Thursday, 6 May 2010

just vote

I could blabber on about the whys and wherefores as to the reasons you should vote.  

However, I know you already know why you should vote.*

It is a very personal judgement for a very public decision.

Can you feel it?  Whilst not a democracy we can still make a difference.

Just go, even if to abstain.  

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*So even if your party doesn't make it in, you can moan and if they do you, can moan they didn't keep their election "promises".


  1. I ALWAYS vote. 100 years ago women like us weren't allowed to vote. I'm not going to throw that away!

  2. We're off to vote right now. I always find it quite emotional and really enjoy it.

  3. Here here! When studying politics at uni I was always shocked by how many seemingly intelligent women around me were not keen to vote. Women died so that we could put that little 'x' by someone's name. VOTE!

  4. I agree, everyone should vote!

    I'm currently deciding how late to stay up & watch the results.

  5. We have to vote in Australia, otherwise you can get fined.


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