Friday, 16 April 2010

question of the day take 3


I adore twitter. It keeps me up to date with so many exciting developments. Seriously, I feel like I have made some really good friends through the wonder of the tweet.

Also I love it when you follow me! I get so excited when real people follow me.  Yet why do you follow if you do not get in touch.

I will always respond and love to know what's happening whether it be in the wedding world or futher afield.  I'm based in London but am happy to feature people from all across the world.  I'm also occasionally free for a little schmoozing*! Although I'm always on the look out for the next great bar, designer or whatever!

Please just get in touch.  Love to hear what you are all about.  That's what twitter is really about.

I love to know what's really going down!  Please do DM me, email me or drop a comment on my blog.


*Schmoozing is totally the wrong word.  I really just mean giggles and cocktails or a afternoon tea and gossip!


  1. I don't have twitter but I am starting to think I need it. Must...resist....

  2. P.S. How did I miss your new blog!?

  3. but you must realise you are nicer than a lot of people Na. I'm too shy to join in some conversations.

  4. I just found your blog- i like to add pretty much every wedding blog i find interesting, then comment when I feel i have something to offer!!!

    i have never tried twitter....hmmm.....probably will waste too much time if i do

  5. I'm not on twitter. I have barely enough time to keep up with all my blogs and I'm a little addicted to facebook.

  6. I've just joined twitter. Like today. I'll add you!

    I see all these conversations going on and need to bite the bullet and jump in. Too shy?!


  7. We're already tweeting, which I love!!

  8. I love tweeting and I love following you in particular :) xoxo

  9. hi anna,

    i'm a bride to be in london too - getting married in australia in january! anyway, i have also started an underground tea party - would love to see you there!

    xx lou


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