Saturday, 3 April 2010

today will be a good day

At this moment the wonderful Gaynor will be excitedly anticipating marrying the man she will spend the rest of her life with.

A thousand congratulations to both you and Graham.  Have the most wonderful honeymoon.


  1. 你可以從外表的美來評論一朵花或一隻蝴蝶,但你不能這樣來評論一個人........................................

  2. anna, thanks for the tip about j.Crew and Net a porter! Im a bit scared though, I can see the astronomical silly price tag already!

  3. Thank you for this lovely post!

    At that moment, 11:25am, I think we were having rose champagne and people were trying to get me to eat something!

    I was sooooo nervous!


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