Tuesday, 25 May 2010

a tale of why a boy chose his boy (or at least how I think it went)

Now conventional thinking is that a girl should choose her comrades because they are her closest friends.  Whilst this is somewhat true for me I would concede that I do not really have a best friend.  So I chose these girls because I love them and I wanted to share the say with them.  

The wonderful Mrs T alluded today that to have everyone in same room on your wedding say brings both joy and stress.  Indeed one of the reasons I chose the girls I chose was the knowledge that the Mouse could deal with my parents, (the mother in particular although I fear she may have a few choice words for my father if he steps out of line - or does not want to turn up - I love her!)  I chose the Marathon because I knew she would be able to keep the Bean's family happy, even more so now as she will have a 3 month old.  Thank you sweetheart.  Finally my comrade in charge, the Giggler can keep me calm with giggles, fruit and water and fend off any overly inquisitive onlookers! 

This got me thinking as to why Bean chose his boy (I cannot recall if I have named him before so his name shall be Hunter).  I found out a few weeks ago.  We were generally giggling and talking nonsense in bed (as you do when there is no chance of other certain activities).  We arrived at the topic of power animals (obviously). I'd forgotten about the link to Fight Club but enjoyed the random talk nonetheless.  After declaring my love for the wonderful penguin I thought this would be my perfect match. Alas no. As we lay in a meditative state I finally happened upon my Power Animal - the Sponge!  If you blend me with other non-anna sponges I will slowly but surely separate myself from the others to become unique once again.  I embrace my sponginess, a little pathetic but ultimately awesome!

So what is the Bean?  Something freakin' awesome, of course. The antithesis of my sponge.  He lay for but a moment and then he looked at me and smiled his handsome smile.  Of course his Power Animal is a 20 foot tall, robot bear with lasers for eyes. Oh and I believe a motorcycle is involved.  What more could a girl want? I will always be safe in his robobear arms.

And so Bean discussed our little conversation with Hunter.  What did he choose as his Power Animal?

Bean, of course.  

And that is why Hunter is Bean's boy.

I love Hunter.

What is your Power Animal?


  1. I think that my personality naturally lends itself to being a giraffe. Kind of ginger, pretty tall, kinda funny looking but inherantly likable (or else I will kick you with my little hoof). And I have a bizaarly long tongue. I have achieved the impossible, and can lick my own elbow.

    Rich just chimed in and said he thinks that although outwardly I might be a giraffe, my power animal would be a deer. Come to think of it, I *am* rather skittish, and once he caught me eating something I shouldn't and I froze, motionless..

    Now he's mocking me for gibbering at someone so I'll stop. I love your Power Animal Sponge btw :p

  2. Bean's power animal is too legit to quit. love it.

    I am a total aquarium nerd though so I have a special spot in my heart for the sponge too :)

    me? probably a corgie dog. we look similar!

  3. Power animal = RAD. I'm not sure what I would be - have to give it some thought. But I do have a friend who thinks people look like different animals. It's quite hilarious to people watch with him. He says I look like a rabbit??

    Cheers for the shout out too x

  4. My power animal... Hmmm... Haven't thought of this one before! People always say (somewhat odd!) that I remind them of a cat... so we say that my grey cat is my familiar!

  5. awww hunter chose bean. that is the cutest thing ever. boys can be so precious. we're having...issues with the best man right now. apparently he has been defriended and we are on the search for a new one. I don't even understand the whole situation right now. who knew that boys could have so much drama?

  6. Aw Hunter seems to pass the "good guy" test.

    I think I'd be a cat - but a domestic cat not anything too ambitious like a tiger. O would have to be a dolphin.

  7. Gah I just wanted to let you know that I tried to delete a spam comment on one of my posts and I ended up deleting YOURS by accident! I'm so sorry!


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