Wednesday, 5 May 2010

cinco de mayo - royal rainbow

The 5th of May is not a particularly important day in the UK.  Although I am surprised we do not celebrate it more due to a rather relaxed xenophobia of the French.*  

However in our house it is very important for it is the birthday of the Bean!!  Seriously how cute is this boy!

Oh how I love you my dearest Bean.  You make everything good, great.

I cannot wait to marry you and snuggle with you for the rest of our lives.

It was as if they cartoon people above were thinking of us when they wrote this!

We have very similar conversations on an almost daily basis!  He is such a cutie.

the wonderful xkcd

*I would like to state for the record how much I adore France and cannot wait for les parents to move! 


  1. yay happy beanday! we are having tacos tonight! we should have thrown a fiesta.

    is it bad that i had the katamari damacy soundtrack? shh. anyway seeeriously cute picture.

  2. Happy Birthday Bean! Thanks for making our lovely Anna so happy! (That comic makes me happy - in general, and for you both).

  3. Happy Birthday Bean!!! He is quite adorable! And happy cinco de mayo to all that celebrate. Me included...i'll be indulging in a few margaritas myself this evening :) xoxo

  4. Happy birthday Bean. I hope you are spoiling him rotten.

  5. oh he is so lucky for his day of birth to be Cinco De Drinko!

  6. Happy Birthday Bean! Spoil him rotten Anna!

  7. omg, how cute is bean??? look at him on that bike. adorable! happy bday, bean. and that cartoon just made me crack up.

  8. That photo is awesome! Hope Bean had a lovely birthday.


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