Tuesday, 25 May 2010

a tale of why a boy chose his boy (or at least how I think it went)

Now conventional thinking is that a girl should choose her comrades because they are her closest friends.  Whilst this is somewhat true for me I would concede that I do not really have a best friend.  So I chose these girls because I love them and I wanted to share the say with them.  

The wonderful Mrs T alluded today that to have everyone in same room on your wedding say brings both joy and stress.  Indeed one of the reasons I chose the girls I chose was the knowledge that the Mouse could deal with my parents, (the mother in particular although I fear she may have a few choice words for my father if he steps out of line - or does not want to turn up - I love her!)  I chose the Marathon because I knew she would be able to keep the Bean's family happy, even more so now as she will have a 3 month old.  Thank you sweetheart.  Finally my comrade in charge, the Giggler can keep me calm with giggles, fruit and water and fend off any overly inquisitive onlookers! 

This got me thinking as to why Bean chose his boy (I cannot recall if I have named him before so his name shall be Hunter).  I found out a few weeks ago.  We were generally giggling and talking nonsense in bed (as you do when there is no chance of other certain activities).  We arrived at the topic of power animals (obviously). I'd forgotten about the link to Fight Club but enjoyed the random talk nonetheless.  After declaring my love for the wonderful penguin I thought this would be my perfect match. Alas no. As we lay in a meditative state I finally happened upon my Power Animal - the Sponge!  If you blend me with other non-anna sponges I will slowly but surely separate myself from the others to become unique once again.  I embrace my sponginess, a little pathetic but ultimately awesome!

So what is the Bean?  Something freakin' awesome, of course. The antithesis of my sponge.  He lay for but a moment and then he looked at me and smiled his handsome smile.  Of course his Power Animal is a 20 foot tall, robot bear with lasers for eyes. Oh and I believe a motorcycle is involved.  What more could a girl want? I will always be safe in his robobear arms.

And so Bean discussed our little conversation with Hunter.  What did he choose as his Power Animal?

Bean, of course.  

And that is why Hunter is Bean's boy.

I love Hunter.

What is your Power Animal?

Monday, 24 May 2010

the weekend that was

After a week of torture (which continues today) I must say I have had a rather glorious weekend.

Now such weekends of joy are such a delicious rarity.  My life is never so wonderful.  Shall I set the scene?

Certainly a weather forecast of 26°C for an entire weekend is unheard of in our green and pleasant land.  Our weekend commenced early on Friday morn.  We had a car, we had water and we had the weekend.  Perfection.  Our first stop was the purchase of some sour sweeties, tangtastic indeed!

Then where did we happen upon?  The wonderfulness that is Bicester Village.  For those who have never visited the designer outlet mall you are missing out!  It's not all about the big names like Gucci and YSL but deliciously discounted Ted Baker and Luella (hello potential comrade dresses!).

Unfortunately we were mainly there for the sexy man suits.  Bean must be playing rugby at work (well his bosses are South African) because he wears his suit out on a regular basis!  Double unfortunately my true love is no sniper shopper and we soon lost each other as I fawned over Alexander McQueen dresses and looked for potential lovelies for my mamma.  

We did finally meet as I tried to convince the Bean to purchase some pretty shirts and ties and then I casually commented I would pop into Burberry. Obviously full of people trying to buy dubious checked items. I don't  have anything have against the check per say however it can lead to scary nightmares such as this.  

Now I have swooned over a particular dress for a long while.  Indeed I understand it may not to be everyone's taste and so I guess I can understand why this baby was discounted by 90%!!! It's the second one from the bottom with the exquisite lady on the skirt.  What do you think? J'adore.  How could the weekend get any better?  
Well Bean did manage to purchase a couple of rather sexy suits.  I wish I got to see him at work, so to speak!  Yet, the day was young and we still had travelling to do.  Travel to the Cotswolds!  I haven't been to the Cotswolds since I was wee.  The parents of Bean had hired a little lakeside cottage for the weekend as one of the many brothers, currently over in Germany working, was over here on a course.  Do there was almost an entire Bean clan, including nephews!  We got to talk to Steve the swan (he likes fajitas) and sit out on a wonderful deck overhanging the lake and eat and drink ourselves silly.

Then Saturday arrived with more sun and opportunity.  I lay on a lounger and read and cared not there was no wifi.  The afternoon came and I was catatonically relaxed. Ha ha, I was jumped upon by Einstein (the elder of the nephews) and ran around with him and Uncle Bear and tried to tire him out!  Impossible!  The other nephew, House, has just started walking at 10 months and he is zooming around wanting to try and eat everything.  

Our day was not over, we got to visit the Cotswold Wildlife Park.  Serious eekables!  I got to play with my new little toy (thank you eBay!)  I hope you enjoy the results.  I think I will need to play around a lot more to find the perfect setting but I love this tiny little camera.  It is rather strange when you are used to fiddling with digital cameras which have a screen for framing photographs.  However it does allow you to be more free in snapping!

So what did we see.  Sleepy Einstein certianly woke up as soon as we entered and saw penguins!!!  Hands down my favourite animal.  We were even there for feeding. How can you not love these cute little Humboldts? 

And rather exhibitionist meerkats.  Anyone from the UK will not be able to resist speaking to them in a Russian accent.  Such is the power of advertising!

The little camera also has a video camera function. So I proudly present my voice to you. I am certainly far from anonymous now!  Unfortunately my excitement somewhat detracts from my usual cut glass accent!    Enjoy my little chat with a rather shedding parrot.

Spielberg I am not.

We saw Rhinos, Lions, Ostriches, Zebras (the Einstein is rather in love with the film Madagascar!), wolves and a rather huge Tapir.  Along with a rather charming Pig called Morris.  I really do need to go to more zoos (and try to reconcile my thoughts towards them).

However perhaps my best moment of the weekend was watching Bean playing with House.  My ovaries may have exploded.  Although they were somewhat mended by his wails for his mother which may have occurred but a few minutes later.  Man and baby.  Swoon.  I love Bean.

So I got to play on swings and be with my future family (I love they call me their sister already) and I finally asked my lovely sister to read at our wedding.  As a writer I cannot wait to hear what she chooses.  I have given her free reign to find something as suitable or unsuitable as she wants.

I was so sad to leave, but leave we must.  Back to life, back to reality and all that.  How was your weekend? I believe some amongst you may have been married!  So many congratulations.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

things i have learnt from the election - part 2

As many of you might of done I stayed up the whole night of the election watching and waiting and hoping.

Now 5 years ago I did the same.  I was but a starry eyed and fresh faced student and knew I could have a little sleep and then make it to "work" for my teaching in the afternoon.

I sprung back into the world and all was good.  Such was life as a 23 year old.

Fast forward 5 years.  It's election night, I don't have to work on Friday.  I have oranges.  I am ready.  I wait hear that my vote for my preferred candidate failed and continue to watch the rather amusing Mr Dimbleby try to string sentences together until 10am.

Nothing has changed our country is in limbo, nothing will happen for days.  The bed beckons.

So I have been awake for over 24 hours.  This is no trouble for me I find staying awake for 48 hours a cinch.  However now as a semi-old lady I have serious problems reawakening my diurnal cycle.  I was not wise.  I should have just stayed up until the evening and then gone to bed.  I feel like I am having an out of body experience.  Lesson learnt.  Next time sleep with the Bean, only ever sleep with Bean.  The cat always knows best.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

the queen of pop?

There are sometimes it really is fabulous being a wedding blogger.  Last night I had the opportunity to meet lots of fabulous ladies and gentlemen from the wedding world thanks to ineffable Rock and Roll Bride.  A truly delicious and rather boozy evening. Thank you darling.

Indeed there are other times when I get to learn about fabulous places and products which get me rather excited.  Now remember my attempt at the pie pop?*  Well I have something far better to show you!  It is a super treat!

That wondrous treat is from the Pop Bakery. Based in North London this new bakery is blooming into something truly wonderful.  

Just look at the prettiness. The colours are so pretty.  I really love the lilac and green in the first picture.  The little embellishments are so sweet and they have so many different types to choose from!

How cute would the wedding cake pops be as wedding favours or maybe as a little sweet treat at a hen party.  Now how do I drop a hint to my comrades on an anonymous blog?!

Of course I couldn't ignore the wonderfulness of the Russian Doll Pops!  How cute!  The perfect crossover of a couple of my favourite trends.  Cucake and Matryoshka!

Oh and let me tell you these are some crazily tasty little cupcakes.  You can choose from vanilla or chocolate. Bean, our resident cake connoisseur would like to say the chocolate was deliciously moist and rather moreish.  He also said, "cakey yet poppy."  (A career in advertising is not on the cards, darling!) 

They are more than a mouthful but still small enough to make you think you aren't being gluttonous! What else can I say?  You must try them now!  The bakery is in NW London but they are able to courier deliciousness across the UK. Yummers!


The first photograph was our attempt at semi-anonymity however we both love the second photograph too much to not post it!  Here a Bean is saying please stop taking photographs I want to eat the deliciousness!

P.S. Do you like his new glasses?  All the way from the US of A!  

*I really will do a little how to for the pie pops.  They are so simple but so tasty!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

anna treats her toes with a visit to Emmy

About a week ago I went on a journey.  A journey of untold beauty and discovery lay ahead of me.  I had no idea my day would be so wonderful.

What fortune befell me?  I went on a trip to meet Emmy and her wonderful shoes! 
Now you may have guessed I have a slight thing for shoes.  I know some of you do not have the same affinity but I am about to show you some wedding hotties, I promise.  Also I did sort of tell Bean it was all for the blog  and so please don't tell him I was actually looked for more shoes!

Mainly, I want to describe the experience.  It was rather exciting.  First, you see, you must enter a lingerie shop and try to act nonchalant for you are not here for pretty knickers.  You must utter in hushed tones the secret words, "I'm here to see Emmy."  Obviously these are not the real words for they are "eyes only" (hmm can the spoken word be eyes only?)*  The walls then disappear and you will find you are flying through the London skies.  Oh sorry, no that's another shop.  At Emmy, you will will be ushered up the twisty turning stairs and arrive in a beautiful room flooded with natural light.  A perfect studio where one is invited to recline gracefully on a sweet chaise longue.  It was here I met with the wonderful Jo.

We first talked about my wedding in a little detail so she could understand the type of shoe I was after.  I may or may not have my ceremony shoes sorted so I am I looking for shoes for dancing.  Dancing shoes, for I intend on being on my feet all evening.  (Ah yes, a detail I shall reveal is we will be performing our best Scottish Country Dancing (Bean learned such talents at junior school!) with a friendly local Ceilidh band.)

So my main concern is comfort and I needn't have been worried.  These shoes are like walking in the softest down slippers.  In contrast to my usual shoe shopping experience there is usually just you in the boutique and you are treated like royalty.  I must have tried nearly every shoe and then tried them all on again!

I was drawn to Emmy's shoes rather early on in the wedding planning process.  Her shoes are not your typical  white, ugly monstrosities.  Indeed her shoes are pretty, just that little bit special and truly shoes I would be happy to wear after the wedding when I continue my fabulous London life!  

Here are the first pair of Emmy shoes I fell in love with many moons ago.

Ahh the Elizabeth.
Her beautiful suede exterior is highlighted by the wonderful feather and fan detail.  In person the shoe is just so understated and elegant.  The feather would be a perfect nod to my vintage shrug.  Even in the sample shoes at this height they are so comfortable.  I really wanted to dance around all day.  Alas a girl had to try on a few more pretties.  Although she stayed close by!
Oh Leila, a stark departure from the shoes I usually wear. I mostly avoid those with little straps (I am rather clumsy) however the straps on these babies are super strong and make you feel safe and secure.  They also happen to be rather beautiful.  I am particularly in love with the cage effect around the heel.  These are some serious dancing shoes which I would wear again and again.
The Eva also stole my heart.  The simple shoes accented by a delicious T-bar of beautiful crystals.  The detail sparkles as you walk but is not so overwhelming so they steal the show.  They are the perfect vintage style shoe.  The T-bar gives stability but is still effortlessly sexy and chic.  You won't be clomping around in these lovelies but floating on air from the excitement of having such fabulous shoes.
Rose is very much more my usual type of shoe.  A little toe cleavage and screaming for a splash of a sexy nail colour.  The suede is so soft and, well, just look at the beautiful delicate embellishment. Delightfully vintage looking but with enough sparkle to create flickers of light as you walk towards your future.

and because I simply could not resist.  They are also Rose but have my pink love all over them!
So I was changed from my steadfast mindset of I am having coloured wedding shoes to hmm, maybe creamy whitey blush colours would be more my thing in a matter of minutes.  Such is the power of Emmy!  I almost had to be dragged from the boutique away from the exquisiteness although I am happy to report I was on a shoe high for the rest of the day.

So why choose Emmy? For me the piece de resistance of the Emmy experience is knowing that all the shoes are custom made, perfect down to your every whim.  Either Jo or Emmy (or if you are lucky like me, both!) will advise the best type of shoe shape for your foot, which shoes are most appropriate for your wedding and, best of all, show you all the different embellishments there are to offer.  These wonderfully chic (and importantly comfortable) shoes will last a lifetime.

So what's my honest advice, get yourself a fabulous pedicure, maybe order a swatch of your dress fabric and book an appointment with Emmy today. The most fabulous wedding experience I have had the pleasure of so far on my little wedding journey.  

What might I have chosen?  A girl is allowed to have a couple of secrets!  Are any of you Emmy girls?

*I may have somewhat MI5'd my experience but it really was rather thrilling.  

This is not a sponsored post. I am just in love!

Monday, 10 May 2010

i am a plant

Thank you all for your words about my our venue.  I really do think I just need to relax.  It is almost perfect for what we want and need.  It's just I have this slight problem.  I am a plant.

What the hell do you mean by a plant and what on earth has this to do with weddings, I hope you are asking?  

I imagine a few of you will have undergone the Belbin Assesment, this little test claims to give an accurate appraisal how an individual behaves in a team environment. Now I took this test when I had to work with others in small groups for a hideous project as an undergraduate. (Hideous because it only really had enough work for one person!)*  

So here I sat in a room where everyone was declaring they were the typical doctor/scientist type.  They were The Co-ordinators, the leaders, The Completer-Finishers, the perfectionists and The Specialists, well the specialists!  Then my turn came, I was the plant.  In a room of these "doers" I was the only plant.  The only plant in a room of over a hundred.  I felt so lonely and in demand at the very same time!

Now plants are awesome, even if I do say so myself. When I compared myself to each of the team roles I do find that I am basically the plant.  I wish I had a couple of the other helpful characteristics however it was not meant to be.  If only I were the consumate networker or really cared about the tiniest of details.

So what are plants? "We" plants are the innovators and love to solve difficult problems. Fantasticals.  Unfortunately, I am useless at explaining these wonderful ideas.  Never ask me for directions.  Everyone I offer directions to gets lost on the way to my flat.  If I do want to discuss things I have to think rather too hard for my liking, telephone conversations are a nightmare for me. I am a rehearser. One of my bosses think this is a sign I have an astonishingly high IQ (he he!) and that my brain moves too quickly from idea to idea (not in a knight's move thinking way, although I have often worried about this) and that I process things too quickly for my tongue. Tis a nightmare I can assure you.  I think I have explained something thoroughly and competently but everyone around is completely befuddled.

Also "plantedness" leads to the freakin' unhelpful characteristics of interest at the start of a project which tapers rather rapidly and the ignorance/indifference of the impracticality of my ideas.  If you could only see my flat.  It is full of unfinished, nay unstarted projects.  I get excited when I see things around me.  So many ideas are rattling around my little brain.  I just wish I could pick one and do it, alas no.  I have bought so many little things.  I hope to include many of them in my life and wedding so I shan't disclose any details, just yet!

Herein lies my problem with styling, decor and general implementation of anything in general life.  I have the idea but I have no way of completing the demands my brain makes.  Indeed I am fully aware of my practical abilities.  I am rather deft at sewing a person back together but when it comes to cloth I am rubbish!  It is rather frustrating.  I know that I want things to look a certain way but I have no idea how to accomplish my "lofty" ideas.  I know that I want certain "things" but I am rather rubbish at grouping said things into something that looks good.  Hmm an example of my poor styling?  Yes, this is pretty bad.  (It also highlights my particular lack of photographic talent!)  This is but the tip of the iceberg, my friends!  I don't think it helps that I have a phobia of symmetry!

So really this has been a rather tortuous preamble for another cry of help.  Are there any budding stylists/wedding planners who would love to offer advice (or even help) for my our wedding day.

I offer you a delightful picture of Big Cat playing hide and seek in the daffodils at home.  You may not be able to see him as he is rather well camouflaged.  Oh I miss you you fluffy little monster.

*I would love to know which team role you fulfil as I think we form an interesting population.  However I am not sure if you can access the test for free. If you do, please let me know.  A little bloggers' sociology experiment if you will.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

things i have learnt from the election - part 1

I live in a free country, a country where people continually moan about the state of said country.

So why, oh why did we have a 65% turnout for our recent general election?  It is just so abysmal.

I understand there are reasons as to why people cannot vote.

However this year no-one can said they were not aware of what was happening.  There has been blanket coverage and generally a hideous media circus.  Yet 21 million people felt it was a bit too difficult to take 1 hour out of their day to exercise their democratic right. A democratic right for which people have died to give us.

I am sad.

Friday, 7 May 2010

fantabulous etsy friday - please, please buy this dress and send me pictures!

It's been a while since I shared my joy of etsy with you.  Indeed about a month ago I went to the Etsy London meet-up and it was good to meet and chat with the "brains" behind the website.  I just find you have to spend far too much time searching to find the prettiness.

So thank you so much etsy wedding for bringing this serious dress to my attention.  I want to cry I love it so much.  I would wear this every day for the rest of my life and it would be a good life.

P.S. I promise I will talk about something other than dresses later!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

could i have another dress please?

Sorry I appear to be a little greedy.  Could I possibly wear this dress and have my ladies accompany me so.

just vote

I could blabber on about the whys and wherefores as to the reasons you should vote.  

However, I know you already know why you should vote.*

It is a very personal judgement for a very public decision.

Can you feel it?  Whilst not a democracy we can still make a difference.

Just go, even if to abstain.  

Getty Images

*So even if your party doesn't make it in, you can moan and if they do you, can moan they didn't keep their election "promises".

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

anna's musical musings for Kristi and Accordions and Lace

So I am a girl without specific musical tastes.  Yes, a girl who is slightly embarrassed by her taste in music but sings it at the tops of her lungs anyway.

So when the delicious (truly delicious) Accordions and Lace offered the opportunity for a mix-tape exchange I jumped at the chance (albeit slightly worried for the person who would receive my slightly cheesy mix!)

You may notice there are slightly more than the usual 10 songs.  Well I had difficulty in locating a CD and all I could find were DVDs so it felt a little silly with a lonesome 10 tunes and so I expanded and delved deep into my love of music.  I hope you enjoy the little ride and why I chose each track.

So this is for Kristi.

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson - A wonderful voice for a wonderful song.  If all else falls down, we still have so much more to find.

Bring on the Wonder - Susan Enan feat Sarah McLachlan - I do love Bones (I believe that Booth exists and is still a good man.  The only other man I would consider ever looking at!)  This song is simply beautiful.

White Flag Dido - Ahh the Booth love continues (for he is in the music video).  I know people hate on Dido, but she really is wonderful live and indeed I was even at said recording!

All Dressed in Love - Jennifer Hudson - Can there be any other more perfect song to get ready for a night out dancing?

Run - Leona Lewis - I have to admit, I do sort of love Leona!

Untouchable - Natalie Merchant - A beautifully haunting song.

La belle et le bad boy - MC Solaar - Ah the song from the last series of SATC. The way into the world of the freakin' awesome MC Solaar.  Love him.

Numb - Jamelia - Oh gosh, I love my covers (Linkin Park in that case!) Jamelia is our answer to Beyonce.  She has a pretty good voice for a Brummie.

The Promise - Girls Aloud - I have only just fallen for the Girls Aloud girls.  This song is certainly fabulous!

Who Wants To Live Forever - Katherine Jenkins - Whilst I usually loathe opera/pop combinations.  A bit of operatic Freddie Mercury can never hurt.

The Master Plan - Oasis - I'm not a huge Oasis fan but this song is perfection.

L-O-V-E - Joss Stone - For I am a girl who likes to sing barefoot too.  (Also I could do with a body like Keira Knightly.)

Collide - Howie Day - I sit on a bus an think I am singing this to camera.  Oh gosh, I really shouldn't tell people these things!

Book of Love - Peter Gabriel - (Maybe you have heard this from Shall We Dance - oh yes another guilty pleasure!)

Red - Daniel Merriweather - Bless this little Aussie man.  So much better than the Buble!

Skid Row - Little Shop Of Horrors - How much do I sometimes wish I were a gospel singing black girl.  They just have such soul, baby!

Fight For This Love - Cheryl Cole - One of the aforementioned Girls Aloud.  This song is hot.  Also check out Rufus Hound and his interpretation.  Three cheers for the BBC. (If I could do this for a wedding dance I so would!!)

Into The Mystic - Van Morrison - Just the perfect wedding song.  It makes me want to twirl and swirl.

Hold On - KT Tunstall - Our little Scottish rocket. Love this song.  Check out her first album, it is fabulous!

Never Went to Church - The Streets - A rather sweet song from a rather talented young man.

Back to Black - Amy Winehouse - This is by far her best song.  I would give anything to have heard her sing this live when she was at her best.  Tears.

The Fear - Lily Allen - One of her best songs and rather true.

Somewhere Only We Know - Keane - One of Bean's friends actually wrote this song.  How much do I want him to write something for our wedding.  Ahh but I digress.  This song is freakin' awesome.

Foundations - Kate Nash - 'ello, I'm a cockney.  You must eat so many lemons, because you are so bitt - er.  Love it!

Bring Me To Life - Katherine Jenkins - Love the original but this really wants me to dance!

Nothing Else Matters - Lucie Silvas - A Metallica cover (although the orginal is pretty) you cannot hekp but sing your heart out.  Thank you Lucie for this awesome cover.

Come Again Sting - How can you not love a bit of Sting on the lute? My favourite luted Sting would have to be Fields of Gold (he played it on an episode of Studio 60).

You See The Trouble With Me - We'll Be In Trouble (Extended Mix) Black Legend - Ahh, the epitome of the girlie holiday I shared 10 years ago before university. This song takes me straight back to a bar in Malia.

En Aranjuez con Tu Amor - The Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band - A piece originally writen for strings or maybe classical guitar but played oh so beautifully by a wonderful brass band.

River of Sorrow - Antony & The Johnsons - Anyone who sings such beautiful words and sounds like Tom Jones is heaven to me!

Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do - Goldie Lookin Chain - Ahh British (or more specifically Welsh in this case) wit. Truly the best UK rap.  Listen until the end for the most perfect words of any song!

So In Love With You - Texas - Such a moving song and makes me want to dance with the Bean.

Wild Horses - Natasha Bedingfield - A simple sing it out loud song.  The girl I want to always be.

Stay - Shakespeares Sister -There is something so beautiful about their voices and the "darkness" of this song.

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension - How can you not dance to this? I imagine myself with a chiffon scarf (which I don't have) and a meadow. It just screams summer, love and happiness.

I do hope you have enjoyed my little slice of escapism. I have tried to include mainly British tracks for those far and away to spread the (old) UK love!

Do you like? Any new favourites?

cinco de mayo - royal rainbow

The 5th of May is not a particularly important day in the UK.  Although I am surprised we do not celebrate it more due to a rather relaxed xenophobia of the French.*  

However in our house it is very important for it is the birthday of the Bean!!  Seriously how cute is this boy!

Oh how I love you my dearest Bean.  You make everything good, great.

I cannot wait to marry you and snuggle with you for the rest of our lives.

It was as if they cartoon people above were thinking of us when they wrote this!

We have very similar conversations on an almost daily basis!  He is such a cutie.

the wonderful xkcd

*I would like to state for the record how much I adore France and cannot wait for les parents to move! 

should i love my venue?

I haven't really spoken much about anything related to our wedding.  I just think that you may not actually be interested.  Also I am slightly superstitious and worried about the potential consequences of revealing too much.  (I promise I will but not just yet!)

So without sounding too pompous or spoilt, I don't love my venue. (Oh it appears I am like a little child.)

I do love it's location (nestled away from prying eyes)
I do love it's price (exponentially cheaper than it's non-existent equivalent in London)
I do love that it has accommodation (everyone can stay in the house or very close-by)
I do love it's flexibility (this will become apparent over the next few posts)

I just don't love it.  Why is that a problem?  Well I guess it isn't and I should suck it up because the deposit is down, we are about to make the next big instalment and I love my suppliers.  I was never going to find the "perfect" venue. Mainly because it probably doesn't exist and if it did it would be completely out of our financial league.

I just cannot shake off the fact it is not quite what I wanted.  I have already alluded to the fact that I am not exactly overawed by our venue and have struggled with the idea of a non-church wedding.  (I shan't discuss the religious question further here as I have pondered over this ad nauseum.)  

So why am I so troubled? There are far more important things to worry about.  Indeed I should be obsessing over who will be our next Prime Minister and how this may affect me and my country. So why am I obsessed over such dismally unimportant details?   Oh yes, because I would love to be a perfectionist!

So what is problem? Superficial anna strikes, as the venue does not possess the most aesthetically pleasing interior.  (Bloody delicious blogs with your beautiful venues).  It's far from hideous (pretty much as far from hideous as you can get), I guess it is just not what I thought I wanted.  Gosh, I sound so spoilt and ungrateful.  Let me try and explain. The space is set up well.  The ceremony room is a beautiful wood panelled room (albeit with a bit too much red for my liking).  It just doesn't ooze the grandeur of other venues I have spied!  There are no uber high ceilings with beautiful architectural focal points.  We will pretty much be getting married in front of a fireplace (roaring and making me "glow") but it is just a fireplace.  Although what am I expecting, cherubs with lyres on the back of unicorns?  

My other problem is the Chapel (obviously deconsecrated or whatever happens to make it heathen again).  It is just a little spartan for me.  There are still remnants of it's past. Some are perfect.  There is a raised platform perfect for a band or other entertainment, there is a mini minstrel's gallery perfect for my brother's "fantastic" idea of a super punch bong (that boy gets super excited by the thought of punch) and the room is long enough for my dream of long table banqueting!  However, the wood panelling strikes again but this time only to waist height and then the attack of the super "methodist" stone wall commences.  There is nothing really wrong with this save the slight barn feeling I get from it. (Nothing wrong with barns just not my style.)  So I moan when there psychedelic carpets and then I moan when there is nothing to see. What can I say apart from I'm a complex girl!

I was so excited by the venue when I first met it.  I just think I need to see it through new eyes and appreciate how freakin' lucky I actually am!  I have plenty of ideas to remedy these "problems" but fear I lack the creative drive, ability or funds to make things pretty.  I am a true plant.*  (Although, who has carpet in the master suite bathroom or in any bathroom??! That is truly unforgivable.)

So how did you reconcile less than optimistic thoughts about venues or vendors?

*Intrigued by the plant?  Oh all shall be explained very soon!


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