Tuesday, 20 April 2010

super secret uber shame!

Okay, here is a super secret which I have yet to divulge. I do "occasionally" watch the Australian soap, Neighbours. Sure, it may be called an obsession but it is under control (mainly because I may sort of sky+ it, oh secret shame!)

So why do I tell you this?

Well Neighbours wants a twenty-something British girl to be on the show.  How freakin' awesome.  It would be like a dream come true.  Well, a dream from when I was about 7, but a dream nonetheless!

According to the website the character will be in the programme for 4 weeks and has the following back story.
Poppy is a free-spirited young woman in her early 20s. She grew up in a small country village in England with her parents and younger brother Bohdi, in a loving, secure family environment. Her parents were the products of hippie parents, and although they don't fully embrace the philosophy, they raised both Poppy and Bohdi to respect nature and live harmoniously with all that reside in it. 
So despite a complete fear of being noticed I would soooooo love to be Poppy. Hi, producers I would be the best Poppy ever!

Oh yes, I am that lame!


  1. I love Neighbours.

    Neeeeighbours, everbody needs good Neeeeighbours.

  2. Oooo... do it. It would be fabulous. I could say I know someone famous!

  3. oh Anna, I had this obsession too, only being forced to work more cured me of it over christmas, sometimes I get pangs still :(

    but, Bohdi? seriously. you shold be poppy, I will write you a reference if you want!

  4. You should definitely be Poppy but you can't move to Australia. you just can't I won't allow it.

  5. OMG u should so be her! I've watched the show too a few times. It used to be on in the US years ago and I was hooked. Of course they ended up canceling it and I was left with nothing....:)

  6. Ha Rebacca I was the same.. i'm a little lost now in the whole Lucas, Toadie, Steph story.. but I'm hanging on in there.. we try and plan our lunch around it (kitchen tele) but alas work load is increasing therefor Neighbors has been less loved recently..

    but i think the reason I'm still watching it is because you can be away for months or years and then suddenly after an episode your right back with it!

    I could so be Poppy.. country girl.. just early 20's is a little wrong! and my brother wouldn't be called Bohdi!

    Anna where did you find this?.. who else could we be..?

  7. I work from home and have put a telly in my studio just so I can watch neighbours, oh how I love it!

  8. I try to watch Neighbours and Home and Away every day. I have been mocked for this for years and yet I will not stop because I love them both too much. So you see, I am the sadder of the two of us!

  9. Lame - really? I think NOT. I watch neighbours nearly every day after work.

    You should try out. That would be insanely cool.

  10. I have to admit to watching it and home & away too! I love that they are on later on fiver!


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