Monday, 10 May 2010

i am a plant

Thank you all for your words about my our venue.  I really do think I just need to relax.  It is almost perfect for what we want and need.  It's just I have this slight problem.  I am a plant.

What the hell do you mean by a plant and what on earth has this to do with weddings, I hope you are asking?  

I imagine a few of you will have undergone the Belbin Assesment, this little test claims to give an accurate appraisal how an individual behaves in a team environment. Now I took this test when I had to work with others in small groups for a hideous project as an undergraduate. (Hideous because it only really had enough work for one person!)*  

So here I sat in a room where everyone was declaring they were the typical doctor/scientist type.  They were The Co-ordinators, the leaders, The Completer-Finishers, the perfectionists and The Specialists, well the specialists!  Then my turn came, I was the plant.  In a room of these "doers" I was the only plant.  The only plant in a room of over a hundred.  I felt so lonely and in demand at the very same time!

Now plants are awesome, even if I do say so myself. When I compared myself to each of the team roles I do find that I am basically the plant.  I wish I had a couple of the other helpful characteristics however it was not meant to be.  If only I were the consumate networker or really cared about the tiniest of details.

So what are plants? "We" plants are the innovators and love to solve difficult problems. Fantasticals.  Unfortunately, I am useless at explaining these wonderful ideas.  Never ask me for directions.  Everyone I offer directions to gets lost on the way to my flat.  If I do want to discuss things I have to think rather too hard for my liking, telephone conversations are a nightmare for me. I am a rehearser. One of my bosses think this is a sign I have an astonishingly high IQ (he he!) and that my brain moves too quickly from idea to idea (not in a knight's move thinking way, although I have often worried about this) and that I process things too quickly for my tongue. Tis a nightmare I can assure you.  I think I have explained something thoroughly and competently but everyone around is completely befuddled.

Also "plantedness" leads to the freakin' unhelpful characteristics of interest at the start of a project which tapers rather rapidly and the ignorance/indifference of the impracticality of my ideas.  If you could only see my flat.  It is full of unfinished, nay unstarted projects.  I get excited when I see things around me.  So many ideas are rattling around my little brain.  I just wish I could pick one and do it, alas no.  I have bought so many little things.  I hope to include many of them in my life and wedding so I shan't disclose any details, just yet!

Herein lies my problem with styling, decor and general implementation of anything in general life.  I have the idea but I have no way of completing the demands my brain makes.  Indeed I am fully aware of my practical abilities.  I am rather deft at sewing a person back together but when it comes to cloth I am rubbish!  It is rather frustrating.  I know that I want things to look a certain way but I have no idea how to accomplish my "lofty" ideas.  I know that I want certain "things" but I am rather rubbish at grouping said things into something that looks good.  Hmm an example of my poor styling?  Yes, this is pretty bad.  (It also highlights my particular lack of photographic talent!)  This is but the tip of the iceberg, my friends!  I don't think it helps that I have a phobia of symmetry!

So really this has been a rather tortuous preamble for another cry of help.  Are there any budding stylists/wedding planners who would love to offer advice (or even help) for my our wedding day.

I offer you a delightful picture of Big Cat playing hide and seek in the daffodils at home.  You may not be able to see him as he is rather well camouflaged.  Oh I miss you you fluffy little monster.

*I would love to know which team role you fulfil as I think we form an interesting population.  However I am not sure if you can access the test for free. If you do, please let me know.  A little bloggers' sociology experiment if you will.


  1. Just by reading the descriptions though I think I am a Resource Investigator/ Coordinator. Either or. I would love to help you Anna but you are oh so far away across the pond :(

  2. Lovely Anna, I would plan your wedding as if it were my own. Anything you ever need, be it a sewing-machine-helping-hand or simply something researchy, count me in :) London is never too far away!

    ps I found a (probably illegal, plagarised) version of the Belbin test, and being the WOO QUIZ WOO type person I am I will most definitely be taking this. Some time when it's not 20 past 11.

    I will report back.

  3. I think I may be a plant as well with a side of's a frustrating combo! I have high expectations and yet I rarely complete tasks, I too get distracted easily and my mind is always going a mile a minute, it used to cause me insomnia! I'm a big picture person and get overwhelmed easily. I have a phobia of symmetry too!!! But not matching, I must always have something matching. It's the oddest thing.

  4. I think I'd be a Complete Finisher/Implementer. For sure.

    Oh how I wish I could help! I've always said Australia would be perfect if they stuck it next to Europe.

  5. I have no idea what I'd be, but a plant sounds loverly!

  6. I think I'm kinda like you - so many ideas but execution kinda sucks. But I'd love to help if I can. What's your theme - a certain color, vintage glam, rustic chic, feathers galore?

  7. For anyone that wishes to take the Belbin test themselves

    Turns out I am an Implementer, followed closely by Completer-Finisher.

    "The Completer Finisher is strongly motivated by internal anxiety, although outwardly they may appear unruffled". So true, Mister Belbin.

    I didn't get a single point for Plant :p

  8. The boy and I are both Plants, which is an interesting dynamic. Let's say, we have A LOT of unfinished projects lying around our house. :)

  9. Hah! I did the test and I was right!

  10. HI Anna - enjoyed reading this it made me laugh!

    I just got personality typed... with the Myers Briggs tool. Belbin is good but it basically applies to the board room (not terribly helpful in your line of work) where as myers-briggs is personality based. It's less DIY - someone did it one me who was trained, but I'm an ENTJ, wiki it! :)


  11. I'm a lurker! Hello, Anna!

    Never took the test, but I did take the Myers-Briggs a bajillion times and I always got ENFJ.

    I think I would also be a plant. But I also see some Teamworker/Completer Finisher qualities in me. I'll have to take the test and see!

  12. Ooo Rebecca I'm an INTJ. Rather strongly apparently!

    I will be writing a little follow up to this post. So watch out for some more!


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