Monday, 26 April 2010

komrade kerfuffles

So this last weekend we bathed in sunshine (I think the volcano's way of saying sorry?) in my parent's blooming garden albeit with cupcakes for there was just no time!

We bonded with squinty eyes pouring over my little laptop screen at StyleShake and every online shopping and hire page I could find.  Now as I have mentioned before I want my girls to look and feel delicious.  Yet, how does one do that?

We sat together and I tried to ascertain their likes and dislikes.  Now remember the girls, they are really pretty and have bodies that could wear anything.  So I thought they would be into wearing uber cute dresses.  How wrong was I!

Here is the list of thoughts I finally managed to drag out of them! (How do girls get through life without knowing which type of dress suits them.  Gah!  I love you but gah!)

No long dresses
No strapless dresses
No one shoulder dresses
No pastels (rather ok with that)
No super short dresses (well maybe with tights?!)
We would like to wear the same thing with matching accessories!

Yikes, perhaps the antithesis of my comrade desires.  They look at me like I'm crazy to want to have mismatched ladies.  "You don't want us to look the same?!"  "Ok, but if we get different dresses we would all where the same shoes and stuff?" Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

How do I explain I am not that thrilled to make them all look like clones of one another.  How do I explain the way I want them to look.  Polyvore?  I think it is time to let them in on some of the interwebs secrets. (Oh yes, I can be patronising too!)

Here are some little polyvores to describe the look I am going for.  I hope you like!

Now we are to be married in a wood panelled room with a little bit too much red for my liking. (I will get to the part  So I think black with a lot of brown may be a bit worrisome?  Also does anyone else find a difficult "colour" to work with, generally accessories make it look cheap?!  However I do adore this little combination, particularly the far right dress.  How fabulous!  So what do we think of black?  I adore black dresses.
black velvet

black velvet by annaandthering featuring French Connection dresses

You may have guessed by now that I have a thing for purple and grey.  I also have a thing for this awesome Halston dress.  Seriously could this be a more beautiful but cool wedding dress?  Would you even need a flower in your hair?  I also seriously adore the three potential comrade dresses.  Although are they too "wedding guest?"  My girls are super helpful and do just want to go and try on dresses which would be so fun.  However, I'm a little too impatient and also am not free any weekend until the end of June (which I know is still ages from the wedding.)  

Oh weddings, I am so laid back about your stressfulness but you are starting to vex me!  Ladies, help me find pretty but hot dresses.


  1. Oh anna, I got so freaked out by dressing other women. I went back and forth between two of my girls, one talking about long dresses, the next talking about short, one about one colour, another about a different one. I got in such a tizz. The dresses I got were from work, and cheap, and lovely (I think). I worried that my ladies would look ike guests, now I dont think they will. and anyway, theres 3 of them in the same dress. I think in this country, the word bridesmaid does mean atching outfit, and while I have no problem with either, I think its what some people like about it. its like wearing a hopefully pretty badge saying, look at me, I'm really important, and I got a dress to show it!
    If you want them to be mismatched, maybe give them colour paint charts to work from? I remember someone doing that once, its a good way for them to feel special, and let everyone know they are your ladies, but you get mismatched bridesmaids, and they get to go dress shopping!
    (p.s. purple is great. love love love)

  2. I have managed to choose bridesmaids that all have completely different body shapes.

    I am not looking forward to dress shopping. At all.

  3. I adore it all. All of it. You have impeccable taste, dearest!

  4. Sigh so hard - just let them wear pretty dresses that look good on them and let that be your decree. But if you spot something divine on the racks that belong on one of your ladies, snatch it up.

  5. I would suggest the way to solve this is to put a time limit on it. Two days in Westfield: the dresses you need are definitely in there and the time limit will force you to think about what you really want. It's my approach to Christmas shopping for dificult people and I find it forces me to be creative and works a treat! Man, I am not looking forward to this bit. I've told my girls the same: wear what you like. Yet they all tell me they will shop together for matching dresses. Sigh.

  6. Oh i love black - I have a real wedding coming up featuring all the bridesmaids in different black dresses and it looks devine Anna! xx

  7. I do not understand these friends who all want matching dresses. The only wedding I've ever been in was my aunt's, who said just to look "hot." But guidelines ever.

    Seriously, I love black dresses. And that's what my women will wear. Each one different. And I will demand they look hot. If they seriously need more guidance I will take each one dress shopping and boss* them around, and they will wish they just picked out a cute dress on their own.

    *Kidding, but seriously, I don't understand why this is so hard!!!

    And I love your purple and grey assortment. I seriously have a hardcore crush on that Karen Millen.

  8. I would be happy to wear nearly all of those. It gets too hard to please everyone. Best of luck with it!

  9. In the states what is most common right now (as in, it changes all the time) is dresses of all the same shade or complimentary shades but all different styles. I had three brides maids that ranged from size 4 to 14. I picked the color they picked the dress. You could easily do that with black. Is that too matchy-matchy for you? Or not matchy-matchy enough for your ladies?

    It is all so different. Planning an "American" wedding in England was full of weird conversations about what is the norm. During planning I somehow managed to make the wedding planner think we wanted an atheist wedding... which we aren't atheist... I don't even know what an atheist wedding looks like!

  10. Urgh, I wish I could help but I got exactly the same response from my ladies "What do you mean you want us to chose it is your day" - huh? I do like black although I adore the purple and grey combo - stunning!

  11. oh yikes the ladies can be so difficult, can't they? i love all of the dresses you pulled. i think you're right in saying that they need a little schooling. you're the one that has been doing all of the research forever and it is your wedding after all. hopefully they'll all come around and see that you know what you're talking about. good luck dear! xoxo

  12. I'm so relieved that I wasn't the only one with this dilemma. What I found in the end was when I asked for an opinion I got it (who can blame them?) and when in the end I told them what to wear they were blissfully happy. And they like being matching because it makes them feel like they are in a gang (a floaty pretty gang). Who knew?

    The LBD is a great idea – universally flattering and so likely to be worn again – and I love love all those FC dresses you’ve put up.
    Have you tried Dessy?
    There are couple shops in London that stock all the styles. They could then have the same colour, different styles or even, as a friend of mine did, similar styles in different colours - for her they had to be long, satin and had to be a dark colour; like burgundy, navy and forest. Looked totally fab. Warning though, they say 12 weeks for delivery but give them more…

  13. I love the 2nd pic! I like LBD's as dresses too since they're 100% re-wearable. I gave up on picking for my BM's. They wanted to be clones, or at least close to it. I'll never make 8 girls age 18-32 happy. I gave up & told them to pick whatever they wanted. They'll prob all end up with the same dress. It out of my hands. As long as they're happy.... I'm happy.

  14. I am a big fan of black bridesmaid dresses. I think they are classy and you can always rewear a little black dress!

  15. hahahahah so funny that they were surprised. they should be happy and hankful for not having to wear he same things.

  16. I can't really help as I did have all my ladies matching in long purple dresses. The purple & grey would be fab though, that I can confirm!

    I lovd the purple dress on the left; I think our best mans girlfriend wore it in grey to our wedding and it looked gorgeous.

  17. DUDE! That purple & grey selection is hot! And dressing a bunch of other women is No Fun At All. I ended up with 2 pairs of dresses, which turned into one pair, a dress and a sari (more to my liking). Funnily enough, they all felt MORE comfortable knowing there'd be someone dressed like them than otherwise. Despite my efforts to get dresses to individually suit them. (Thankfully, it worked out in the end.)

  18. Gorgeous dresses, purple and grey is such a stylish colour scheme! The karen millen dress is my favourite.

    I'm also have purple, mismatched girls but they also kept trying to choose the same dress. Perhaps they are worried about letting you down if they choose themselves? (obviously you don't see it this way!)


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