies which I do not really want to subsidise.*) Although maybe some nice cigars (he could save one or two for the wedding) but mother may kill me (he is not meant to smoke) and 

Bean's family are not really into the whole present giving. Although the siblings do tend to club together to buy presents.  Last year it was a 4x4 day (which he is yet to take advantage) which is a great idea but at the same I don't think he really wants a present either.

He is a man who spends his time acquiring music and radio plays from the internet which he transfers onto his tiny mp3 player. (He does not want a new mp3 player).  He then spends hours immersed in his little world, working in the garden or house, and away from my mother's calls.

So in the past we have bought him in no particular order balls and associated paraphernalia (when he used to play golf many moons ago)
...rather nice headphones (mainly so we didn't have to listen to his music - he likes to play it loud!)
...some foam lining for his old speakers (which I am pretty sure he has not taken advantage of)
...a decent modem (which he wanted)
...cheese (he likes his seriously smelly cheese but we buy him cheese everytime) wine (although there is no point in buying "nice" wine because after £20 he thinks it's a waste of money)

Pickles (my brother) has suggested we recharge one of his special drill batteries.  (Although I think he is too lazy to sort it out and we may have left it a little late.)  Heartfelt no, but at least something practical. 

So I ask, apart from offering time to see said father when I shall be cooking (hopefully BBQ!), what on earth can I buy him?  After 20 odd years of gift buying I am stumped!

Oh dirty bearded daddy and a pretty blonde anna.  I imagine my mother would be horrified by the photograph!

*As an aside, I may have said before it is your own choice to smoke or drink.  I happen to think that if you are younger than me (less than say 30) and you have grown up with all the negative publicity campaigns then you are a little silly to smoke or drink heavily.  Yet I have no real idea of how people older than me have been exposed to the negative press and thus I would never force anyone to give up (unless they wanted me to).  Although at the same time I am fully aware that booze and smoking taxation pays my wages. Swings and roundabouts.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

fabulous blogger football bonanza!!

Whilst I am not that interested in the whole World Cup shenanigans save maybe watching England playing. I am interested in a little bet on the side.  I never usually get involved because I've never worked anywhere which has a sweepstake.  Oh, this is about to change!

Here's the plan.

1. Let me know you are interested by Midnight Tonight (10th June Midnight GMT)
2. I will use this little widget to split the teams  Scratch that, I may revert to something slightly more archaic but under the supervision of one Bean
3. Think of a cute little pressie* for the winner (it could be country themed? or not!) *the wonderful Laura's idea
4. Cross fingers 
5. Await Sunday 11th July for the final!
6. Winner is showered with prettiness

Drop a comment below and you will be ready to go.  Here's to making the football interesting!
May the best team win!

P.S. The winner will be the one who actually wins on the 11th July.  Whilst I'm sure North Korea will win in North Korea I think we all need to agree it should be the team which actually wins in July.

P.P.S. Not actually sure how we shall distribute the winner's present as I do not want to force people to give out their actual address but I'm sure we can think of a compromise before the 11th July!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

the most british of weddings

Well after a rather thrilling evening watching the tennis at Queen's* I thought I should write about something quintessentially British.  Oh my beautiful friend Woody** married her seriously adventurous boy (just back from a rather scary failed ascent of Everest where he was helivaced off the mountain rather ill) last weekend and it was rather lovely.

Our journey started early with the sat-nav primed and ready to route.  It took us on a rather scenic route along beautiful twisty turny roads, through places called Star.  How much would I love to be a Starite!  I am sort of in love with the pink cottages, obviously.  Finally after some rather hair raising near misses with the locals (them racing down the tiny roads and us poutling along trying to not die) we arrived at the rather fabulous Newport.  Woody's maternal spiritual home. Pembrokeshire is rather pretty (although my mother would say it wasn't Wales proper for her family hail for the slightly more northern Cardiganshire!)  

As a rampant lover of all things sign I was amazed to find the main antique/junk shop selling such pretty and unusually cheap underground signs (alas whilst there was Knightsbridge and Cockfosters there was nothing quite close enough to home!).  Luckily?, I did manage to purchase a few wedding related items but it may be a while before I can show you the excitement!.

Anyhoo enough of my chitter chatter and onto the fabulousness of the wedding.  Bean and I trudged up the hill under the blazing sun with three school friends (one of them being my Mouse) to be greeted by the rather dapper looking father of bride.  (Mr Woody is rather lovely.)

Could the church be any more "churchy"?  Complete with a Bean and his aviators.  Apparently I spent far too much time taking photographs of the church and the amazingly weathered churchyard.  Bean got rather grumpy and thought I should be socialising.  (Does he not understand I am a blogger?!)

Whilst the ceremony was rather swift we did get to belt out a couple of my favourite hymns. (Dear Lord and Father of Mankind and To be a Pilgrim!)  This is without a doubt my favourite picture of the day.  Just perfection (well save the creepy photobomb dude).

So what else is needed for the most British of weddings?

Oh the pretty english rose, of course.  Woody is beautiful whether dressed to the nines or after mucking out her horse with a hangover.  She was luminous, she smiled all day and danced all night.

Next a beautiful heirloom.  A pretty emerald necklace from granny.  Of course a pretty little flower girl with a penchant for dancing in the road.

What I wish I could show you all a picture of a rather bossy (read hideous) hen organiser with her lobster dress.  Now affectionately and obviously rather rudely referred to as Thermidor.

Finally, happy guests who will eat yummy food (and I must say the food was amazing!), drink your wine and dance until the early hours despite the band being rather interesting!

A curly smiley anna and drunken serious Bean.

Thank you Woody and Everest.  I love you xxx

*Gosh Mr Nadal is rather spectacular when he gets going.
**Another cunning pseudonym, of course

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Budgets are all relative and relatively irrelevant.

I talk about my purchases all too frequently however I have never really alluded to our budget.  I have been brought up to understand the value of money.  Money was tight in my youth, we were not poor, but we were made fully aware of the sacrifices my parents were making to make our life comfortable.  (In comparison to my school friends I was positively broke).  So along with the "supposed" value of money and I have also been instilled with the pseudo-Victorian tenet that people should never talk about money in polite company (or really at all).  

So for me it is rather difficult to be completely honest about money whether it be in public to my friends or anonymously here.  I am not sure where this post will lead yet I would never ask for you to divulge your situation.  That's just not what I'm about.  I guess I want to review the budget.

Living in the UK, especially with such a poorly performing Pound, means that it very difficult to compare budgets with others across the world.  Indeed, comparing across the UK is just as difficult with the inflated prices London brings.  Yes, you can marry for less than £500 and indeed it is no more or less romantic than those who are able spend £500,000.  The wedding is important but at the same time the wedding (for me) is a means to an end, the end being marriage.  So why do we spend money on weddings at all?  

I went to a close friend's wedding this weekend.  Speaking to the somewhat inebriated groom (after the champagne reception) he revealed that whilst he enjoyed the whole wedding experience, to be married was the reason.  I could not agree more.  Yet, my inevitable secret criticisms did escape my on the long trip home from Wales with Bean.  It was not the wedding for me.  It was a beautiful traditional church wedding but it did feel a little impersonal.  Gosh, that sounds so awful.  It wasn't their fault.  It was the vicar.  A vicar who had obviously spent more time conducting funerals in recent years.  Whilst the detail was there, there was no passion or joy in his words or voice.  I always cry at weddings.  Yet no tear fell from my expectant eyes.  I guess, money cannot buy personality. The food was splendid, the wine flowed and there was dancing. They got what they wanted. They got married.  Isn't that the most important thing?

Now Bean and I are so called DINKYs (double income no kids, yet) so we have no real financial commitments. We I am happy to spend money on things others find trivial. Yet, I do not like to waste money.  My choice would be to invite people over for dinner than drop £100 on a night out. (I just need a little dancefloor at home!) I would rather spend money on random prettiness for my home than a weekend away in country. I am different from most of my older* friends. Indeed you may disagree with me entirely. I adore the details and trawling the internet for wonderfulness (much to the detriment of my sanity).  So when it came to the wedding I knew where my priorities would lie. 

We are spending an obscene amount on our wedding.  (However I have now reconciled my worries.)  Our hooplow is going to be relaxed, decadent fun. We have a budget. Budget. The scary word. A loaded word. It is a difficult concept with which to compare with others. We have a number but this number has been an organic beast.  It has shrunk and grown over the months but now I believe we have reached our plateau. It is still scary but at the same time I see it as exciting.  The money could be spent on umpteen different things, a car we don't need, a flat which we may have to sell due to relocation or maybe even children for which we are not ready.  However, whilst the wedding is a means to an end (and I guess I am at heart a utilitarian) I am slowly realising that I do want to celebrate the next stage of my life.  Apart from my abject fear of being the centre of attention I am actually rather looking forward to "wasting" some money on our celebration.  

The thing is I don't know what you earn, what your family circumstances are and how you value your money.  This works both ways.  For me that's the whole point.  I won't lie and say we have spent next to nothing.  To me it is the equivalent of saying you have done no work for an exam when you have done nothing but revise.  It is counter-productive. We are spending more than ten thousand dollars. We don't have to but we do want to. I realise that you do not need to spend money to make people happy but sometimes you really do have to throw money at a situation. Before starting this blog I had very few physically creative friends and knew I would probably have to shell out to get what I wanted.  I have to pay for my dress, my flowers and my venue.  However, this wedding world has shown me I can be creative and fabulous.  Our wedding will be nothing like the "perfection" you see on inspiration blogs mainly because we are not time rich, super crafty, Russian oligarchs.  It will, however, be a fun and personal weekend of wonderfulness and I will not regret spending a single penny.

Weddings are what you make of them.  Despite the intrinsic link with marriage they actually have very little to do with the next 5, 10, 100 years of your life.  Whether you share your wedding with just your two witnesses or two thousand close friends you will share your marriage with everyone you meet.  That is the important part but you have to get to marriage through a wedding.  How you choose to do this is no-one's business but your own.  Embrace the fact you are spending money on yourselves.  Embrace your decisions.  Stand by your decisions and remember.... is for this moment.  
My beautiful friend marrying her fabulous boy this past weekend. 
I love that you can see her smile as a white flash.  

*By older I mean in terms of relationship rather than age.


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