Wednesday, 12 May 2010

the queen of pop?

There are sometimes it really is fabulous being a wedding blogger.  Last night I had the opportunity to meet lots of fabulous ladies and gentlemen from the wedding world thanks to ineffable Rock and Roll Bride.  A truly delicious and rather boozy evening. Thank you darling.

Indeed there are other times when I get to learn about fabulous places and products which get me rather excited.  Now remember my attempt at the pie pop?*  Well I have something far better to show you!  It is a super treat!

That wondrous treat is from the Pop Bakery. Based in North London this new bakery is blooming into something truly wonderful.  

Just look at the prettiness. The colours are so pretty.  I really love the lilac and green in the first picture.  The little embellishments are so sweet and they have so many different types to choose from!

How cute would the wedding cake pops be as wedding favours or maybe as a little sweet treat at a hen party.  Now how do I drop a hint to my comrades on an anonymous blog?!

Of course I couldn't ignore the wonderfulness of the Russian Doll Pops!  How cute!  The perfect crossover of a couple of my favourite trends.  Cucake and Matryoshka!

Oh and let me tell you these are some crazily tasty little cupcakes.  You can choose from vanilla or chocolate. Bean, our resident cake connoisseur would like to say the chocolate was deliciously moist and rather moreish.  He also said, "cakey yet poppy."  (A career in advertising is not on the cards, darling!) 

They are more than a mouthful but still small enough to make you think you aren't being gluttonous! What else can I say?  You must try them now!  The bakery is in NW London but they are able to courier deliciousness across the UK. Yummers!


The first photograph was our attempt at semi-anonymity however we both love the second photograph too much to not post it!  Here a Bean is saying please stop taking photographs I want to eat the deliciousness!

P.S. Do you like his new glasses?  All the way from the US of A!  

*I really will do a little how to for the pie pops.  They are so simple but so tasty!


  1. OMG I love these Anna! How wonderful! Those Russian Doll pops are amazing! And just love the photos of Bean. Those glasses are truly fab dear :) xoxo

  2. So cute! :) Trust London to have all the cool things.

  3. The teaser campaign was so worth it. How gorgeous!

  4. Bean is such a cutie! I looove the Russian Doll ones too. Right now I wish I lived in London!

  5. Oh yes please do them!!! If I come to London soon, I'll let you know so you can get the Russian doll pops ready. ;)

  6. Seriously awesome glasses! Also, how good is a polaroid filter! I am in love with it *sigh*

  7. Urm how come Bean is the one that is starting the semi-anonymousness (huh). I want to see pictures of you with pie-pops. Love the glasses though and they are very cool photos.

  8. oh my god, love this post. those treats look so delicious, and bean's photos are awesome. where did he get his glasses? so cool.

  9. I love the idea of sweets on a stick!! They look unreal. They would make perfect favours.
    Your Ben is an absolute hottie

  10. Bean looks rad in those glasses!

  11. He he he!

    He got his glasses from Warby Parker. I quite fancy getting a pair or two. I love them.

  12. The glasses look great and so do the pops! They're so fun!


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