Thursday, 15 April 2010

question of the day take 2

I'm feeling in a slightly vacuous mood today.  I blame the evil Iceland volcano.

Can someone explain a french manicure to me?

Seriously I don't understand.

Perhaps I am lucky and have nails which grow quickly and look nice(ish) with or without polish.

But what is the point?

Answers on a comment card?


  1. A french manicure as in you have acrylics and your tips are painted white and the rest is either light pink or left plain? A lot of people think it looks nicer than plain old nails because the white bit is whiter and the pink bit is pinker and it is a lot shinier. I personally would never get acrylics for my wedding... I just had short pink nails, it seemed more festive.. and easier to take off once we were in Jamaica.

  2. A manicure, in general, is not just about polish. It should (although doesn't always) include a hand massage, cuticle trimming, and general cleaning up of your hands. Polish is actually optional in manicures, although of course if you're paying for the manicure - most people get the polish!

    A french manicure is the same, except instead of polish, white is applied on the tips (where your finger nail is naturally white) and clear polish is applied. It's just a refined look that some people (myself include) enjoy.

    French pedicures, however, disturb me. I mean, c'mon, you should keep your toenails trim enough so that the white doesn't show. And you want to have white tips. I don't get it.

  3. As someone who regularly bites her nails when stressed or bored, a french manicure would probably be better than the chewed stubs I sport at the moment. But also weird, like putting fake tan on a pale person.

  4. Acrylics/french manicure:
    see: Pamela Anderson

  5. A french manicure is no good for nail biters like me - it just delays the biting process while you are picking off all the white stuff.

    Natural and clean nails look just as good.

  6. If you have lame, short, dry nails like I do, a french manicure is how you fake that they're long and well-groomed. But I hate the regular ones--I like 'em with a nice shell pink on top. Then it looks like you have healthy nails with shell pink polish.

    Also, on actually LONG nails, I vote, emphatically, NO on the french manicure.

  7. I always thought they looked odd. Who would I WANT my tips to look white? Like an overgrown, shiny nail? But that's just my taste.

  8. I'm no a big fan of the fake nails, but a layer of polish on shortish rounded nails does look nice. Bit like putting lipstick or balm on. I have some nice transparent dusty rose polish I ought to use after shaping up my nails, they do look a bit ratty now you mention it... Makes my fingers look longer too, the nude shades. And they need that!

  9. My manicures get destroyed within two days, tops. Pedicures, however, are worth every penny. Those suckers last for a month. Yay.

  10. I usually manage to smudge my nails before I've left the salon. Apparently there are different types of french manicure - I think it is called a hollywood which has really really white tips. I do love getting a manicure maybe it is just having people taking care of me.

  11. in france, a french manicure is considered to be tacky. they call it a russian manicure. (their words, not mine)
    i like short red nails the best...

  12. Oh pedicures are heaven! Always have colour on your toes!

    I guess I just don't get the point of making nails look like nails?

  13. I kinda like french manicures - probably because I'm lucky if I get my nails done once a year - so it feels fancy!

    I'm hopeless with nail polish - it lasts about ten minutes

  14. I never had a french manicure...if I just do a sheer white like Essie Waltz it looks like I have one. I have however had a french pedi a few times but I don't like to have my toenails too long so it's kinda pointless.

    Oh and now you've totally inspired me to try to carve out a little me time and get a mani pedi ASAP!



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