Monday, 24 May 2010

the weekend that was

After a week of torture (which continues today) I must say I have had a rather glorious weekend.

Now such weekends of joy are such a delicious rarity.  My life is never so wonderful.  Shall I set the scene?

Certainly a weather forecast of 26°C for an entire weekend is unheard of in our green and pleasant land.  Our weekend commenced early on Friday morn.  We had a car, we had water and we had the weekend.  Perfection.  Our first stop was the purchase of some sour sweeties, tangtastic indeed!

Then where did we happen upon?  The wonderfulness that is Bicester Village.  For those who have never visited the designer outlet mall you are missing out!  It's not all about the big names like Gucci and YSL but deliciously discounted Ted Baker and Luella (hello potential comrade dresses!).

Unfortunately we were mainly there for the sexy man suits.  Bean must be playing rugby at work (well his bosses are South African) because he wears his suit out on a regular basis!  Double unfortunately my true love is no sniper shopper and we soon lost each other as I fawned over Alexander McQueen dresses and looked for potential lovelies for my mamma.  

We did finally meet as I tried to convince the Bean to purchase some pretty shirts and ties and then I casually commented I would pop into Burberry. Obviously full of people trying to buy dubious checked items. I don't  have anything have against the check per say however it can lead to scary nightmares such as this.  

Now I have swooned over a particular dress for a long while.  Indeed I understand it may not to be everyone's taste and so I guess I can understand why this baby was discounted by 90%!!! It's the second one from the bottom with the exquisite lady on the skirt.  What do you think? J'adore.  How could the weekend get any better?  
Well Bean did manage to purchase a couple of rather sexy suits.  I wish I got to see him at work, so to speak!  Yet, the day was young and we still had travelling to do.  Travel to the Cotswolds!  I haven't been to the Cotswolds since I was wee.  The parents of Bean had hired a little lakeside cottage for the weekend as one of the many brothers, currently over in Germany working, was over here on a course.  Do there was almost an entire Bean clan, including nephews!  We got to talk to Steve the swan (he likes fajitas) and sit out on a wonderful deck overhanging the lake and eat and drink ourselves silly.

Then Saturday arrived with more sun and opportunity.  I lay on a lounger and read and cared not there was no wifi.  The afternoon came and I was catatonically relaxed. Ha ha, I was jumped upon by Einstein (the elder of the nephews) and ran around with him and Uncle Bear and tried to tire him out!  Impossible!  The other nephew, House, has just started walking at 10 months and he is zooming around wanting to try and eat everything.  

Our day was not over, we got to visit the Cotswold Wildlife Park.  Serious eekables!  I got to play with my new little toy (thank you eBay!)  I hope you enjoy the results.  I think I will need to play around a lot more to find the perfect setting but I love this tiny little camera.  It is rather strange when you are used to fiddling with digital cameras which have a screen for framing photographs.  However it does allow you to be more free in snapping!

So what did we see.  Sleepy Einstein certianly woke up as soon as we entered and saw penguins!!!  Hands down my favourite animal.  We were even there for feeding. How can you not love these cute little Humboldts? 

And rather exhibitionist meerkats.  Anyone from the UK will not be able to resist speaking to them in a Russian accent.  Such is the power of advertising!

The little camera also has a video camera function. So I proudly present my voice to you. I am certainly far from anonymous now!  Unfortunately my excitement somewhat detracts from my usual cut glass accent!    Enjoy my little chat with a rather shedding parrot.

Spielberg I am not.

We saw Rhinos, Lions, Ostriches, Zebras (the Einstein is rather in love with the film Madagascar!), wolves and a rather huge Tapir.  Along with a rather charming Pig called Morris.  I really do need to go to more zoos (and try to reconcile my thoughts towards them).

However perhaps my best moment of the weekend was watching Bean playing with House.  My ovaries may have exploded.  Although they were somewhat mended by his wails for his mother which may have occurred but a few minutes later.  Man and baby.  Swoon.  I love Bean.

So I got to play on swings and be with my future family (I love they call me their sister already) and I finally asked my lovely sister to read at our wedding.  As a writer I cannot wait to hear what she chooses.  I have given her free reign to find something as suitable or unsuitable as she wants.

I was so sad to leave, but leave we must.  Back to life, back to reality and all that.  How was your weekend? I believe some amongst you may have been married!  So many congratulations.


  1. That last image? Might be the cutest thing I've seen all day. ;)

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend. visiting animals always puts me in a good mood - just hate leaving them! simplez! *squeak*

  3. What a lovely weekend! I grew up in the Cotswolds and just love it. Plus that last photo is just too cute. What an adorable nephew.

  4. Penguin!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Sorry, had to get that out of the way. Yes, I do love the dress with the lady and the other two purple ones. The grey is a tad too ruffly for my taste, but it might fit the right woman.

    It sounds like you had an exceptional time this weekend. Yay for spending time and fitting in with Bean's family. I also love spending time with Mr. Beagle's and feeling part of his clan.

  5. Men and babies: Swoon, indeed.

  6. boy + baby is guaranteed to take a girl's breath away. times 10 if it's your own boy! :)

  7. that looks like the most magical weekend. You make me miss England like crazy. and your voice is adorable! I love when Fiance plays with his baby nephews and niece precious. my future-in-laws call me sister already too, makes my heart melt.

  8. Our back neighbors have a parrot like the one in your video - his name is Herb - he has the loudest screech. Love your voice!

    Glad you had a lovely weekend.

  9. Wow, what a great weekend. It is always nice when the weekend ends up being a fun and relaxing one.

  10. Tangfastics, successful shopping, good food and drink, sunshine and family. What an absolutely perfect weekend you had.

  11. Exploding ovaries sounds so sore! No, it's a very cute picture ;)

  12. I am so happy to hear you had such magical weekend! you deserve it and I totally cracked up with the exploding ovaries too ( I feel that way when I see Ryan with his baby cousin or even just standing near a baby in the grocery store)

  13. ohhh i love Bicester Outlet! It's the best :) Sounds like you had a fab weekend lovely xxx

  14. Just to point out that it's not really a great picture of me. I had either a cold or hayfever and couldn't sleep the night before. Got up the next morning, had breakfast, showered and went back to bed.

    My hair when I reemerged was quite frankly ridiculous.

  15. You have a lovely voice.
    Poor birdie stuck in a cage
    What a great weekend.
    I love that dress too, so glad you got it!
    I love pictures of men and babies.
    So funny about your ovaries exploding! haha and the quick repair.
    Bean you look great, Id love to see some photos of the two of you together
    How wonderful to have your sister giving a surprise reading at the wedding

  16. Drat, can't listen to your voice at work, will have to wait til I'm home to be a little bit stalkerish :p

    I fully approve of your hair, Bean! There shall be no more of this nonsense talk.

    Glad you both had an ace weekend :) x

  17. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Aww that picture is cute. You have the same accent as me! Mmm I love Tangfastics. Oh and the meercat thing is so true! COMPARE THE MEERCATS DOT COM x

  18. I had mixed feelings about the dress, but say yes. Of course I like all your dresses.

    It sounded like you had a lovely weekend with family and you went to Bicester - lucky, lucky lady!

  19. Your voice is so sophisticated! :-) Not that I didn't already know that you are.

    I've been having the exploding ovaries quite a bit lately. I can only imagine the intensity of it when it's your own man!

  20. Truly no better feeling than a 90% discount on a dress. No better feeling. So excited when that happens.

  21. That picture is gorgeous, definitely one to bring on exploding ovaries.

    Have you ever been to edinburgh Zoo? The penguins there go on a wee walkabout round the zoo at certain times of the day.

  22. When I was in London, I was going to buy me a cashmere Burberry scarf (after all, what else? You buy Hermes from France and Burberry from London). My Brit bestie stirred me away from the store in horror. No one but chavs wear Burberry. Who knew?

  23. I love Bicester Village.. Only place I shop now - and usually end up spending all my money in Marni!

    Oh the picture of bean and baby is soooooooooooo cute! no wonder ovaries were exploding.. there is something about man and babies.. that sepia poster from the 90's springs to mind!

    what a lovely weekend.. let's pray there's another heat wave for more weekend fun!

  24. What an awesome weekend. And I am so close to Bicester, yet I've never been... D'oh! Need to correct that.

    And lord, you just about killed me with that last picture.

  25. What a lovely weekend!! It feels like the usual UK weather has left you guys for our fair land! We have been getting nothing but grey days, wet sloshy rain and cold winds. :(

    The last picture of Bean and baby... definitely swoon-worthy!! :)

  26. Sounds like a fab weekend; the cotswolds is lovely; at some point I might get around to recapping our week there last October!

    Yay to the sun too!

  27. oh my goodness, that photo of bean and that baby is so adorable, i don't know what to do with myself. plus, when i read that line about your ovaries nearly exploding, i spit out my water, laughing hysterically.
    also, those photos of the wildlife park are gorgeous!


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