Wednesday, 5 May 2010

anna's musical musings for Kristi and Accordions and Lace

So I am a girl without specific musical tastes.  Yes, a girl who is slightly embarrassed by her taste in music but sings it at the tops of her lungs anyway.

So when the delicious (truly delicious) Accordions and Lace offered the opportunity for a mix-tape exchange I jumped at the chance (albeit slightly worried for the person who would receive my slightly cheesy mix!)

You may notice there are slightly more than the usual 10 songs.  Well I had difficulty in locating a CD and all I could find were DVDs so it felt a little silly with a lonesome 10 tunes and so I expanded and delved deep into my love of music.  I hope you enjoy the little ride and why I chose each track.

So this is for Kristi.

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson - A wonderful voice for a wonderful song.  If all else falls down, we still have so much more to find.

Bring on the Wonder - Susan Enan feat Sarah McLachlan - I do love Bones (I believe that Booth exists and is still a good man.  The only other man I would consider ever looking at!)  This song is simply beautiful.

White Flag Dido - Ahh the Booth love continues (for he is in the music video).  I know people hate on Dido, but she really is wonderful live and indeed I was even at said recording!

All Dressed in Love - Jennifer Hudson - Can there be any other more perfect song to get ready for a night out dancing?

Run - Leona Lewis - I have to admit, I do sort of love Leona!

Untouchable - Natalie Merchant - A beautifully haunting song.

La belle et le bad boy - MC Solaar - Ah the song from the last series of SATC. The way into the world of the freakin' awesome MC Solaar.  Love him.

Numb - Jamelia - Oh gosh, I love my covers (Linkin Park in that case!) Jamelia is our answer to Beyonce.  She has a pretty good voice for a Brummie.

The Promise - Girls Aloud - I have only just fallen for the Girls Aloud girls.  This song is certainly fabulous!

Who Wants To Live Forever - Katherine Jenkins - Whilst I usually loathe opera/pop combinations.  A bit of operatic Freddie Mercury can never hurt.

The Master Plan - Oasis - I'm not a huge Oasis fan but this song is perfection.

L-O-V-E - Joss Stone - For I am a girl who likes to sing barefoot too.  (Also I could do with a body like Keira Knightly.)

Collide - Howie Day - I sit on a bus an think I am singing this to camera.  Oh gosh, I really shouldn't tell people these things!

Book of Love - Peter Gabriel - (Maybe you have heard this from Shall We Dance - oh yes another guilty pleasure!)

Red - Daniel Merriweather - Bless this little Aussie man.  So much better than the Buble!

Skid Row - Little Shop Of Horrors - How much do I sometimes wish I were a gospel singing black girl.  They just have such soul, baby!

Fight For This Love - Cheryl Cole - One of the aforementioned Girls Aloud.  This song is hot.  Also check out Rufus Hound and his interpretation.  Three cheers for the BBC. (If I could do this for a wedding dance I so would!!)

Into The Mystic - Van Morrison - Just the perfect wedding song.  It makes me want to twirl and swirl.

Hold On - KT Tunstall - Our little Scottish rocket. Love this song.  Check out her first album, it is fabulous!

Never Went to Church - The Streets - A rather sweet song from a rather talented young man.

Back to Black - Amy Winehouse - This is by far her best song.  I would give anything to have heard her sing this live when she was at her best.  Tears.

The Fear - Lily Allen - One of her best songs and rather true.

Somewhere Only We Know - Keane - One of Bean's friends actually wrote this song.  How much do I want him to write something for our wedding.  Ahh but I digress.  This song is freakin' awesome.

Foundations - Kate Nash - 'ello, I'm a cockney.  You must eat so many lemons, because you are so bitt - er.  Love it!

Bring Me To Life - Katherine Jenkins - Love the original but this really wants me to dance!

Nothing Else Matters - Lucie Silvas - A Metallica cover (although the orginal is pretty) you cannot hekp but sing your heart out.  Thank you Lucie for this awesome cover.

Come Again Sting - How can you not love a bit of Sting on the lute? My favourite luted Sting would have to be Fields of Gold (he played it on an episode of Studio 60).

You See The Trouble With Me - We'll Be In Trouble (Extended Mix) Black Legend - Ahh, the epitome of the girlie holiday I shared 10 years ago before university. This song takes me straight back to a bar in Malia.

En Aranjuez con Tu Amor - The Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band - A piece originally writen for strings or maybe classical guitar but played oh so beautifully by a wonderful brass band.

River of Sorrow - Antony & The Johnsons - Anyone who sings such beautiful words and sounds like Tom Jones is heaven to me!

Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do - Goldie Lookin Chain - Ahh British (or more specifically Welsh in this case) wit. Truly the best UK rap.  Listen until the end for the most perfect words of any song!

So In Love With You - Texas - Such a moving song and makes me want to dance with the Bean.

Wild Horses - Natasha Bedingfield - A simple sing it out loud song.  The girl I want to always be.

Stay - Shakespeares Sister -There is something so beautiful about their voices and the "darkness" of this song.

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension - How can you not dance to this? I imagine myself with a chiffon scarf (which I don't have) and a meadow. It just screams summer, love and happiness.

I do hope you have enjoyed my little slice of escapism. I have tried to include mainly British tracks for those far and away to spread the (old) UK love!

Do you like? Any new favourites?


  1. Fabulous list! Your taste is quite eclectic dear :) Oh and i couldn't love Kate Nash any more. Seriously I listen to her every single day & I even hob nobbed with her at one of her shows in NYC about a year and 1/2 ago. Obviously it was a very small venue :) She couldn't have been more adorable!

  2. Thank you again! You're a doll.

    I shall join you in singing these out loud, by the way, (well when I'm alone, of course, lest everyone hate me). :)

  3. heyy some of these are on our wedding playlist!

  4. I freakin' love Kate Nash. And Lily. And KT Tunstall. And Wino before she became a complete disaster.

  5. Have you listened to anything of the Weepies... a US band that i stumbled across ... i think you'd like them...


  6. Collide is me and Mr. Beagle's song. It'll be our first dance. :)

  7. What a great list dear! I love Dido and "LOVE" by Joss Stone. Sigh Amy Winehouse - tragic indeed.

  8. you shouldn't be embarrassed! this is a great list, perhaps I shall include some in the tea party playlist :)

  9. love this mix! i love that you ended it with the 5th dimension...that song always makes me happy. i also love amy winehouse and kt tunstall. i participated too! accordians and lace is great....i'm going to try to post my mix tomorrow..i was just waiting to make sure it arrived.

  10. Ahhh, the only song I know is Book of Love. Yikes!! I kinda feel out of touch now... Lolz.. Love the song and it's highly possible we'll be dancing to it at the wedding. But all the more songs for me to check out and expand my music taste! :)

  11. Mix tape exchange! What a cool idea.

  12. Thanks for the list- I wish Id seen this when we were chosing our music. What a wonderful selection. I love a bit of cheese.

  13. I did the exchange too and posted my list. Check it out of interested.


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