Friday, 2 April 2010

secret behaviour?

A thousand thank yous for you words of wisdom.  I too wish Lillian and Leonard were free on our date. We just got there too late.  Trust me they book up early!  I am looking into all your other recommendations and hopefully I can find the one!  

Anyhoo, on to rather more happy things!

The Bean is away this weekend in the Northern lands.  4 days of glorious singledom! Well, glorious in the fact I have a ridiculous amount of work to do!

Yet, I get to exhibit my secret singleton behaviour.  I'll admit after over 9 years of monogamy my secret single behaviour has somewhat become my normal coupled life.  I do rather love the fact my boy is part of my secret life now.  He knows about my "quirks" and I think he rather enjoys my eccentric behaviour.

However there are vestiges of my previous life which are rather still secret and I rarely exhibit in front of the Bean.  Yet tonight baby I can!  I am now going to share with you a lame secret!

For as long as I have had access to headphones and music I would lie in bed at night miming along with serious aspirations to sing in front of an on stage career (oh where did my confidence go?).  Even more secret are the days alone where I would close the curtains and sing at the top of my lungs and pretend I was Christine from Phantom of the Opera. So tonight I will lie in bed miming and acting along to my favourite ballads.  Dreaming I am the one on stage making people happy!  I don't tend to do this when sharing a bed because although Bean is the greatest sleeper on earth I know he would snigger at the lameness!

So what is your most secret behaviour that sort of makes you cringe?!

Obviously, I would never ask for you to divulge your secret behaviour, well maybe I would, go on, tell me!!

P.S. Has anyone ever tried one of these, sound asleep pillows? They could be the answer to my dreams.

P.P.S. I have the perfect picture of little me to go with post but I cannot find it for love nor money.  Hopefully soon.  It is too cute!


  1. Ever since I discovered Rent, I have been unable to listen to a song from a favourite musical without listening to the entire show. But I sing out loud :p Which means my guy DEFINITELY can't be around to witness this, because who wants to see a girl singing along to an hour-and-a-half-long musical? With actions? And, depending on the musical, Dance Movements?

    May I recommend for your secret night-time-soirees my favourite musical writer in the world?

    Jason Robert Brown. Creator of:
    -The Last Five Years (So Amazing I have not words)
    -Parade (Heartbreaking - I challenge you to listen to the funeral song without crying)

    Enjoy your little bit of alone time :) x

  2. I sing too! I also re-watch my favorite old DVDs. Econo Man is more of an "I've seen it once, why would I see it again?" guy.

  3. oh my god. i used to sing along to my phantom of the opera cassette tape when i was little. i know every word. of course back then i could (almost) reach those high notes.

  4. Hahaha I would love to see the picture! My secret behavior involves some dance moves and a mirror. I won't elaborate anymore because it's too painful to admit! :)

    Enjoy your single weekend!

  5. My shower singing is Les Miserables. I know every word and I can belt I Dreamed a Dream like no one else. Luckily, the boy shares my affinity for singing, so it's actually a joint secret behaviour.

    And, um, I really can't talk about my true secret ridiculousness in public. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

  6. Well obviously I'm not going to talk about my super lameness here! These are super secrets!

    Katie - I still have the tapes! Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. Heaven!

  7. Yet another reason in which O and I are opposites. He loves listening to the radio before he falls asleep - I can't stand it, I start listening and get caught up in what is being said. So we bought him something similar to the sound asleep pillow, is Bean a sound sleeper? Because I can still hear it - not actual words just the buzz that something is on.
    I avoid singing - it is safer for all around.

  8. I sing and dance around the apartment too. I mean, go full out dancing in front of the mirror. I started doing that in high school to procrastinate homework. It's how I learned to dance so well.

    Also, if I'm not leaving the apartment, I don't shower.

  9. I jam out when I am in my car driving cross-country. Air guitar and air drumming (sometimes simultaneously) to my hearts content. My sister caught me once. She was suppose to be asleep. Bother.

  10. I love singing anywhere! Ooh and Phantom of the Opera was the first musical I ever saw...oh Sarah Brightman.

  11. Teehee how cute! I definitely do the dancing around the apartment when I'm here alone. I also tend to sprawl over the whole bed, although I have to admit it feels a bit lonely!

  12. I love to have a sing in to my hair brush along to Mariah Carey's Fantasy. LOVE THAT SONG! Ha

  13. I'm with Jesselyn on the air guitar! ;) Tends to involve diving around my room too. Love it!


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