Tuesday, 11 May 2010

anna treats her toes with a visit to Emmy

About a week ago I went on a journey.  A journey of untold beauty and discovery lay ahead of me.  I had no idea my day would be so wonderful.

What fortune befell me?  I went on a trip to meet Emmy and her wonderful shoes! 
Now you may have guessed I have a slight thing for shoes.  I know some of you do not have the same affinity but I am about to show you some wedding hotties, I promise.  Also I did sort of tell Bean it was all for the blog  and so please don't tell him I was actually looked for more shoes!

Mainly, I want to describe the experience.  It was rather exciting.  First, you see, you must enter a lingerie shop and try to act nonchalant for you are not here for pretty knickers.  You must utter in hushed tones the secret words, "I'm here to see Emmy."  Obviously these are not the real words for they are "eyes only" (hmm can the spoken word be eyes only?)*  The walls then disappear and you will find you are flying through the London skies.  Oh sorry, no that's another shop.  At Emmy, you will will be ushered up the twisty turning stairs and arrive in a beautiful room flooded with natural light.  A perfect studio where one is invited to recline gracefully on a sweet chaise longue.  It was here I met with the wonderful Jo.

We first talked about my wedding in a little detail so she could understand the type of shoe I was after.  I may or may not have my ceremony shoes sorted so I am I looking for shoes for dancing.  Dancing shoes, for I intend on being on my feet all evening.  (Ah yes, a detail I shall reveal is we will be performing our best Scottish Country Dancing (Bean learned such talents at junior school!) with a friendly local Ceilidh band.)

So my main concern is comfort and I needn't have been worried.  These shoes are like walking in the softest down slippers.  In contrast to my usual shoe shopping experience there is usually just you in the boutique and you are treated like royalty.  I must have tried nearly every shoe and then tried them all on again!

I was drawn to Emmy's shoes rather early on in the wedding planning process.  Her shoes are not your typical  white, ugly monstrosities.  Indeed her shoes are pretty, just that little bit special and truly shoes I would be happy to wear after the wedding when I continue my fabulous London life!  

Here are the first pair of Emmy shoes I fell in love with many moons ago.

Ahh the Elizabeth.
Her beautiful suede exterior is highlighted by the wonderful feather and fan detail.  In person the shoe is just so understated and elegant.  The feather would be a perfect nod to my vintage shrug.  Even in the sample shoes at this height they are so comfortable.  I really wanted to dance around all day.  Alas a girl had to try on a few more pretties.  Although she stayed close by!
Oh Leila, a stark departure from the shoes I usually wear. I mostly avoid those with little straps (I am rather clumsy) however the straps on these babies are super strong and make you feel safe and secure.  They also happen to be rather beautiful.  I am particularly in love with the cage effect around the heel.  These are some serious dancing shoes which I would wear again and again.
The Eva also stole my heart.  The simple shoes accented by a delicious T-bar of beautiful crystals.  The detail sparkles as you walk but is not so overwhelming so they steal the show.  They are the perfect vintage style shoe.  The T-bar gives stability but is still effortlessly sexy and chic.  You won't be clomping around in these lovelies but floating on air from the excitement of having such fabulous shoes.
Rose is very much more my usual type of shoe.  A little toe cleavage and screaming for a splash of a sexy nail colour.  The suede is so soft and, well, just look at the beautiful delicate embellishment. Delightfully vintage looking but with enough sparkle to create flickers of light as you walk towards your future.

and because I simply could not resist.  They are also Rose but have my pink love all over them!
So I was changed from my steadfast mindset of I am having coloured wedding shoes to hmm, maybe creamy whitey blush colours would be more my thing in a matter of minutes.  Such is the power of Emmy!  I almost had to be dragged from the boutique away from the exquisiteness although I am happy to report I was on a shoe high for the rest of the day.

So why choose Emmy? For me the piece de resistance of the Emmy experience is knowing that all the shoes are custom made, perfect down to your every whim.  Either Jo or Emmy (or if you are lucky like me, both!) will advise the best type of shoe shape for your foot, which shoes are most appropriate for your wedding and, best of all, show you all the different embellishments there are to offer.  These wonderfully chic (and importantly comfortable) shoes will last a lifetime.

So what's my honest advice, get yourself a fabulous pedicure, maybe order a swatch of your dress fabric and book an appointment with Emmy today. The most fabulous wedding experience I have had the pleasure of so far on my little wedding journey.  

What might I have chosen?  A girl is allowed to have a couple of secrets!  Are any of you Emmy girls?

*I may have somewhat MI5'd my experience but it really was rather thrilling.  

This is not a sponsored post. I am just in love!


  1. OMG Anna please tell me that you tried on the Dorothy shoes??!

    I am going to dream about them tonight.

  2. Vintage deliciousness - love love the Eva! Do share, what would you have chosen?

  3. Squealing with delight at this post. I wore Emmy shoes for my wedding. They were divine. The experience is just as delightful as you described. I had pointy slingbacks and then they made a corsage, just the right size for my feet and heel, to fit on the sides which matched the corsage of my dress. Being a short dress bride they were perfection. Planning to wear them again for a wedding party this summer.
    Sorry for long post - but oh go and try on the experience is a delight. Off to Emmy daydream world....

  4. Those shoes are divooooooon. So unbelievably gorgeous

  5. Oh how I dream to be an Emmy girl. You are such a tease.
    Woop woop ceilidh dancing!!!! You will have so much fun, the best thing is just to throw yourself into it.

  6. No fair! You have to tell us what you picked. Or I'm going to start calling you rotten names. :P

    I think my two favorites are Elizabeth and Leila. Gosh, they are pretty. Also, I personally prefer shoes that have some sort of straps when I go dancing. I think it helps a lot with the comfort factor.

    I assume they don't have Emmy shoes over here. Blah, stupid U.S.

  7. ooooh what a magical experience. I'm dying over those Leila's!

  8. Holy wow. The States need some Emmy fast. All the shoes are gorgeous. I thought it was funny that all the shoes you "don't usually" wear are those that I usually wear! lol. Love them all, dah-ling

  9. Oooh loving that last pair.
    Can't wait to see which ones you chose

  10. omg, i loooooove all of them! i can't wait to see what you pick. i think my faves are the rose - last and second to last - but i also can't stop looking at leila! beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous shoes...especially the last pink ones! :)


  12. Oooh, lucky you! I'd love to be an 'Emmy girl'. I think I'd have to go with the Elizabeth. The feather is just divine.

  13. You have just inspired me to ring up and make an appointment. Was thinking I couldn't justify the expense, but they are just so lovely, and I will buy a pair that I can wear afterwards. Plus, to keep as much as I could of the design of my dress, I committed to wearing 8 cm heels, and I rarely wear heels - so I think an investment in a comfortable pair of shoes is not wanton extravagance.

  14. Those shoes are beautiful. I look forward to seeing which pair you chose.

  15. I want them ALL!! Lucky girl. Can't wait to see your shoes.

  16. They are all gorgeous; i did consider them at first then realised you wouldnt see my shoes under my dress much!

    Thats fab you will be ceilidh dancing; I got as far as attempting the gay gordons at our wedding then decided me in a dress with a long long train {even though it was bustled} didnt really work on the dance floor}.

    I used the time to actually sit down for once; on your wedding day you will be on your feet a lot!!!

  17. I LOVE the pink ones... sadly when I tried them on they didn't suit me, but they looked amazing on the lovely Jo. Im hoping to join Emmy at an Essex wedding fayre sometime soon

    J x

  18. Gorgeous shoes!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!


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